Choosing a gift for a child for 3 years

Psychologists are categorical in the choice of gifts. They advise, first of all, to pay attention to the age of the birthday man. That is, the gift should be selected taking into account the individual characteristics of development and age characteristics.

If the child is not lagging behind in development, then they are all interested in approximately the same things. Differentiation already at this age occurs by gender.

Three years - the age of independence and active knowledge

At this age, the once obedient child turns into a real stubborn. Parents hear from him the phrase "I myself." Sometimes it starts to annoy, because the kid at this age does not know how much, but he tries to do everything on his own.

The task of parents is only to be patient. Having repulsed the child’s desire to dress, you will forever wean him from this independent act. In addition, it is at the age of 3 years old that a baby can be taught to collect toys, make a bed, brush teeth twice a day, eat and even play on its own.

As a rule, at this age the child tries to learn the world. He is interested in absolutely everything that happens around. You may notice that the child began to play much more independently. In this he should not interfere. Baby learns and matures. Watch this from the side.

Competent parents will give such a toy for the child’s birthday, which will develop all its positive aspects, teach them to be independent.

The right choice of toys in 3-5 years


First of all, before you buy this or that thing, you should consult with your parents. Often they already know what they would like to see as a gift. In addition, the kid at this age already has certain interests in this or that activity.

Educational games and toys - something that must be given

At 3 years old, the baby is already independently reaching for new games and knowledge. Therefore, parents will not be difficult to try to stir up this interest. Many researchers claim that it is at this age that the easiest way to learn letters, numbers, and counting is toddler. But all training must take place in the form of a game.

You pay attention to how the child listens to you. He is interested in everything that you say. It copies behavior, speech and communication patterns. Often, babies repeat a multitude of words and phrases right there behind their parents. They do it subconsciously, realizing that it will be right.

Currently on the shelves of stores there are a large number of educational toys. All of them are defined by different age categories. Do not rush things and get the thing is not according to age. Your baby simply will not understand it.

Ideal gifts for both boys and girls can be:

  1. Designers - develop thinking, creativity. Contributes to the training of perseverance and improvement of fine motor skills.
  2. Cubes with letters, numbers and pictures - with the help of a single toy, the kid can master the letters, learn how to lay out the numbers correctly and collect simple pictures.
  3. Children's computer.
  4. The tablet.
  5. Book.
  6. Puzzles.
  7. Puzzles
  8. Easel with magnetic and slate.
  9. Board games.
  10. Children's synthesizer.
  11. Set for sculpting.
  12. Drawing set.
What to give for a birthday 3-5 years old?

Sports gifts for kids and not very active

Kids at this age are not all mobile. Some like to run around, and some quietly sit on the sidelines. Despite the different characters, hobbies and interests, children need to be developed, including in the physical plane.

The famous scientist, researcher and theorist of many aids, Gleb Doman, assured that without physical development, there would be no necessary mental understanding of reality.

Therefore, the best gifts for the age of 3 years will be:

  • volleyball or football;
  • scooter;
  • bicycle;
  • toy bowling;
  • trampoline;
  • dance mat.

All toys are able to develop coordination, self-awareness in movement, a sense of dexterity and strength.

Useful gifts, including for the summer season

Summertime involves swimming in the river, playing with sand and sunbathing. Especially lucky for those children who are transported to fresh air. In the event that you have a cottage, you should definitely get a special children's corner on it.

This kit may include:

  • inflatable pool;
  • toy house;
  • night light with a starry sky;
  • carpet with the image of the road (on it you can arrange a real race);
  • swing;
  • sandbox;
  • bed lock or bed car.

Book on Birthday - believe me, not at all boring

Adults believe that children will not appreciate the gift in the form of a book. In fact, it can help develop a world view, contributes to the formation of a competent speech. With the help of the book, the child learns something new, learns from the mistakes of others, trains his own memory. All children at an early age love books, so they can be one of the best gifts.

The main condition for choosing books is bright and colorful illustrations.

  1. A musical book - a small synthesizer is included, on each key of which an animal is drawn.
    At the same time, reading a book, it is necessary to press a button and listen to how an animal sounds.
  2. Audio recording - there is a special button on the book, clicking on which you can listen to all that is being said.
    Thus, the child will be satisfied that he has listened to the entire book, and the adult will rest for a while.
  3. Unusual books in the form of a large drop-down illustration.
    Currently there are editions with a special 3D effect.

Original options

At this age, it is still easy to surprise the crumb. He observes original gifts with special interest.

They can be inexpensive, but they will delight every single child.

  1. Set for modeling with molds - one popular company produces a special soft clay for children.
    It is very easy and convenient to work with him. Each plasticine is attached special equipment with which you can make these or other forms. These could be stars, hearts, or other fancy shapes.
  2. Face painting - any child would like to reincarnate in a wonderful animal.
    Someone would like to become a cat for a minute, for someone the tiger mask would be the best option. Face painting is one of the best hobbies, which can immediately become a wonderful role-playing game.
  3. Table for drawing sand.
  4. 3D puzzles.
  5. Electric car.

Memorable surprises

If you want the gift to be symbolic and long served the birthday, then you should pay attention to specific souvenirs.

They can be:

  1. Mug with the image of the birthday girl and the inscription "Happy Birthday!"
  2. Calendar with a portrait of the birthday.
  3. Medal with congratulatory words.
  4. Thematic pillow.
  5. Bed linen with the inscription "Happy Birthday!"
  6. Thematic T-shirt with a portrait of the family birthday.

What animal can give a child for 3-5 years?

Most children at an early age adore animals. They pet yard cats and dogs. Especially anxious for animals, those who have no pets at home. Choosing a pet is a difficult matter.

Give it can only parents who decide to take care of him. Everyone understands that the 3 and 5 year old boy or girl is not able to clean and feed his pet. This task will fall on the parents. Therefore, it is not necessary to bring a small puppy or kitten into the house for his birthday without the demand or permission.

DIY gifts

In the event that you have creativity, then you can make a gift with your own hands. Girls will appreciate all sorts of hairpins and jewelry, but the boys will love the handmade toys. They can be knitted or stuffed from felt. Make a toy in the form of a popular cartoon character.


Before you make your choice regarding a gift for a child of 3 years, it is worth exploring all the possible options. Then build on the interests and preferences of the baby. Perhaps he will like cubes with letters, and perhaps for him more interesting and active games will become more interesting.

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