Ways to raise the immunity of the child

One of the most frequent and exciting questions asked by the pediatrician is related to improving immunity. All parents want their children to be sick as little as possible. It would seem, where to find that miraculous pill, having drunk that, the child will forever forget about the disease.

Doctors claim that many parents themselves are to blame for such frequent illnesses of their offspring. In fact, the question of the immune system is very serious. And adults have to thoroughly understand it. This point covers such concepts as a causal relationship, possible ways of immunizing the body.

Reasons for reducing self-defense

In order to raise the immunity of the child, it is necessary to initially understand the reasons.

There are a number of possible criteria and problems that, in general, will lead to problems related to the child’s immunity.

  1. The most common is banal parental care.
    It would seem very surprising, but in fact parents, as soon as they see that their beloved son or daughter is a little unwell, immediately begin to give antibiotics in large numbers. This is an absolutely wrong approach. Antibiotics - this is the last stage, which can be used to treat a serious stage. And they do it only after the appointment of a specialist.
  2. Congenital chronic diseases.
  3. The presence of allergies.
  4. Dysbacteriosis.
  5. Blood problems.
  6. Contacting a large group of people.
  7. Bad ecology.
  8. Avitaminosis.
  9. Stress, nervous tension.
  10. Lack of sanitary and hygienic standards.

Traditional ways to increase the resistance of the child's body to infections


Weak immunity in a baby is not a disease, but rather a problem that parents will have to contend with. Mom and dad must deal not only with the cause that became main during the illness, but also with the ways in which they improve the whole organism, forcing it to fight off a multitude of harmful bacteria and infections.

There is a certain set of measures with which you can increase resistance:

  1. Immunostimulants are drugs that help create an additional protective membrane, so to speak, another immunity.
    They are quite easy to use. The pharmacy sells interferons, which are diluted in water and introduced into the nasal passages. Thus it turns out to prevent disease. But immediately it is worth making a reservation that the remedy is effective only after suffering a serious illness. Thus, it helps to save from possible relapse.
  2. Reception of vitamins is the most popular way that is available to absolutely everyone.
    The pharmacy sells a large number of monovitamins or poly drugs, which can be used to increase the immunity of your child. Their use is absolutely safe.
  3. Hardening - the method can be applied only gradually increasing the procedure itself.
    Initially, you need to harden only the hands or feet, then gradually move on the entire body. With the help of hardening, you can really improve the overall condition of the body.
  4. Normalization of the day regimen - it is extremely important to monitor how the baby spends his day.
    Must be time to rest all day. Even if the child is already out of age and is not sleeping at all, he still needs a few minutes of rest. At night, sleep should be strong and long, namely 8-9 hours.
  5. Full nutrition - it is impossible not to note the importance of nutrition, namely the presence of all healthy foods.
    These are vegetables, and fruits, and meat, and fish. All of them are rich not only with their energy composition, but also with useful properties.

Proper nutrition

It is imperative not only to blindly feed your son or daughter, but to monitor all that he eats. Food not only provides calories for the whole body, but also helps it fight viruses and bacteria. If the child is exhausted, then he simply will not have the strength to resist the disease.

Notice that even with severe illnesses, doctors insist on seeing, even saying which. This is because it contains beneficial trace elements.

In the diet of children should be as small as possible:

  • sugar - has absolutely no vitamin means, and is aimed only at energy calories;
  • canned products - using special marinades completely kills all the beneficial properties of meat, fish or vegetables, which were prepared in this way;
  • sausages and sausage;
  • cow's milk is the strongest allergen.

Make sure that the menu of your child consists of a larger list of the following products:

  • cheese;
  • prunes;
  • raisins;
  • meat;
  • a fish;
  • vegetables;
  • fruits;
  • cottage cheese;
  • peas;
  • croup;
  • Rye bread;
  • butter;
  • the eggs.

Products containing vitamins to raise immunity

Immunologists have developed a special list of products that allows you to improve the overall condition of the body and increase immunity. It is believed that all of them should be familiar to a small child. And when he has health problems, it is only necessary to strengthen this set with an increased dose.

Fruits and vegetables

Everybody knows from childhood how useful all fruits and vegetables are. Every adult mom forced to eat hated vegetables in large quantities. All this was done to improve health. Currently the situation has not changed. Still, these are two types of products that are considered among the most useful.

As for fruits, citrus fruits, apples and pomegranates are considered the most effective in the fight against viruses. Citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C, which makes them so good for immunity. As for apples, they have an additional plus, namely, they improve the microflora.

