Which birthday scenario to choose for a child of 7 years?

Children's birthday baffles many parents. They do not suggest how you can carry it out so that both parents and children have fun at the same time. In this case, thematic party will come to the rescue. It is necessary to choose the only key topic on which your entire celebration will be built.

Fortunately, at the age of 7, the child already has established interests and priorities. This means that you do not have to choose the theme yourself. It will be enough to ask your baby what character he would like to see on his holiday.

Superhero Birthday

Prerequisite will be the outfit of the child. At this age there is no need to wear banal dresses for girls and costumes for boys. Let your son feel himself in the role of the real super hero. To do this, dress him up in a Superman or Spiderman costume.

The costume can be made from scrap materials independently or you can ask for help in the studio. Please note that at present in toy stores you can find a large number of costumes.

All children love super heroes, so a superhero Birthday will be the perfect theme for any party. For him you will need to purchase a costume for the main character of the evening, namely, a birthday man and improvised masks for everyone else.

In fact, many parents are convinced that children’s birthday should be celebrated only with children. But it speaks about the wrong organizational approach. Harvest each adult superhero mask. In it, he can feel like a little child and will be fooling around with great pleasure.

Special characters are distributed to each hero. As soon as he hears his name, he must necessarily pronounce the phrase he has prepared in advance. If he does not do this, then he fulfills any wish of the birthday girl. In the case of adults, you can enter for the fault of the penalty glass.

The next step after the greeting will be a festive feast. Seat all the guests in places, let everyone have a snack and drink the health of the birthday woman. At this time, the parents say the first toast to the birthday, on the occasion of which everyone gathered at the same table.

Further competitions are held. The facilitator picks up a hoop and asks each superhero to get into the circle with an ordinary balloon. The winner is the one who makes it faster and better than anyone.

Contests on the birthday of a child of 7 years

You will have to think not only about the costume and party details, but also the entertainment program. It includes contests that are considered quite funny and funny.

It is especially fun if both children and adults participate in contests.

  1. Players are divided into two teams, an improvised finish is drawn.
    Each player has a balloon between his legs, it is necessary to run with him to the finish line and return. The team that does it first will win.
  2. Abilities are tested for good hearing.
    All superheroes land in one row. The birthday girl thinks about the phrase that he says in the ear of the player who is sitting next to him, so each of them passes on what he has heard to his opponent. In the end, the result is necessarily summed up; it is said that the birthday woman has made a guess. As a rule, the completely reworked and from that ridiculous phrase comes to the end.
  3. One hero from each team must be tightly bound with a tight rope.
    But at the same time, you should not overdo it, yet children take part in the competition. Next, each team must unravel knots, saving his hero from captivity. Wins the team that made it the fastest.

Contests for children on the birthday of the boy

Boys' birthdays are all about combat. They often require activity, mobility and large amounts of energy.

Birthday contests.

For boys, you can make a big obstacle course, after passing through which everyone will receive a medal for strength, courage and bravery.

  1. In the apartment, make a web of scotch at the door jamb.
    The task of each child is to climb in such a way that nothing is hurt.
  2. Several boys tangled with his web Spiderman.
    He does it as cleverly and quickly as possible. Now every child should try to unravel for the minimum amount of time.
  3. Children are divided into two teams, each of which draws a real monster.
    The team is assigned roles: one draws the head, the second - the legs, the third - the hands. The result is a holistic picture, which is called the children.
  4. Boys are given out toy guns with paint inside.
    One team is red, the other is blue. Everyone starts to shoot at the drawn monster. The team that turned out to be more labeled is considered the winner.

Quests for kids birthday

Children of primary school age can already master more complex games, such as quests. Their essence boils down to passing a whole series of tests for the sake of a single goal.

For example, set the goal first. This may be the salvation of the world from the evil monster. But initially it is necessary to find it. To do this, the apartment in each room laid out tips. At the age of 7, children already know how to read, so they can complete quests on their own.

Go with the children to each room and look for clues. The point is not to search through everything, but to search only in the place where the previous hint was sent.

For example, it's cold all year round. It could be a fridge. There the child finds the next note and goes on.

Cartoon guests

In that case, if you decide to invite a large number of children for a holiday and do not know what and how to entertain them, then the best way could be to stage any animation film. At the entrance, have the children pull out a piece of paper, which will indicate which character they will play.

Come into the apartment, take the necessary attributes and reincarnate. Sometimes, this fascinating activity draws children into the game so much that they forget about contests, quizzes and riddles. Do not insist on their conduct. Perhaps children will be so fun.


A party for a son or daughter always takes place in a special holiday atmosphere. However, not all cases, children are satisfied. First of all, the celebration is arranged for the child. This means that it is necessary to take into account all his wishes.

Think over the entire scenario in advance, beat the roles, invite the guests, make the appropriate menu, prepare the attributes and then the child will remember this birthday for a long time.

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