Boy's developmental rates for months to a year and older

The baby has just been born, it is still a very small baby. All he needs is nutrition, sleep and the love of his parents. Every month the child develops, acquires new skills and abilities. Now the child has his own special interests.

Parents are watching crumbs from birth. They follow his mental, creative, and physical abilities with interest. With special responsibility, mom and dad approach the health of their children.

Boy's development from 0 to 12 months

The neonatal period lasts 1-2 months. During this time, the crumb adapts to his surroundings. 9 months he lived and developed in the womb. Now everything changed, and he found himself in a world unknown to him. Most of the time a child at this age spends in a dream. He sleeps a lot and gains strength.

The kid wakes up just to eat. Every month his waking period increases. By 3 months, the baby turns into a baby who wants to communicate with others. The kid begins to try to roar, considers people he knows and begins to fear strangers.

In the prone position, the baby can rest on the forearms, considering what is happening around. As a rule, at this age, colic begins, which is quite disturbing at night. The best way to deal with them is a warm diaper, which is applied to the stomach.

At 4 months, the child holds his head and tries to see what is happening around him. He does this with undisguised curiosity and interest. A 4-month-old boy picks up a rattle and, if desired, may try to shift it from one hand to another.

At 5 months, the boys independently turn in both directions. In addition, they see well, consider mom, who stands in the middle of the room. Baby already distinguishes relatives from strangers. The first child will smile, and from the latter may begin to cry.

Child development up to a year.

By 6 months, the boy shows his character and desires. From now on, his crying is not only associated with fatigue or hunger. The baby may cry because he was not given a toy or taken away. A small period of time the child can easily sit. Some children actively move their legs in the prone position, trying to crawl.

By the 7th month, one can track the mental and emotional leap of development. If the baby doesn’t like something, he will express it with discontent and crying. As for mental activity, the kid can show many household items.

For example, he distinguishes where the clock is and where the book is. Begins to reach for both objects and people, showing that he wants to handle.

8 month of life is characterized by self-awareness in the family. The boy understands exactly where his parents are. He easily shows on mom and dad. In addition, he can find them in the photo. In a crib with a support, the child can stand up and even try to move, start walking.

9 months, the first steps occur. They are carried out with the help of parents, whom the crumb holds hands, nevertheless it is possible to see how the child makes attempts to make independent steps. The boy understands that his name is and begins to respond to his own name. He enjoys playing okay and hide and seek.

10 months is a more independent age. Parents at this time should slightly let go of the situation. With normal and full development, the child will be able to play independently for 15-20 minutes. It is necessary to provide the crumbs of toys that he will play with enthusiasm.

Basically, at this age it is cubes, pyramids and books. Some children start walking on their own this month, but the overwhelming majority walks, holding the hand of their parents.

At 11 months, begins to show curiosity about the world. The child enthusiastically considers everything that surrounds him. Especially children at this time love bright and colorful books. At this age, the baby loves to dance and tries to move without someone's help. Most children begin to say their first words: ma-ma, pa-pa, ki-sa.

1 year is a strong baby who already has his wishes and needs. A crumb can demand something, which is very necessary for his games. If there are older brothers and sisters, then the child begins to give them a try, trying to become as big. The kid starts to be less afraid of strangers, but nevertheless always tries to keep Mom and Dad in sight.

The development of boys from 1 to 2 years


The development of boys at this time is aimed at mental activity. Only 1 year, but in reality the difference in the development of these ages is simply enormous. The child learns to common food from the table. Parents gradually refuse to lure, replacing it with a standard set of adult products.

Prohibited still remain:

  • sharp;
  • fried
  • smoked;
  • candies.

If we talk about girls, then during this time they learn to talk, but for boys this process is much more difficult. Only at 2 years old boys can pronounce individual syllables that only parents can understand.

Begins a sharp increase in growth. The baby grows significantly, while body weight can remain at the same level. This means that it ceases to add so rapidly as in the first year of life.

The development of a boy from 2 to 6 years

At about 3 years old, boys' parents refuse diapers, gradually accustoming them to the pot. From 2 to 6 years old - the preschool period that children spend in kindergartens. During this time, not only adaptation takes place, but also skills of communication, games and disciplines are imparted.

Parents of the boy should carefully monitor the mental development of the child. At this time, you need to lay as much as possible positive. For this you will need to read fiction, to engage in modeling and crafts. Every day the baby will become more and more plodding, which later will facilitate school life.

Puberty in boys

The child sooner or later begins to grow up. This period is in adolescence. In boys, it starts at about 13-14 years. At this time, sex hormones are activated, which are responsible for the development of the male body. In girls, a similar age begins much earlier. Boys have an average lag of 2-3 years.

Puberty rates

Puberty takes place in several stages. Differentiation of sexual difference is initially from the very birth, namely, the time spent in the womb. Gradually, with age, the boy's body is formed, gaining strength.

By the age of 13-14, androgens are actively being produced in the body of a young man. He begins to experience the first change. Characteristic features include a sharp increase in growth, breaking of the voice, hair growth in some parts of the face and body, growth of the penis, increased size of the testes.

The second stage falls on the age of 16-17, when not only the boy changes from the outside, but also from the inside. The task of parents for this period is to try to teach a teenager to the surrounding reality, to instill in him a sense of justice and responsibility.


Not in all cases, the process of puberty takes place in accordance with generally accepted standards.

He often undergoes changes.

  1. Late puberty - if the period of physiological changes in the body has not started before the age of 15 years, then you should seek help from specialists.
    Perhaps the body does not produce hormones in the right amount. Then you need to visit the endocrinologist.
  2. Early puberty - often such a deviation is not treatable, especially if it is hereditary.
    Very often, early puberty can be found in men of the Caucasian ethnicity. At the age of 10 years, they already have vegetation on their bodies, and by the age of 12 their voice changes and secondary sexual characteristics are formed.



The development of the child in months is a completely natural process. Up to 1 year old, the boy’s parents closely monitor his development and changes every month, since it is during this period that he develops incredibly fast.

After 2 years, the development slows down. In order for a person to live normally and feel in society, it is necessary to monitor the child’s development by months, to know the elementary norms and possible deviations. All this will help to consult a doctor in time.


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