Whole grain cereals

Few people appreciate the power that is in the porridge. But if you look at the children's menu in public institutions, then it will necessarily consist of cereals. And this is not by chance. The World Health Organization insists on its benefit due to the high content of beneficial trace elements.

But here it is important to consider the cooking procedure. Many cook it on fire, while at this time all useful properties are lost. It is necessary to fill the cereal with boiling water for the night, and the next day bring it up in minutes to readiness. In this case, all the useful elements will be preserved.


About the healing properties of amazing bee delicacy known from far times. It has a unique composition that allows it to be used to treat many colds. In addition, honey is used externally, rubbing into damaged areas and hair. This only confirms the effectiveness of honey.

Fortunately, children do not have to force him to eat, because he has a bright enough sweet taste, which is so loved by the little guys. The downside is only the high content of allergens. Therefore, you should not use it for children under 2 years old.

After the first spoon, follow the child's reaction. If it is absent, you can continue the course of rehabilitation treatment.

Onion and garlic

The most powerful foods that can cope with harmful bacteria. There are legends about their positive properties. They are advised to apply to children along with the soup or spread on bread.

In the event that a child refuses to eat onions or garlic, they can be grated, chopped and crumbled into food. An additional method of protection will be the bow, laid out on the window sills, the nightstands near the cot.

Vitamin D fortified foods

Recently, scientists have been actively developing the theory, according to which it is argued about the need to eat vitamin D. Thanks to its beneficial properties, it can cope with the flu.

Fish, vegetable oil and milk-containing products are a list of the food that has a high vitamin content. However, in order for it to be preserved and reach the human body, it is worthwhile to properly prepare fish products. Namely, a good method of stewing or boiling. So there are more and more useful microelements containing in food.

The nuts

For the body it does not matter what sort of nut is used. Each of them contains those trace elements that contribute in a beneficial way. In addition, they have a pleasant taste and high energy value. But with nuts it is worth being careful.

Due to the fat composition, they can simply become bad when overeating. In fact, it is enough to use 5-7 grains every day for a beneficial effect. Since the nut is a fairly dry product, it is often mixed with honey, thereby obtaining a real healing product.


It is considered the most healing berry. Its composition is rich in high content of vitamin C, D, E., amino acids, antioxidants.

Cranberries can not only cope with the issue of improving immunity, but also help to cope with an already common cold. In this regard, it is actively used during the treatment of the disease. In addition, pharmaceutical companies use the berry to add to medicines, thereby increasing their effectiveness.

The most beneficial will be to use the berry in its natural form. Often, it is made from jam and juice. As far as jam is concerned, cranberry loses its useful properties during steaming, so it is available only in natural form.

Decoction of oats

Such a folk remedy is actively used if the child often suffers from colds. The acids contained in it contribute to raising the immune system of the child.

In the broth there is nothing harmful, so it is allowed to apply even to children from 6 months. To make it extremely simple, you only need to cook the cereal for a long time in order for it to give up all its useful trace elements. Ostuzhenny broth is drunk, but the remainder is stored in the refrigerator. Shelf life does not exceed 3 days.


The shell contains in its composition a substance that enhances the production of leukocytes. It is they who in large numbers are able to fight off harmful bacteria. Eggshell is effective only if obtained from domestic hens. This means that store products should be abandoned.

The process of cooking tools is quite simple. The shell is boiled in water, cooled, and then crushed with a mortar. The resulting powder must be consumed daily for 1-2 months.

Multivitamin preparations


First of all, it is necessary to turn to natural products. In the event that their effectiveness is not proven on you or there is a need to increase the dosage, then you should turn to multivitamin preparations.

Their availability in the pharmacy allows you to purchase absolute any means. In fact, before buying, you should consult with your doctor, who will tell you whether to use this or that complex. Multivitamins are good because they contain several useful trace elements.

When choosing, rely also on age features. Manufacturers are required to specify the age limit and the required dosage. Its increase is extremely contraindicated.

To judge the effectiveness of multivitamins is possible only after a whole range of procedures.

Herbs to improve immunity

Despite the fact that every child has its own body, most of the children suffer the same way. In addition, they are prone to frequent colds, which are characteristic in a given season. With the help of herbs you can strengthen the body, favorably affecting all organs.


