What iron supplements are recommended for pregnant women?

During pregnancy, the female body needs vitamins and beneficial trace elements. Among all the trace elements, the most important is iron. It is necessary, first of all, in order to supply the body with oxygen in proper quantity.

In the case of iron deficiency anemia develops, which leads to constant lethargy, fatigue and lack of physical strength. In addition, anemia affects not only the pregnant woman, but also the baby. In most cases, children are transmitted such a pathology, and they are born with the same problem.

Therefore, in the event of iron deficiency, it is necessary to take urgent measures to prevent anemia.

How much iron does a pregnant woman need?

The rate of iron in the blood is determined based on the trimester of pregnancy. A small amount of 20 mg / day is needed in the first trimester. This is the amount that an ordinary woman who is not in position needs. In men, this figure is 2 times less.

In the last trimester, the level of iron increases, you need to produce 30 mg / day, while note that you can get only a minimal amount of food. Everything else should be in the body in the form of certain reserves or accumulated base.

What can prevent the absorption of iron from food?

There is a specific set of foods that contains high levels of iron. Regardless of the performance of blood tests, any pregnant woman should increase their consumption. If at first, the gland can still be enough in the body, then it is much more difficult to fall on later terms.

At this time, the body consumes all that has accumulated in the body, taking vitamins from hemogoblin and many organs.

Of course, it is important to take iron during pregnancy, but it must be done correctly. For example, it is worth knowing that there are certain products and medicines that inhibit iron absorption.

Accordingly, no matter how much you drink the drug, the blood level indicator will remain in its place.

  1. Tea coffee.
  2. Persimmon, quince.
  3. Phosphates.
  4. Phosphalugel.
  5. Activated carbon.
  6. Milk products.
  7. Fatty food.

What are the advantages of different groups of iron preparations?

Drugs that contain iron are divided into bivalent and trivalent. And those and other means of a pregnant woman should be used only after consulting with your doctor. The specialist can tell you about the need to receive funds and explain how to take them.

In addition, most drugs can be purchased in a pharmacy only with the available prescription. In other cases, you simply will not sell the tool.

Most often, when problems with iron in pregnant women are prescribed bivalent drugs. They have a large number of advantages. The most important is the level of iron in a single pill. He is 80-100 mg.

Accordingly, the girl will not have to use a large amount of drugs. To do this, just drink one pill. Bivalent drugs are actively used to treat anemia.

However, they have their own side effects, namely, the development of caries is possible, since the sorbents in their composition can provoke problems with teeth. Drugs in such doses can adversely affect the gastrointestinal tract and irritate the mucous membrane.

As a rule, all this leads to nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. The chair darkens immediately, but this can not be called a side effect. Basically, it characterizes all iron preparations, regardless of their group.

Trivalent groups are much safer. They are much easier absorbed by the body and have fewer side effects. The iron content does not exceed 50 mg.

The need for iron and effective drugs during pregnancy.

Despite this, in case of anemia or serious problems with iron deficiency, the amount of the drug consumed increases. So, for example, it is necessary to drink already not 1, but 2-3 tablets.

The big plus of the trivalent group is that it does not come into contact with food, which means that it can easily be used both during and immediately after a meal.

Features of therapy with iron preparations

In no case it is unacceptable to independently use drugs that increase the level of iron in the blood. Consultation with the attending physician is necessary. After conducting laboratory tests, the doctor determines the presence of pathology in the woman's body.

In the case of a small iron deficiency, as a rule, the trivalent type of drugs is prescribed. It is necessary in order to increase the performance by raising them to normal. In addition, with the help of these drugs can create a reserve.

In the event that an acute shortage of a substance is found in a girl, namely, anemia has developed, it is worthwhile to start using bivalent groups. Initially, at the first stage of treatment, doctors prescribe them.

With the help of such drugs, it is possible to raise the level of iron to a normal value, then it is necessary to create a so-called reserve fund. This can be done with the help of a trivalent group. It is much safer, contains less iron in the body.

Characteristics of some iron preparations

It is necessary to get acquainted with several drugs, which are often prescribed by doctors. The difference in them lies both in the producer and in the form of release. In addition, it is necessary to carefully choose the dose. Each drug has its strengths and weaknesses.


Available in the form of ampoules, which must be broken down and mixed with juice. It is strictly forbidden to use with milk, because it reduces the effectiveness of the drug. Totem is used for both treatment and prevention of anemia.

The dose and number of days are determined by the attending physician, based on the results of the analysis. Side effects include nausea and dizziness. The norm is considered a black chair.

Sorbifer Durules

Available in white tablets. It contains a large amount of iron, which is absorbed by ascorbic acid. The drug gradually passes through the intestines, thereby being best distributed throughout the human body.

In order for the sorbifer to be absorbed in the best possible way, it is necessary to drink it with a high water content.


It has various forms of release. It can be both syrup and tablets, which will be quickly and easily absorbed. Fenulas is very similar to sorbifer, it has the same composition.

In fact, this drug has a large number of analogues. The difference between them lies in the vitamin complex, which looks like an added benefit.


It is produced in several forms: drops and syrup. Often it is used as a long-term treatment of anemia. It is well absorbed, while it has no side effects. It is often used even to treat problems associated with iron deficiency in children.

Ferrum Lek

It has several possible forms of release: pills, syrup or injections. The form itself is determined by the doctor, based on the nature of the disease and the existing problem.

A big plus for patients is the lack of taste in the drug, which facilitates its reception.

Methods of introducing iron into the body: the pros and cons

There are several ways to administer iron to the body. The first are pills and syrups. These are the means that apply through the mouth. They are considered less effective, because until they reach their destination, they will lose some iron in the body.

In addition, you need to provide these tools and additional indicators that will help to better absorb the body.

An additional route of administration is injection. But it is nevertheless better to conduct it in the hospital. Injection is used only for the severe stage of the treatment of anemia.

In most cases, trying to do without injections, because scientists have shown that the effectiveness of iron supplements is the same, regardless of the form of release.

Iron Products

As prevention of treatment of anemia, pregnant women should use drugs containing iron.

Even if there are no problems in the body, it is still necessary to saturate it in the early stages with foods with a high content of vitamins, so that later there will be no problems.

  • liver;
  • horsemeat;
  • rabbit;
  • turkey;
  • tuna;
  • buckwheat;
  • cashew nuts;
  • tomato juice;
  • spinach;
  • bran;
  • celery;
  • dill;
  • parsley.

Remember that iron and calcium should not be consumed together. The latter has a rather strong structure that only harms the absorption of iron. For example, many favorite dish - buckwheat porridge with milk should not be used together.


Be sure to consult with a physician, who will tell you the need for such treatment, before using the drug. Only a doctor will be able to choose the right course to help improve health.

In fact, a surplus of iron in the body is much worse than even a disadvantage. That is why it is necessary to take iron-containing drugs extremely seriously.

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