Why does the baby bite?

The baby matures and with time he has habits. They can be not only positive, but also negative, absolutely useless. One of these negative habits is biting a child.

It’s one thing if a baby bites vegetables and fruits, it’s quite another to bite someone from adults and children. But when this happens, parents need to think and understand why this is the behavior of their baby. Perhaps for the usual reasons lies a deeper meaning.

The reasons why the child bites

It has been proven that children most often show aggression at precisely the age when they are to go to kindergarten.

Often, mom and dad find out from the caregiver that their baby behaves in such a negative way.

  1. First of all, the cause must be sought at home.
    Mom and dad need to understand how well the situation in the family. If quarrels and enmity constantly reign in it, then it is not surprising that the child copies the mood of adults, manifesting it in such a strange way.
  2. Constant punishment - an additional motivation, leading to aggression on the part of the baby.
    Even if the family is characterized in a positive way, this may not be a special indicator.
  3. Pain, feeling sick.
  4. Hyperactivity is if adults are allowed to indulge everything from a young age.
    For them, baby bites are just a reason to laugh and smile.
  5. I adopted someone's behavior in a peer group - quite often this happens when children look at each other and copy behavior.
    In this case, unfortunately, not only positive, but also negative points are copied.

Often parents punish a child for the slightest offense. It is proved that a child up to a certain age is simply not aware of their actions. If he turned the TV over, it doesn’t mean that he specifically did this.

Rather, he climbed onto a bedside table or loosened it, trying to take something. But if adults do not understand this behavior, they begin to scold and express obvious discontent. Such an attitude can not provoke positive emotions.

An already grown-up baby also begins to amuse his parents, not realizing that his teeth have become stronger, and the bite marks have become more noticeable. That is, at a certain age, many children begin to bite as it were, this must be stopped on time.

In that case, if you do not stop such activities, then you can get an adult child who does not understand why they are now abusing him, and most recently laughed and smiled from the same actions.

How to eradicate a bad habit?


In fact, there is nothing difficult in getting rid of a bad habit.

It is necessary to consistently address the problem.

  1. At the very early stage, stop the behavior - you should not be touched and assume that such a habit is something funny and funny.
    This is absolutely unbecoming behavior, so you have to fight it. The very first method of struggle is not to be encouraged.
  2. Think about the situation that prevails in your family.
    Most often, problems arise precisely in those families where there are constant shouts, quarrels, conflicts, and showdowns. It is especially bad if the mother is in constant stress, nervous tension. Until a certain age, the baby miraculously absorbs the mood of his mother. He is like a sponge, just feels what his dearest person feels.
  3. Already grown children are trying to draw attention to themselves with their negative habits.
    Therefore, spend as much time as possible with your sons and daughters, be interested in all that is happening in their lives. Ask questions, actively participate in life, walk and spend a lot of time. Surrounded by attention and care, your son or daughter will immediately forget about negative habits.

The "pugnacious" child, what to do in such a situation?

According to statistics, boys are most often fighters. This is the first way for them to show aggression and their emotions. In the event that they are not satisfied with something in life, their surroundings, they can express it with their behavior.

In order to eliminate the problem of constant fights, it is worth eliminating the cause. A thorough analysis should be objective. In the event that you dissemble yourself before yourself, you will fail.

Most often, boys are acutely reacting to stress.

They can be, first of all, the tense situation in the family:

  • divorce;
  • changing of the living place;
  • kindergarten attendance;
  • the birth of a younger brother.

In the event that a divorce occurs in a family, then it is worth thinking not only about the interests of each of the partners, but also about the most important thing, your child. Explain to him that he is still loved and will spend a lot of time with him.

Divide time so that the baby does not understand that a problem has occurred in the family. Let both dad and mom spend the same amount of time with him.

If the reason lies in the birth of a brother or sister, then it is necessary to envelop your firstborn with more love. Show him that he is the most necessary and beloved. Take turns with your husband to walk with the stroller so that the first baby understands that he is equally loved by both mom and dad.

When giving a child to kindergarten, increase the period of adaptation. Walk a few months before lunch, only then start to leave for a full day.

When do you need specialist help?

A very young child, if he bites, is not a big problem. But if this happens to a person who has already matured, then it is worth thinking.

In general, in this problem there are clear criteria that help determine the need to seek help from a specialist:

  1. A son or daughter is already 3 years old and more, he understands the awareness of his actions and continues them.
  2. Much hurt a lot.
  3. It torments animals consciously mocking them.
  4. Does not obey adults, does not respond to comments.

It is very important that all family members turn to a psychologist. The specialist must understand what kind of atmosphere prevails in the family. It is possible that it is necessary to correct the child’s behavior through changes in family relationships. In addition, the psychologist gives general recommendations that are extremely important to follow.

Solving the problem is much easier at an early stage, so do not pull with it, do not postpone it, but immediately begin to correct the situation.

Mistakes that parents often make


In fact, baby bites are considered an acute psychological problem. Therefore, its solution should be approached wisely. In the event that the parent chooses the wrong tactics, he risks receiving a backlash at all, namely the effort of a harmful and negative habit.

That is why mom and dad should know the most common mistakes that adults make when struggling with children's problems:

  1. Do not pay attention to the problem - if the bites are still weak and they do not touch others, then pretend that you do not notice what happened.
    Do not call attention to this, so that further this does not happen. It is not known why the once calm son came up and bit my mother. It is possible that he played and wanted to involve her in his game, but she did not react. But after the bite, my mother began gesticulating, talking a lot and looking at her son. He got exactly what he wanted. A small child will remember this way. Therefore, in the future, if he needs to pay attention to his mother, he will repeat the same action again.
  2. Physical abuse can not be a solution.
    Belt or slap on the pope - it is in fact only the impotence of parents. It is not necessary to show it and fall so low. Moreover, the aggression can not be another reaction, as the same negative.
  3. Shouting is not worth it in this situation, it is possible that the baby will calm down for a while, but as soon as she is left without a screaming mom, she will also show herself again.

General advice of the psychologist

A comprehensive solution to the problem requires rigor and seriousness. In no case in the process do not show aggression. It will only reinforce the negative habit.

It is necessary to acquire a large amount of patience, which will help to cope with the problem.

  1. As soon as you see that the child is going to start up her teeth, cover his mouth with his palm and calmly explain that you cannot bite, because it hurts.
  2. Explain with the help of role-playing games that fighting is not worth it, you can calmly and peacefully solve problems.
    Long and tedious notation will not lead to anything. The kid simply does not understand what they want from him. Therefore, the ideal option would be fairy tale therapy or role-playing games, where the plot will be clear how to solve the problem peacefully.
  3. If the baby bites its peers, it is not necessary to isolate it from them.
    In this case, he will feel like an outcast, accumulating more and more negative on children. Take your son or daughter to another room, ask why he behaves that way.
  4. Take a closer look at the kindergarten to which you send your child.
    Try to choose a decent educator with a lot of feedback and long years of work. The teacher should also be able to properly resolve the conflict and get out of a difficult situation.


Parents, first of all, should analyze their behavior and understand whether they are doing everything correctly. Small children completely copy the behavior of adults. Therefore, if a child bites, it is often associated with negative things happening in the family.

If mom and dad want their child a decent life and a balanced psyche, they should think about their upbringing and fix the difficult situation in the family.

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