Grass affecting total lymphocyte synthesis. Echinacea can both strengthen the immune system and help with a number of colds. Its great advantage is the possibility of use from 1 year of life. Echinacea has a healing root, from which a decoction is made.


Houseplant, which is used actively in cosmetology and medicine. Its unique properties have not yet been fully studied. Proven effectiveness with a beneficial effect on the body. Ascorbic acid and thiamine contained in the composition are able to thin the blood and activate the immune system.


Propolis extract is known to many. After all, it is actively used for the production of toothpastes. With its beneficial properties, propolis is equated with honey. Its complexity lies only in the preparation. The strongest efficacy is the natural product, which must be carefully processed and dried.


Due to the high content of vitamin C, wild rose is one of the most effective products. From the hips make broths, infusions, compotes. He is good in absolutely any form. Of course, the most effective is a pure product. But in the winter season it will be good and in a ground form with added sugar.


A product that is rich in high mineral content. It is used not only in medicine, but also in cooking, nutrition. Especially popular is the ginger drink, which has something in common with coffee. Ginger has an important substance that affects the immune system, it is gingerol.

It allows you to cope with bacteria and improve the work of the gastrointestinal tract. Ginger can be used for children of all ages. Babies should get minerals with their mother's milk. Therefore, my mother will have to eat ginger root.


In order for a child to always be healthy, vigorous and active, he needs to inculcate the correct schedule of the day. It will depend on him how good the baby will feel. In addition, a balanced day will help not only improve immunity, but also increase mental activity.

It is necessary to lead an active lifestyle, often walk in the fresh air and stay in front of the TV less. This is what can be the secret of an active and healthy child.

Daily regime

Traditionally, the regime of the day includes several stages. Their observance depends not only on how the day will be planned, but how good the baby will feel. In addition, the constant observance of the correct regime will allow you to develop a good habit that will go into adulthood. This will help to become not a kid a successful person in life.

Morning work-out

This is an important stage, which, unfortunately, many skip. In the morning it is necessary to bring muscles in tone and make the whole body awaken. Simple exercise will help to cheer up for the whole day. This will give additional stimulation of the mental system.

It is proved that those children who daily perform morning exercises learn much better, are less tired and have an active life position in the future.

Walking and hardening

From the very infancy, mothers walk several times a day with strollers, because this is a great way not only to acquaint the baby with the outside world, but also a useful moment at which fresh air flows.

As for hardening, they must be introduced gradually. If we are talking about small children, then they are better to undress than to wrap. It has long been proved that it would be much better if the baby froze a little, than it was steamed. Overheating contributes to the occurrence of viral infections.

Rest and sleep

Any child, regardless of age, just needs a day rest. Older children may have relaxation with a book in their hands or behind the TV. Children under 7 need daytime sleep.

No matter how the child resists, until the age of 7, he is experiencing great emotional overload. Therefore, it should be put to sleep at lunch. Of course, with age, the duration of sleep will decrease, but still, during sleep, forces are restored and the body is ready for new actions.

Hygiene and cleanliness in the house

Parents should follow not only the decor and comfort in their own home, but also for cleanliness. This means that 2 times a week, wet cleaning is necessary. At a time when the child is sick, the number of cleanings can be increased.

Do not buy a large number of home toys. They accumulate dust, which is simply impossible to often remove. In addition, very young children should be protected from pets.

The issue of hygiene includes daily bathing, which contributes not only to the removal of dirt and dust, but also to relaxation of the body. That is why it is advised to take baths just before bedtime.


There are a number of firming massage treatments that have a healing effect. In addition, with the help of massage you can warm up the body and make absolutely all muscles and joints function.

Massage is a good prevention of a number of diseases. There is a firming, toning and relaxing massage. You can use absolutely any, depending on the range of desired actions.



Enhancing the child’s immunity is not just a procedure. In order to end up with an effective result, not only a comprehensive but also a systematic approach is needed.

Правильное питание, урегулированный режим дня и дополнительные народные средства - все это лишь в комплексе поможет восстановить организм после болезни или добиться крепкого здоровья. В вопросе с детьми стоит подходить осторожно.

It is necessary for them to cause a correct idea of ​​health, immunity, but not the aversion that they may experience, thinking only that they are being healed all the time. When a child has frequent and long-term health problems, parents should be alarmed.

It is possible that the baby has a number of serious diseases or pathologies that need urgent treatment. Then no traditional medicine will help. It is necessary to go to the doctor, pass a series of tests and think together about measures to cure the child’s body.

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