Features walk with the child in the winter

In the normal and full development of the baby play a special role walks. From the first days of life, the newborn must walk outside several times a day. With age, unfortunately, many people forget about the need for walks and their impact on the overall health of the baby.

The task of parents is to teach their own child to an active lifestyle and an understanding of how necessary fresh air is in our life.

Despite all the stories and assurances of doctors about the usefulness of walks, many mothers are afraid to take the child in the winter. To worry about this is not worth it. You only need to carefully think through in this case the wardrobe of the child.

List of things for the winter baby

In the event that you dress a newborn, then you should take care that he is dressed warmly and comfortably. To do this, use the following list of things.

Conventionally, the child decided to wear 3 layers of clothing.

  1. Pampers and a thin cotton slip or sliders with a vest.
  2. Fleece overalls.
  3. Winter street overalls.

As for hats, you should initially wear a simple thin cotton cap, and already a knitted cap on it. In this way, the baby can go for a walk at a temperature of from 0 to -10 degrees.

If you put a newborn in a stroller or cradle, then watch out for his nose. As a rule, it is possible to understand from it how much the baby is frozen. The ideal option would be to use a special woolen envelope in which the newborn is placed, and then put into the stroller.

If the temperature in winter is slightly above 0 degrees, then a layer of fleece overalls can be replaced with a dense knitwear.

How to dress a newborn at home?


A lot of controversy and questions arise about how to dress a child at home. Most parents try to put on the baby as much clothing as possible. In fact, the newborn has no normal, customary heat exchange.

From this follows the conclusion that you should not rely on your own feelings. If you are cold, it does not mean that the baby is experiencing the same feelings. Believe me, if the child is uncomfortable, then you will learn about this characteristic crying.

Based on this, it follows a basic rule - should be worn on the basis of the temperature of the house, and not outside the window. It is possible that you have heated the room or you have so well drowned at home that you can even walk in shorts and T-shirts, then limit yourself to a simple body that you put on your baby.

It is possible to dress a newborn in one of the options:

  • cotton slip and thin socks;
  • body and sliders;
  • overalls.

The head does not necessarily cover. It can be left uncovered. The cap is advised to wear only after the bathroom.

How to dress a newborn in winter for a walk?

Before you go for a walk, look at the thermometer. If the temperature does not exceed -15-18 degrees, then you can safely go for a walk. Wearing clothes must be in several layers. At the same time, the baby should have only one layer more things than an adult.

Temperature from 0 to -10 degrees

Quite comfortable weather, where you can go for an hour walk. In order to dress the child it is necessary to wear clothes in layers:

  • sliders and vest, thin socks;
  • wool overalls and tight socks;
  • winter overalls, hat and scarf.

As for the scarf, it is necessary only in the case of a bare neck. In other embodiments, there is no urgent need for it. During the walk, pay attention to the phenomena of nature, in time to save the baby from them. Be sure to take a raincoat on the stroller.

Clothes for winter walk with the baby.

Temperature below -10

Frosty weather, which is still worth a walk. To go outside, use 4 layers of clothing. These are several cotton overalls, one warm and street winter variant.

At the same time, if there are strong winds and frost outside, then be sure to lay an envelope of sheep wool at the bottom of the stroller, or use a thick blanket.

Temperature above 0

The most dangerous temperature at which more children fall ill. This is due to the fact that parents start to undress the baby too early, rejoicing at the arrival of the sun.

In fact, in such weather only a warm fleece jumpsuit will be replaced with a regular one of dense knitwear. As an option, if you have additional street clothes, use a demi-season kit.

A bit about winter clothes

Currently, a large amount of clothing is presented on store shelves, which differs by color, manufacturer, style and size. Sometimes, it is very difficult to make the right choice. Many are simply confused in such a rich variety.

The choice of clothing on the temperature outside.

Remember one thing, a child at this age is so small that he doesn’t care what he looks like. The main thing that disturbs him is the convenience, which should be taken care of first. Choose materials only from natural fabrics. No synthetic impurities should be based on them, no matter how beautiful they are.

Pay attention to the clasps. There should be as little lightning as possible and various rivets that will cause general discomfort.


This is a way to protect your head from hypothermia. During the walk, the first head freezes. In choosing a cap it is worth starting from the material and the presence of strings. With their help, it will be possible to fix the model tightly on the head. Even if the child is spinning, the cap will not fall down.

Warm overalls

This is an indispensable tool for frosty days. It is enough one jumpsuit for walking. At the same time, purchase one size larger than what the baby wears. During the winter, the child will grow strongly, and in the spring you can still wear a dress in a pram.

A warm jumpsuit has several filler options. This and the usual fleece, and sheepskin. The filler will depend on how warm you want the product to be. Too dense materials should not be chosen.


Mandatory element of the wardrobe of the newborn. It is necessary even if you have a jumpsuit with closed legs. From above, you must wear socks to keep your feet warm. They can be either with an additional layer of insulation, or simply empty.

How not to go for a walk?


In the first days of the newborn you should not walk too long. Start your walk with 10-15 minutes. In this case, it is not necessary to carry the stroller. You can well walk in the fresh air with a baby in her arms. Gradually increase your walk by 10-15 minutes.

Be sure to before you go for a walk, change the baby diapers to a new one.

Initially, parents dress themselves, and only then put clothes on their child, so that the baby does not sweat and as a result does not get sick.

In frosty weather, use special protective creams that will help to escape from frostbite and burning skin.

Baby clothes should be only one size larger than what he has. In too large jumpsuits, the baby can simply freeze.


Winter season is not a reason not to walk with a newborn. Such walks will benefit both the kids themselves and young mothers who sit at home in the room all day. They need fresh air. You also will not notice, how on the street will be gathered new forces and will restore an organism.

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