How to come up with an interesting birthday scenario for a child of 1 year?

The first birthday is considered one of the most important days in a child’s life. It means that a long period has passed and the baby turns into an independent crumb.

This is always a touching and exciting event. This raises many questions about the celebration. It becomes unclear how, where and with whom to organize the first children's birthday.

The original script for the birthday of 1 year old girl, boy

The birthday itself, regardless of the gender of the child, the boy is celebrating it or the girl, should be organized together with all the relatives and children. Little crumbs do not need all kinds of children's rooms.

In the event that parents decide to hold a celebration there, it will be primarily about the convenience of adults. If you decide to celebrate the holiday in a homely atmosphere, then it is even better, since the child will feel less constrained and squeezed.

In order to come up with an original script for a birthday for 1 year, it is worth considering what will be the main character. As a rule, children at this age are still afraid of animators, so it is worth a responsible approach to the choice of the image.

Perhaps the child has a favorite cartoon character. In this case, you will not be difficult to focus on it. One-year-old children, as a rule, at such an early age do not yet have such a sharp differentiation by gender.

Therefore, it will be equally important for both boys and girls to hold a holiday in the style of little ones or pets. Children, these characters are well known. They will easily accept them and will not be afraid.

Be sure not to forget about the design of the room. The original moment will be a garland in the form of photos by the months of your crumbs. It can be not only joint photos, but also those where the baby is alone.

Purchase a large number of balloons. They always create a special solemn atmosphere. It will be useful to make a festive poster with the inscription "Happy Birthday!". As planned, all the guests will write their congratulations and wishes on the poster.

Children love bright colors and a variety of colors. Focus on this in your jewelry.

As a host for a celebration, you can call both a professional artist and a close relative. Preference is better to give the second option, since the child will not be afraid and will be happy to participate in various competitions and games.

The rite of cutting the first curl


At the festival, it is customary to hold a special rite, which marks the cutting of the first curl. For this leading causes godparents. They take small scissors and cut a curl from the head of the baby.

At the same time, it should be done carefully. The crumbs should not have a hole in their hair. Cut off a barely noticeable curl. This is done as a special symbolic meaning.

After the ceremony, the parents the very next day shave all the hair of the baby, so that he would grow good new curls, without fluff hair. Currently, there are many disputes about the need to shave curls.

Definitely no one can answer how this procedure is necessary, but one thing is for sure, it does not lead to anything bad. In a fairly quick and short time, long and beautiful hair will grow back from the crumbs.

Hairdressers are advised to shave curls 2-3 times. However, this is mainly done by the parents of boys, who are already cutting their children.

Parents put the first sheared curl in a special envelope, which is stored in the first album of the child's photos.

Which script to choose for a birthday?

Birthday games in 1-2 years old child

Be sure to consider not only treats at the festive table, but also entertainment. Guests gather for a holiday in order to participate in numerous competitions. The most important thing for them is entertainment.

In the first year of life, you can come up with various and interesting contests, in which both adults and children will take part.

Who will you be, baby: guessing in a playful way

This is quite a funny and funny contest. Parents should definitely take a camera and capture the result of the competition. Perhaps, after a long period of time, it will be possible to look through the photos and understand that the child has guessed with his future profession.

The leader says that everyone chooses a profession according to his personal desire. Someone has some preferences, someone else. But psychologists assert that even at the age of one year one can understand what a person will become. Let's try and we are lucky trying to figure out who the birthday man will be.

To do this, before the birthday boy lay out the sets of items:

  • the book is a scientist;
  • money is a businessman;
  • dishes from a toy set - a housewife;
  • candy - confectioner;
  • dress - stylist;
  • cosmetics - make-up artist;
  • car - the driver;
  • comb - hairdresser.

Items can be reported depending on the gender of the child. For example, boys can add a gun, which indicates that the crumb will become a soldier.

The child is asked to take one of the proposed items. What thing the baby takes, so he will be in the future.

Cool competition for attention

This entertainment takes place in the form of a game. Each guest is dressed in a suit of fruit or berries. The child takes the parents by the hand and walks through an improvised forest. Parents at this time say that they walk in the forest with a basket and collect fruit in it.

The task of adults and children to collect as much fruit as possible. At the same time, the berries can hide, because not everyone wants to be found so quickly. The child walks alone through the forest and shows where the raspberry or strawberry hid.

Letters to the future

One of the most touching moments on his birthday is writing a message to the future. The facilitator asks each guest to write a few words to the birthday man in the future. In 10 years, parents will get the cherished box and read everything that adults wanted or wanted to say to the baby.

This may be greetings, words of farewell or thanks for the birthday. In this case, it is better if children participate in such a competition. If the child does not know how to write, let him dictate to his parent, who will write everything down.


The birthday scenario for a one-year-old child always turns out to be funny, interesting and fun. This is all due to the fact that everyone is full of joyful emotions on this day. Kids tend to have fun, and adults rejoice on how quickly their crumbs grow.

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