What gift to buy for baptism?

Baptism is a sacrament that has a direct connection with the Lord. A person is immersed in water, which is a symbol of life. It is believed that after washing, he is cleared of all possible sins and gains new power, special energy and life.

It is believed that the very baptism is necessary in order to obtain a guardian angel who will watch over you all your life.

What gifts can give godparents?

Important persons in the sacrament of baptism are not only their own parents, but also godparents. It is on them that a large mission is assigned for the moral education of the child.

Gifts are given for a celebration depending on who gives them. If these are godparents, then they should have more symbolic and weighty things.

Godmother traditionally must buy:

  • baptismal clothes (shirt, dress, cap);
  • the chain.

Godfather necessarily for his godchild acquires a consecrated cross.

In addition, both godparents and parents should take care of the icon and the candles that are necessary to conduct the ceremony. The icon is later handed over to the godfather and kept at home.

Often, godmothers buy special bags in which it is customary to store the first strand of a child. Her father cuts off during the rite. Pay attention to the bag itself. It is on it that you can embroider the initials of the baby or his full name. The bag is given to parents who keep it safe throughout life.

Handmade gifts


Encouraging hand-made gifts. They look the most soulful and atmospheric.

As such things can act:

  • cake;
  • bakery products;
  • soft toy;
  • sensory toy with cherry bones;
  • aromatic pillow;
  • bedding set;
  • knitted plaid;
  • clothes.

As a rule, things done with their own hands, handed only to women. But in fact, a large number of videos are now available on the Internet, master classes that will make it possible for any man to bake a delicious cake without proper skill. This requires only time and patience.

If the woman is able to embroider, then the best gift for the godson will be an embroidered portrait of a newborn, resembling a church icon. Parents will be happy to keep such a product for life.

Guest Gifts

Parents discuss the issue with gifts for the baptism of the child. As a rule, guests do not come empty-handed.

Presents can be both purely symbolic and more powerful option.

  1. Photo album.
  2. Picture frame.
  3. Icon.
  4. Children's Bible.

The best option is to ask the parents what they need. You will surely hear the answer to your question, as any child needs a lot of things. This can be both appliances and wardrobe items.

In the event that the gift amount is too high, invite some of the guests to fold up and purchase the item together.

As a rule, parents most often need:

  • manege;
  • feeding chair;
  • breast pump;
  • walkers, jumpers;
  • radio monkeys.

Recently, the prevalence has received such things as certificates. They are convenient enough to hand, because parents will be able to buy absolutely everything that they need. In case of lack of funds on the certificate, parents can add their own.

What should I give a girl?

The choice of gifts for girls differs from those offered to the boy. Grandparents can give the first in the life of gold earrings. Pay attention not only to their appearance, but also to the fastener itself.

As the first earrings, cloves with a screw lock can be an ideal option. It serves as strong enough, will not allow accidentally losing jewelry. Even if the girl is too small, parents can leave earrings for the future, and already in 1 year to pierce ears.

The girl will be delighted with the beautiful doll with which she will play. You can choose the version with a baby doll, which will have a bottle for feeding, or you can buy a large doll with additional clothes.

A memorable and symbolic gift is a silver coin, on which the child’s name and the date of his baptism are applied using a special engraving technique.

Gifts for the baptism of the child.

Gift options for a boy


Many people believe that it is much more difficult for boys to choose gifts. In fact, it is not.

There are many options that can be given to the boy's christening:

  • a set of silver service is a memorable and symbolic thing that will remind parents of the day of the baptism of their child;
  • pillow with the image of the baby - it displays the place and date of baptism;
  • toys;
  • icon;
  • pendant with the image of a guardian angel;
  • ball pool;
  • tent

In that case, if the child is already old enough, he will be able to evaluate the toys that you give him. If a newborn is baptized, then it is worth giving the necessary things better. For example, it may be a large box with diapers. This is, in fact, exactly what the child needs.

Can I give money?

Often, when guests do not know what to give, they come to mind money. This is the most popular option. In fact, there is nothing scary or reprehensible. You can feel free to hand money. And already parents will decide at their discretion how to spend them.

In the event that you do not consider money a good gift, you can attach a symbolic religious gift to it. For example, a small icon or pocket bible.

Etiquette of giving gifts to the christening

As a rule, gifts for christening are already given at the feast. Nobody presents their gifts in the church and does not say congratulatory speeches. After the church ceremony, everyone goes to the house where a set table is waiting for them.

The godparents are the first to present their gifts. They do this after they make the very first toast. The second toast falls to grandparents. Other guests can optionally give a speech, congratulate parents and the baptized child.



Strict rules regarding gifts for children at baptism does not exist. Everyone is repelled in this issue from their personal preferences and financial capabilities.

Parents are not entitled to condemn those guests who came to this day without a gift. The main thing is to be glad that the child has now received two patrons and a guardian angel.

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