How to build a game complex for children to the country?

The presence of a cottage or a country house greatly facilitates the task of parents. They can come up with a large number of activities that will help their children relax and play. The cottage has one major plus point, namely, being in the fresh air. The child develops immunity, improves their health and lives without modern technology.

Sometimes, it is very difficult in our world to captivate a child with something other than a computer and a telephone. Gadgets flooded the main space. Therefore, these children need to be saved. A great alternative in this case would be the cottage.

How to occupy children in the country?

Regardless of the age and hobbies of the child, you can always take something at the dacha. It can be role-playing games, mobile activities or quiet pastime. Be sure to check out what is closer to your child. And for this, the kid should offer several options.

Game complex for children to the country.

Doctors advise to walk barefoot in the summer cottages in the warm season. This will develop the foot, act as prevention of flatfoot and scoliosis.

  1. Create a small musical orchestra on your territory.
    To do this, on one of the walls attach all those dishes and kitchen utensils, which will make a ringing. It can be xylophones, pots, wooden boards. Make as many tools as possible so that your baby always has a choice.
  2. A labyrinth of water - on one large board or on a sheet of fiberboard, attach containers, hoses, with which you can create artificial obstacles.
    Launch water from above and observe how it will pass through obstacles and arrive right on target.
  3. Make a kitchen outdoors, it will appeal to children of all ages.
    In the kitchen, put pots, old pans and put the dishes. Children will be interested in making dandelion salad and bake strawberry pie.
  4. Wooden constructor - for its implementation, you will have to work hard and cut log cabins, small sticks and stumps.
    Children will independently approach and make houses and interesting towers from blanks.
  5. Twister - using paint from a can on the lawn you can draw circles.
    Older children will happily start playing twister. The younger ones will prefer to jump from one color silhouette to another. In the end, every kid will find a hobby for everyone.
  6. In the hot season, you can buy small balloons, which are drawn water.
    With them do water bombs, which can be easily fired. These bombs do not hit painfully, leaving no traces. Hitting the person or any surface, immediately explode.
  7. Bubble.
  8. Call of the Jungle - hang up toys depicting wild animals in the trees.
    For additional persuasiveness, it is possible to draw a tiger or panther mask on the face of a child. Now is the time to reincarnate, playing a preconceived role.
  9. Hut - it is impossible to imagine a summer cottage without a hut.
    This is an amazing place to come up with a lot of games. This is the Indians, and pirates, and even a knight with a princess. Absolutely any game can be adapted to the tent in the garden.
  10. Hunting lizards or snakes - for the game you can buy 15 lizards, scatter them around the garden, leaving tips to the kids.
    The task of the children is to find a complete set of lizards. During the game, children will learn to count.

Game complex for children: what is the benefit?


The best option for any child in the villa area will be the purchase of a children's play complex.

Many parents pay attention to him because it has a number of advantages:

  • in one complex a large number of turnstiles, stairs;
  • it is possible to choose a complex specifically for your request;
  • do not have to do it yourself;
  • You can come up with a large number of role-playing and competitive games related to the complex;
  • There is an opportunity to combine a game complex with a sports one, having taught from childhood to a healthy lifestyle.

Children's game complex is good because it can be purchased at the store or try to do it yourself. This is a truly original complex, which is also different security.

Build a house in your town. Then your children will spend a lot of time playing this game.

How to equip the playing area?

It is not enough to buy a children's complex. It is necessary and take care of its improvement. First of all, plant a lawn. On the one hand, it is always beautiful, but on the other hand, it is also convenient. Falling on the lawn, your crumb will not get hurt, because he will soften his fall.

For the house you can buy dishes and kitchen utensils. In this case, the children will be able to play both the classic game of the mother’s daughter and the store. In fact, there are many variations of similar complexes. A child’s fantasy will develop, and parents can go about their business without worrying about what their children are doing.

Games for children in the country

It happens that it is necessary to water or clean the territory at the dacha, and children interfere in every way. Parents should first take care of the crumbs, giving him different games. Until a certain age, a child simply cannot organize itself.

He will definitely need the help of adults in inventing exciting games.

  1. Track for cars - on the lawn or ordinary land, make a small trench, thereby leaving room for the track. Let it be as florid as possible. The boys are so addicted to such a game that later they themselves put the springboards on the way and come up with different variations of races.
  2. Build a farm on the site - toy animals will live in pens, go for a walk and even splash in the river.
  3. Hut - build a crumbs hip out of blankets and blankets. In it, he will spend a lot of time inventing role-playing games for himself.
  4. Ask to make a handicraft of leaves.
  5. Obstacle course - how much kids love to overcome difficulties. They can be artificially created using ropes. Wrap the trees with ropes and have the children climb through them so that they don’t touch anything.



If you properly organize the children in the country, then parents can sit down and relax. Show your baby how and what to play. Subsequently, he will no longer touch you so much, asking him to entertain him. In the future, his fantasy will begin to work better, inventing for himself all the new ways of entertainment.

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