We come up with an original script for the birthday of a girl of 5 years

You can easily spend your birthday at home with small children, but for this you need to prepare competitions in advance. In this case, the children will be fun and interesting. If there is no entertainment and riddles, then the kids simply get bored. Therefore, it is extremely important to take the issue of organizing events seriously and responsibly.

This means that it is necessary to develop a scenario in advance, in which you will have to take into account the wishes of the child. 5 years of age implies a good speech and a clear understanding of their desires.

Therefore, before you choose who will be the main actor at the event, you should talk to the child. Ask him which character is the most favorite at the moment and whom he would like to see at his celebration.

Scenario of the birthday of 3-5 year old child White ships

To celebrate in the style of White ships you should definitely decorate the whole hall. It should reflect the marine theme. Alternatively, Alexander Green’s popular book “Scarlet Sails” can be staged.

For 5 years of age it will be enough to inflate a large number of balls and dress all invited guests in white or marine costume.

Game "Winter and Summer"

Hats are distributed to all children. When the leader says the word winter, you must wear a hat. As soon as children hear the word summer, they should urgently take off their cap.

The task of the presenter is initially to show how to play, and only then you can do everything at random. Children at the same time begin to stray and do what they can. Wins the one who most correctly wore and removed the cap.

For the victory he is awarded a small prize. Be sure to buy in advance prizes. They may be purely symbolic. For example, a beautiful notebook or chupa chups.

Puzzle game

Parents print a photo of the birthday boy in the form of a puzzle. This puzzle is broken down into small pieces. Includes fun music, under which the children together and together must put all the parts together.

As soon as the children manage to assemble the puzzle and get a picture from it, they are awarded valuable prizes. At the same time, the gift is given to absolutely everyone. After all, everyone took part in such an event.


The facilitator invites all the children to work hard and make a beautiful flag on the memory. To do this, they use pre-made blanks in the form of paper, cut in the form of a flag.

The child’s task is to glue the two sides of the flag and paint it. At the same time, you can do absolutely everything: leave your own prints, decorate with pencils and create. There are no winners and losers in this contest.

Game "Bunny"

For the event, a rope is needed, connected on both sides in the form of a ring. It is laid on the floor in front of children. The presenter begins to sing a song in which he says that there was a bunny, he went out on the porch, walked for a long time through the forest, picked berries, but suddenly he heard a wolfish howl. This means that the hare urgently needs to go home.

In words, children should jump into a circle that improvises a hare hole. The one who made it last is out of the game. The entertainment continues until only one single hare is left in the circle.

Game "Monkeys"

The leader asks to portray with him funny monkeys. After all, all children love to wriggle and laugh, this is exactly what funny animals like. The presenter reads a poem in which all the children jump, make faces, squint their eyes, make funny cheeks, stomp their feet, clap their hands, and at the end all the monkeys show each other tongues.

Finger game "Castle"

This funny performance will suit children of any ages. The presenter reads the poem and accompanies everything with a gesture show.

In the forest stands teremok (palms fold in the form of a house).
There is a lock on the door (the palms are locked in the lock).
We knock (fingers closed, with palms knock on each other).
And we will twist (pulls one hand to the side, the other to itself, trying to disengage the hands),
And pull (pull hands in different directions).
Here we opened our lock (we disengage our hands).

Scenario for a birthday Paw Paw Patrol for boys and girls


Both boys and girls at the age of 3 years especially love the cartoon called Paw Patrol. Therefore, as the main character for his birthday, you can call him.

You can stop both on one and on several characters of the animated film at once. Perhaps your child is 4 years old has a favorite character. If this is not, then try to all the characters of the cartoon took part in the celebration.

Puppy Patrol Contests

First of all, the puppy patrol heroes invite guests to join their patrol. To do this, you need to know their code and I promise to shout loudly. Puppies read out their code, which includes helping parents, cleaning up toys, dressing themselves and much more.

After the children have agreed with everything, promising to behave with dignity, they are taken to a puppy patrol.

The second competition involves flying. Guests are divided into two teams. One of them will fly, and the second will manage. Those who fly will not see anything. The second group controls, suggesting how best to get around obstacles.

The third competition is called the labyrinth. The whole team, with the exception of the birthday boy, is holding hands and amused. Then comes the birthday, trying to unravel all.


In addition to games and contests, puppy patrol arranges puzzles. Only answer them will not all chorus. The puppy brings with it a life preserver, children pass it to each other to the music. When the music ends, who has a circle left in his hands, he must answer the riddle.

Children love puzzles very much. They can be themed. One will be about rescue on water, others about fire safety, the third about behavior.

At the birthday party in the form of an independent number, you can call a clown who will entertain children. He can show a pantomime, and can blow balloons in the form of fancy animals.


The scenario at home will not be boring if you show your imagination. Make original quests with gifts in different rooms, prove yourself, then the birthday will be remembered by children for a long time.

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