What gift to get a child for 1 year?

The first children's birthday is usually celebrated on a special scale. On it, as a rule, they call all family members, friends and even acquaintances. Parents with special excitement and trembling are preparing for the upcoming holiday. But the guests themselves are preparing even more, puzzling over what to give to the birthday man.

Unfortunately, the set of gifts is limited. It is impossible to simply donate the most ordinary soft toy. The child may simply not understand her, and she will lie in the farthest corner of the apartment. If you, caring guests, want the thing to be of high quality, useful and necessary, then you should think about what kind of gifts a child needs for 1 year.

Popular "gift" toys

A list of these toys can be approached as a boy and girl. These are universal gifts that are designed for children of the first years of life. The child will definitely rejoice in them and show you how to play with them.


It is a large plastic car with a high back at the back. A child can either ride on it, pushing with his feet, or lean on a typewriter, making his first steps in life.

Tolokar comes in different colors, which means that it suits both girls and boys. There are both pink models with eyes, and very male SUVs.

Tolokar has a steering wheel that makes special squeaking sounds. On special models there are buttons on the typewriter, which will be used to play cheerful music.

There are several varieties of the tolokar, depending on its functions. The simplest machine is not expensive, so everyone can afford it. If necessary, you can choose a model with flashing lights, additional sounds and special effects.

Rocking and Jumping

The store has a wide selection of similar toys. The classic version is a horse on the runners. Currently, this version has been slightly upgraded, presenting a horse on special rollers, that is, it can be removed from the runners and rolled around the area of ​​the room.

Manufacturers produce not only horses, but also other animals. It can be ducks, dogs, elephants and even giraffes.

It is best to pay attention to plastic options than soft plush. Since the child can accidentally write on a toy, it is much harder to get rid of the smell with plush.


Universal gift for the girl, suitable for all ages. One year old child will like a very small baby doll. Externally, try to choose the option that looks more like a girl. It will be quite wonderful if the toy can make sounds and eat.

Doll Strollers

To the doll in the set you can purchase a special stroller. Now there are options with a cane, and bulky cradles. Pay attention to the easiest and easiest option. The child will be happy to roll such a stroller. At the same time, similar entertainment at this age is loved not only by girls, but also by boys.

Lodge or tent

Children at all times loved to build a hut. Did it before from scrap materials. In the modern world, it is permissible to buy a tent in a store. She can be of various forms, suitable for both boys and girls. For example, a tent in the form of a pink castle is more suitable for a girl. But the boy is more appropriate to give a house in the form of a bus.

Place the toys in the tent itself, then the child will be more interesting in it.

Accessories for walking and sports

One-year-old children love to walk and take walks in the fresh air. Therefore, they will like all those things that will help them in this.

This can be a large bag with toys for sand or multi-colored balls.

Tricycle with handle

The best alternative to the usual stroller. If your child does not sleep while walking, and with curiosity considers what is happening around, he will definitely like a tricycle. Pay attention to its size. It must be regulated so that it is enough for more than one year of use.

As a rule, such bicycles with fancy attractive faces of animals. Therefore, the child with pleasure sits in them and enjoys all that is happening around.


In winter, it is also worth walking in the fresh air. This will help the sled. See that they have special attachments that allow the baby to hold in as best they can.

Sledge is a convenient gift which will serve not one year. They should get a special cape that will protect the legs and ass of the child from the wind, snow and uncomfortable position. Such covers, as a rule, come with locks or rivets. In such sleds the baby will not be cold even in the most severe frosts.

Dry pool

An interesting gift that will please not only the baby, but also its guests at the birthday party. It is a rubberized pool, which is filled with small plastic balls. Minus this thing only in its large dimensions. Therefore, it is suitable for large apartments or houses.


Absolutely all children in the age of one year old love to swing. They do it with great pleasure. You can purchase a special model for the house. It has a neat shape, stand, and allows each child to use it independently.

If there is an opportunity to make holes in the doorway, then you can purchase a hanging swing model.

Educational toys


Adults give a special role to the development of their baby. They try to do this comprehensively, in order to equally engage the entire body.

Training table

Special tables on which a variety of toys are attached. Basically it is sorting machines, which are supposed to decompose things by color, shape, quantity and quality.

Such a table can permanently captivate the baby, developing his mental abilities. However, there should always be a mother around to guide the child in the right direction.

Educational mats

There is a large selection of such rugs. Some are aimed at studying animals, others are flowers. There are options with a higher level. In their design there is a special puzzle, collecting and disassembling which manages to develop fine motor skills of hands.

The developing rugs among other things are excellent decoration of a nursery. In addition, it can enclose, organizing a variety of games.

Bath toys

Children love to spend a lot of time in the bathroom and parents always try to entertain them. For this purchased a large number of toys. It can be both famous characters of fairy tales and animated films, as well as animal sounds and movements.

For example, a duck that will be able to swim on its own will become popular. Or a frog working along the same lines.

Easel with accessories

Easel - is an interesting game that will help you learn to draw, learn letters and numbers. Someone suggests that one year old is too early. But in fact, this is a great time to comprehend new peaks.

Musical toys

You can develop a musical ear since childhood. To do this, simply purchase a set of musical instruments. It can be a toy piano, flute, balalaika or guitar.

Speech therapists claim that it is music that best develops speech. Therefore, if a child at the age of 1 does not speak yet, it is worth paying attention to this by purchasing musical toys.

Toy bowling

Sports gift, which is considered quite original. The child learns exactly to play, thanks to this entertainment. The set has toy bowls and balls. The task of the kid is to knock down as many pins as possible with one ball.

Interactive books

At the age of 1 year the child loves to read. You can take advantage of this moment by handing interactive books. Each page can speak, sing and portray animal sounds. Thus, while the baby is behind a similar toy, parents can rest.

Practical gifts

Gifts for the baby can be not only entertaining, but also practical. Perhaps such a thing will not cause such a rapid rapture in a child, but parents will like it. Honestly, a child a few years later will not remember who he was on his first day of birth and what he was given.


Be sure to pay attention to the color of linen. This may be a cartoon character or a favorite animal. For example, girls show great attention to cats. It is their image that can be on bedding. For boys fit in this age, cars, robots and soldiers.

Clothes and shoes

The child grows up very quickly, so they change their clothes every season. Parents in the first years of life spend a lot of money on clothes and shoes. You can help them by handing a few beautiful things.

Do not buy too festive and solemn outfits. It is better to focus on the most ordinary and banal things. These can be jeans, sweaters and t-shirts. With a choice of shoes it is better to consult with parents who will tell you the size. You can buy 1 size larger than necessary.

Hygiene kit for teeth

Oral and dental care is extremely important. After all, it contributes to the growth of healthy teeth. In addition, in this way parents teach babies oral hygiene and self-care.

As a gift, a modern ultrasonic brush for teeth can be chosen. With its help it will be possible to remove all the pollution, while not leaving a problem.

The best gifts from parents and grandmothers

On the 1st birthday, grandmothers often give silver spoons. In general, they are usually given at the first tooth, but an exception is often made and the gift is given on the birthday.

Parents can give their child the first earrings for a girl or a bicycle for a boy.



In fact, in stores, the choice of gifts for a child for 1 year is quite wide. There are plenty to choose from, and the difference is manifested not only in quality but also in price. This allows you to buy a gift for absolutely every child.

Best when choosing a gift is guided by age. Having presented a Barbie doll to a child at 1 year old, he simply will not understand her and will not be able to play, so you should choose something more suitable for your baby’s age.

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