Contests and script for a birthday at 6 years

To spend a fun holiday in a homely atmosphere is easy. However, this requires a well-planned scenario. At 6 years old, the child already understands that not real cartoon characters and fairy tales arrive to him, but only animators. Therefore, the focus should be on contests and the most entertaining program.

Regardless of where and how the event will take place, it is worth decorating the entire hall. These can be multi-colored balloons, posters with inscriptions and interesting photos. You can print a garland of photos, which presents brightly every six months the life of your baby, from birth to 6th anniversary.

Contests for the birthday of a child of 6 years

For a child of 6 years suitable children's competitions.

They can be both mobile and to test mental abilities, ingenuity and knowledge.

  1. Lay out on the table pictures of the fairy-tale characters, but they all need to be turned.
    Each guest comes to the table, turns the picture over and tells which tale a particular hero is from. For those children who know the most tales, there will be a separate prize. They will be considered victorious in this difficult test.
  2. You can try to beat the well-known fairy tale turnip.
    To do this, prepare props. On a piece of paper, you must write the characters. Each guest comes up and pulls out the paper with his eyes closed. From this will depend on what role he will have to perform.
  3. In the middle of the room there is a small table on which two light tennis balls are placed.
    On both sides of the table there are two contestants. At the command, everyone starts to blow the ball towards the enemy, it is impossible to help with hands and feet. As a result, the winner is the one who blows the ball in the opposite direction.
  4. All guests are divided into two teams.
    The presenter issues two tennis rackets and a balloon. The task of the team is to reach one by one to the marked finish with a tennis racket in their hands, on which the balloon will lie. Moreover, if the ball falls, it can not be lifted by hand. It is only necessary to use a racket.

Contests for children for girls birthday


In order to arrange a cheerful holiday for a girl, you can organize it in the style of princesses. But in fact, this is not the only option.

Many girls give preference to the pirate style.

  1. The presenter reads scientific facts and fictional stories.
    If this is a true fact, then children should shout "Wow, you!". And if a fictional story, then they should answer "Wow!". After each answer, the presenter says whether the children were right or not.
  2. Balloons are distributed to all children.
    The task of each girl as quickly and beautifully to decorate your ball. The winner is the one that does it first.
  3. The next contest is quite funny and original.
    Plasticine is distributed to all girls, eyes are blindfolded. The facilitator says which animal needs to be molded. With eyes closed, the girls proceed to the competition. The winner is the one in which the animal turned out to be as close as possible to the one thought up by the leader.

Birthday Laugh Games

This game does not carry any meaning. Its main value is to cheer others.

The facilitator counts up to three, allowing all children to scatter. Then he starts looking for children with his eyes closed. The one he caught is ticked off.

The second competition involves a funny start. Each child is given a marker, which is clamped between the nose and lips. The leader says that the one who can hold the marker longer than anyone else will win. Children who do not participate in the competition begin to make each other laugh so that there are no winners.

Fanta game for birthday

Fanta is a favorite game of children of preschool and primary school age. They can be carried out in different ways. But still the most correct would be if each player takes turns drawing the fant and performing all that is written on it.

These may be such desires:

  • Sing a song;
  • dance dance little ducklings;
  • tell a joke;
  • tell a poem, standing on a chair;
  • crow;
  • ask each guest 1 funny question;
  • make your neighbor laugh to the right in 30 seconds;
  • show a naughty baby who demands a toy store from his parents;
  • crouch 10 times;
  • jump like a hare;
  • show how the cat drinks milk;
  • to portray a clown falling on a banana peel.

Fanta can be a huge amount. The funnier and more varied the contests are, the more fun the players themselves will be.

Birthday Quiz Contests for Kids


Children of 7 years old are especially fond of participating in quizzes. This is a necessary part of the event, which allows you to relax from active and mobile games.

The quiz assumes that everyone is sitting, and the moderator asks questions. In this case, the questions are very often tricky.

  1. What year is everyone sleeping and eating more than usual? (Leap)
  2. Which hand is more convenient to interfere with tea? (With a spoon)
  3. The month when we speak the least (February)

Birthday contests for kids

There are several varieties of carrying puzzles. The first is the classic version, when the presenter reads the riddle, and guests must guess it. The winner is the one who gave the most correct answers.

The second option - in the package put a variety of items, vegetables and fruits. The child pulls out a thing and tries to understand with his eyes closed what is in his hands. If the little one guessed, then he keeps the thing for himself The winner is the child who has the most items.

Mobile birthday contests for kids

Children of any age are active and energetic.

For them, the best way to conduct a celebration is to participate in various competitions.

  1. It is necessary to form several pairs.
    Next, mate in pairs with your hands, turning your back to each other. The leader will say that now we have not children, but crabs. The task of each pair as soon as possible to run to the finish line.
  2. A special bag made from linen cloth or a regular bag is made in advance.
    Two holes for legs are cut in it, so that the child can crawl through them. Inflated balloons are thrust into the bag. The task of each player is to run to the finish line and return without losing a single ball. The winner is the team that managed to do it first.



The birthday scenario for preschoolers is always replete with contests, quizzes, riddles and poems. This is a truly exciting activity in which everyone will be happy to take part. At the end of the party is to organize a disco, where everyone can dance, expressing himself.

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