The best cartoons for children 3 years

Starting at about 3 years old, children are beginning to be actively interested in animated films. At the same time, parents should pick up their cartoons such cartoons that will not adversely affect the little baby.

A competent approach will help you choose the appropriate option that will develop and broaden your horizons.

Cartoons for kids 2, 3, 4 years

At the age of 2 years, the child is trying to better understand and feel the world. Instructive cartoons have been created for this purpose. Especially popular are cyclic series.

Selecting a developing film for your crumb, you should pay attention to a few points:

  1. The time of one plot - the child is still too small to assimilate long storylines.
    He needs only 5 minutes, the rest of the time he will be distracted. Therefore, make sure that one series was not more than 6-7 minutes, better less than more. During this time, events are dynamically developing, which contributes to a better absorption.
  2. The plot - be sure to watch the cartoon yourself before turning it on to your baby.
    It should consist of the main parts: introduction, introduction, culmination and development of the plot. In each series is present at the end instructive conclusion.
  3. Heroes are always bright and understandable.
    As the first cartoons, choose the characters that are clear to you and the child. Give up robots or aliens. These must be famous characters for the child. For example, a cat, hare or girl.
  4. The child wants to explore the world, so make the main emphasis on such cartoons.
    Let with their help he learns new countries, planets and worlds. For example, what is cold and hot, and so you can explain and show. But to tell about space more colorfully than the cartoon will make, the parents will fail.

Educational cartoons for children

Special popularity gained children's series. They have the main and auxiliary heroes. Such cartoons are remembered and liked by kids. The heroes gradually get used to the crumb, considering them to be their friends. Therefore, be careful in choosing cartoons.

Dasha-traveler cartoon series

One of the most popular TV shows that enjoys deserved love around the world. This series is translated into many languages. Parents wishing to develop language skills in their chad include, from early childhood, serials in English and German.

In the storyline in the series there is a girl Dasha. She travels a lot and solves riddles. Script writers want to develop in the child a desire to go beyond the limits of the ordinary.

Girl Dasha is always consulted with the audience. Thus, she gradually introduces each child into the film. Already the little one thinks that he travels with Dasha, as she is waiting for a response from him, provoking him to talk.

The animated series is always painted in bright and moderately bright colors. This means that the nervous system remains in order, since there are no frightening elements.

Buryonka Dasha

This is an animated film, which tells about Burenka Dasha and her son calf Bor. Mom in every way tries to entertain her son by inventing songs and poems for him. The plot shows what a cheerful family does. Every day they have different adventures and stories.

In the form of a game, each child will be able to understand for himself how important it is to follow the rules of hygiene, maintain friendly relations, and attend a kindergarten.

In a simple, accessible language, beautiful image, interesting songs, the scriptwriters depict the things necessary for life that every child does not want to do.

After watching several episodes, the baby may change his mind, and begin to act in a very special way, repeating everything that Burenka Dasha says.


An old Soviet animated film that modern children also enjoy. Publisher Screen decided to break one story into 4 series. So to this day there are 4 series of interesting film.

A real action film with a chase and an exciting ending develops before the eyes of a child. There are both positive and negative characters. Everyone begins to empathize Puntik, the main character of the cartoon of the same name.

Funtik escapes from his mistress, which causes him to lure money. He goes on a journey where he meets good friends.

Lessons Aunt Owls

Aunt Owl is a real educational activity. She stands out among the other characters. The owl is an interesting storyteller who teaches playfully. With it, you can learn letters, numbers, score, learn geography and visit other countries.

Little kittens that look like real children help Aunt Owl to study. They love to fool around and play, but at the same time they are happy to do the tasks of Aunt Aunt.


The main characters of the series are cars. A total of 4 friends live in the town of designers, with whom funny stories and adventures happen every day. Heroes have not only mental abilities, but also magical powers that allow them to turn into many different creatures.

While watching the series, you can understand that it is actually important to be smart in order to make informed and correct decisions while saving friends.

Weekdays airport

An instructive cartoon that tells the story of the plane Vika. He grew up in a small town where he was taught to fly. Then the plane goes to a large airfield in another city, from where it will fly daily. Vicki has too little experience, but not all elders want to help him.

This is a story about how a small airplane, overcoming difficulties, strives to fulfill its dream. Over time, noticing Vika’s talent, the older comrades turn to him, trying to help him in many ways.

Once upon a time there was a princess

This story is a modern child. Mom, dad and daughter perform the role of the queen and kings, living in the modern world. Only a small crown on the head distinguishes them from all. The little princess girl does not want to do anything, refusing to fulfill the wishes of her parents.

But the consequences are instructive. The girl does not want to sleep, and then tells not only about the benefits of sleep, but also about what happens to the naughty princess.

As a result, every child understands the importance of certain actions in his life.

Train robots

This is a favorite animated series with computer graphics, designed largely for boys. Beautiful landscapes, exciting stories and interesting characters. As soon as evening comes, the trains get off the rail and turn into robots.

Their mission is the eternal struggle with evil. Distinctively shows the film both positive and negative characters, clearly distinguishing between two difficult life moments.

Thanks to simple examples and understandable situations, each child will understand the values ​​of friendship, camaraderie, words and self-confidence.


A popular British film that tells the life of the clouds. They play the role of little children who love to travel, run and jump. Clouds are friends with elves and travel to different countries.

In each series, the Clouds fall into any stories that necessarily have an instructive end. In the plots they are helped by elves by children, with whom they are so much friends.

All about Rosie

Rosie's girl is an example for many girls. She is open, friendly, cordial and affable. She lives in a house on a green hill. Her friend Rabbit lives with her.

Rosie is a cautionary tale that focuses on her environment and communication with him. Thanks to the series, the children will learn how to contact with friends and comrades. The crumbs will understand what the price of a real friendship is and plunge into the fascinating world of traveling Rosie and her friend, the rabbit.

Full-length cartoons for children 2-4 years

It is much more difficult for a child of 2 years to watch a full-length cartoon. Focus on time. Not by chance in the famous Soviet program "Good night" long cartoons were divided into several parts.

10-15 minutes is enough time for the development of a single plot. More child will not focus. In addition, the effectiveness of such a film is simply no.

Very early the baby will be watching such cartoons as Spiderman, Hulk or Terminator. Plots created by comics, the least develop in the child positive qualities.

First of all, you should pay attention to the Soviet cartoons, which brought up more than one generation of people.

Disney films are also very popular. They are not only colorful, but also instructive component. Full-length cartoons can be viewed on YouTube in real time. It was there that collected their largest collection.

Often and Marvel shoots colorful cartoons. In them, the child can learn elementary safety standards, including fire.


Parents who carefully choose cartoons for children 3 years of age will not subsequently have problems with the development or upbringing of their crumbs. Correctly and correctly laid the foundations in education, in the future will bring in the child only positive aspects in the form of kindness, honesty, truthfulness, reliability.

Instructive animated films can help in the development of numbers, letters, accounts. In addition, many TV shows develop mental and creative activities. With their help, the child will learn how to easily perform rebuses, learn how to communicate in society and understand how to build a dialogue.

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