Choosing a humidifier for children

New technologies and gadgets, such as a humidifier, are designed to protect children, to make their lives easier and easier. Before you buy a newfangled device, try to understand how this or that thing is necessary.

For example, few people understand how a humidifier works and how much it is needed for a child’s body. Many experts argue about this and fortunately come to a common opinion.

What will give the appearance of a humidifier in the nursery of your child?

Newborns, infants and very young children have quite sensitive skin. They react sharply to a negative atmosphere. For them, dry air in the apartment is hardly tolerated. Crusts form in the sinuses, exfoliation and excessive anxiety begin.

Parents do not even understand why the baby has become so capricious and whiny. The newborn cannot yet explain what and where it hurts. Therefore, he expresses his anxiety in the form of crying. And it is his nose that bothers him.

Dry nose provokes a large number of colds. Especially often they appear in the cold season. At this time, the peak of viral infection. Dryness in the room arises from the hot batteries, which simply kill all the humid air with their steam.

In addition, in the winter so often we do not ventilate the room and do not open the windows. As a result, we have constant refracted air, which simply kills the children's organism. In this case, only a special children's humidifier can help.

It is necessary in order to create the necessary humidity in the room. The temperature will not change at the same time, but everything will contribute to a more correct and necessary air for the child’s body. Sinuses of a nose of the kid will remain wet. Accordingly, the incidence rate will decrease.

The benefits and harm: the opinion of doctors

Pediatricians unequivocally assert that the humidifier for the air is extremely necessary in the house, especially with young children. It will help keep the mucous membrane in the nasal sinus, preventing the appearance of bacteria.

The benefits of Dr. Komarovsky include the following examples:

  1. The body of a child under 1 year emits a large amount of heat, while losing fluid. The child has a disturbed heat exchange process, so he needs to replenish the supply of moisture.
  2. Dry air in the house reduces over time the immunity of the child.
  3. Solves the problem with dry eyes.

Speaking about the pros, it is necessary to remind about the shortcomings.

This is the damage that the device can cause:

  1. If the device is in the wrong position, the child can touch it and get burned.
  2. On the equipment itself are collected viruses and bacteria.
  3. Ultrasonic-quality models can emit chemical elements that are harmful to the child’s body.

However, the advantages of the device are much greater than the disadvantages. In the case of its correct and proper use, you can only improve the child’s immune system, reduce the incidence rate.

At the same time, the humidifier is prohibited to apply when:

  • diseases of the central nervous system;
  • arthritis;
  • pneumonia;
  • disturbed blood circulation of the brain.

How to start choosing?

In order to go to the store, you need to measure the room and know its performance, namely:

  • the area of ​​the room where the device will stand;
  • ceiling height;
  • room characteristics (number of windows, wall characteristics, number of furniture and plants).

Be sure to write down the mentioned indicators on a piece of paper. With these characteristics, it will be much easier for you to make the right choice.

Ultrasonic humidifiers and their use in children

The most effective and popular type of humidifier. It works at high power, but at the same time turns water into steam using a special membrane, while not releasing hot air. This makes the device safe even with a curious little child.

Ultrasonic type moisturizer is absolutely safe. The only condition for its use is that it does not fit TVs. It should not be used together in the same room with such devices. Therefore, from the nursery is better to make a TV, leaving a humidifier.

It is recommended to put the manufacturer on a high point. It can be a closet or a high shelf. With this arrangement, the air will spread better in space.

The big advantage of this device is its noiselessness. Therefore, if your baby is too sensitive to sleep, his sleep will not disturb the ultrasonic humidifier.

Traditional humidifiers and their use in the nursery

Equipment of the traditional type is able to cope with the most neglected types. It works much slower than an ultrasonic humidifier, but it not only saturates the air with humidity, but also the walls, the ceiling and even the furniture.

Thus, after a certain amount of time, the device performs its functional load, fully filling everything around with moist air.

The device has a special filter that passes water through and gives off steam. This filter must be washed 1-2 times a week, then it will work much faster and more efficiently.

Sometimes the humidifier works loudly, so this disadvantage for particularly sensitive children can become significant.

The device is as easy to use and maintain. It is necessary to fill it with plain tap water and plug it into the outlet.

Air washing and their use in the nursery

In its work, air washing resembles traditional equipment. However, there is a significant difference, which is the absence of a filter. The process of moistening itself takes place with the help of special discs that rotate strongly enough around its axis.

A significant disadvantage of the humidifier is its large size.

Despite this, air washing has many more advantages than other types of devices. For example, they do not need special consumables, which means that they can easily be used continuously. In the device itself, you can pour any water, regardless of its quality.

The humidifier is able to work over a large space. At the same time, it is quite silent and does not create unnecessary discomfort.

Climate complexes and their use for children

Modern device that includes a traditional humidifier with additional features. He has a special system of cleaning and filtering air.

Thanks to the design, it is possible to cope not only with dry air, but also with an unpleasant smell. Accordingly, it is possible to get rid of the smell of tobacco, smoke, chemicals, and even smog. The device operates in the mode of high power, which means the ability to cope with their task in a short period of time.

This is a serious device, which is mainly acquired in very advanced cases. For example, a child has frequent allergic rhinitis, bronchitis, or asthma. The apartment or house is located in a polluted area with poor ecology, which does not allow opening the windows.


In small apartments, the emphasis is not only on the quality of the device, but also on its compact dimensions. If the nursery itself does not have a large quadrature, respectively, there is no need to acquire a bulky device.

It is quite enough to buy a compact humidifier, which will not take up much space. It can easily be put on the shelf, making it invisible. As a rule, children do not show any attention to compact devices.


The main criterion by which many parents choose the device, is its noiselessness. Children may restlessly sleep and be afraid of the work of the equipment itself. Therefore, they should choose the model that will not cause noise, respectively, and too much anxiety.

Silent model can be found in various variations. This is not only an ultrasonic type, but also a classic traditional and even climatic. Accordingly, the price category will vary from the type itself.

With aromatherapy

An additional bonus that some models have in the kit is aromatherapy. The device releases air with a smell of mint, lavender, citrus and eucalyptus. It is able to affect the child's body, protecting against colds. The smell of lavender is able to restore the spent power and sleep more calmly at night.

Rating of air humidifiers 2019

The store has an extensive selection of humidifiers, the price segment of which starts from 500 rubles and ends with 5000 rubles. Cost is determined on the basis of the model, manufacturer, a set of additional functions.

The best options are the following types of air humidifiers:

  1. Boneco is an inexpensive ultrasonic humidifier manufactured in Switzerland.
    It is made with high quality and meets all modern requirements. In addition to the air purification function, there is a special ionization function. As a disadvantage, you can select only the need to periodically change the filter.
  2. Winia is a Korean-made air purifier.
    It is a highly efficient and reliable device. A significant drawback is only the large size, which is more acceptable for older children.
  3. AIC - one of the most budget options with a compact size and a sufficient set of functions.
    The device has the disadvantage of long-term work. However, after a certain amount of time, the result will exceed all expectations.


At all times, pediatricians talked about the need to periodically ventilate the children's room, saturate it with additional air and oxygen. But this is not so easy to do in winter, when there is a significant negative on the street, and batteries in the room are constantly being fried.

That is why, at present, they have developed and approved air humidifiers for children, which help to fight dry air, help to improve immunity, good mood and reduce morbidity in the family.

The humidifier has long ceased to be a luxury. There are a lot of models that are in a fairly affordable price range.

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