Original ideas for photoshoot pregnant

Pregnancy is a special condition not only of the soul, but also of the body. At this time, a young mother realizes how soon her life will change. She will have the special status of mother, which is so valuable throughout the world. A new life is being formed inside the woman at this time, which she will give.

The girl at this time is shrouded in special tenderness and love. Her life is filled with new colors that I really want to remember. The best way to capture the memories of your pregnancy are photo shoots.

Of course, you can take a picture of the easiest and most usual way, but much more interesting to make more original photos that will remain for a long time not only in memory but also on paper.

Before and after

One of the most popular ideas is the implementation called before and after.

In this case, you can go at once in several ways:

  1. Taking pictures of yourself and your belly every month throughout the entire period of pregnancy, the final photo will be a girl with a baby in her arms.
  2. Not so long ago, this idea was the most popular.
    According to her idea, it was necessary to photograph a woman already in the last month, and then take a photo in the same place and the same clothes with the child in her arms. This version can be beaten in a more creative way, for example, by depicting a woman’s stomach in the form of a ball that has burst.

People always talk about how fleeting time is. Parents simply can not believe that once - it was a small embryo, then became a child who was born.

It is this feeling that conveys such photographs, by which one can clearly see how a woman has changed, and the fruit has grown inside her belly.

Nature photography


A girl in the period of carrying a baby becomes incredibly feminine, tender and especially beautiful. The best way to fit this image is nature itself. Therefore, a woman can be represented as a forest nymph, a sea Aphrodite or a fairy-tale princess.

You need to find a beautiful location. For an additional image, you can use not only accessories, but also attract animals. For example, photos with chicks, rabbits and horses look original.

Photos with props

It is not necessary to go to a professional studio to create a photo shoot. Any person has the opportunity to fantasize at home and come up with a number of interesting ideas. To create them very often you need details.

As such, can be:

  • hat and mantle of the magician;
  • cabbage leaves;
  • pump;
  • T-shirts;
  • hair accessories;
  • silk fabric;
  • tapes;
  • fake mustache;
  • invoice bow.

The beauty of photos of this kind lies in the unboundedness of their imagination. There are many options that can be easily applied to a particular case.

Before choosing a prop you should decide on the mood that a married couple wishes to convey. It can be both playful and romantic, touching mood.

Photo at home

It is not by chance that home photos have become very popular lately. They are valued for outgoing coziness, warmth and comfort. Especially original and beautiful look photos in pajamas and slightly casual atmosphere.

To implement their ideas, a young family can go to the kitchen, where they will cook dinner together or bake a pie. As a requisite for such a venture, flour is used, which can smear each other’s faces. This looks interesting and feminine.

As an alternative to the kitchen is a bedroom. Behind her doors you can see how the family feels, one more member of whom is about to appear. If there are already children in the family, then with interest one can observe how the parents read books to them, and the man strokes the belly in which another family member lives.

Ideas for photos at home.

Photos with husband


Most pregnant women tend to photograph not themselves, but with their second half. From these photos breathes special warmth. A man acts as a certain protector and reliable shoulder. He embraces his soul mate, trying to feel the warmth and affection emanating from her.

As an alternative to a romantic photo shoot, there are humorous pictures. They depict the belly of a woman and a man. The girl has the word “baby” written on her belly, and the man has a beer.

Children and pets in the frame

Photographers are advised to involve their entire family for photo shoots. Participation of not only children, but also pets. In this case, the shooting will be especially tender. Small crumbs in the pictures can be happy to watch their mom's belly grow.

It creates a feeling in such pictures that children with great interest and excitement are waiting for the birth of their younger brother or sister.

Photo in the water

Incredibly beautiful and fascinating look photo shoot in the water. Pregnant women look like mermaids on these shots that have just come from the depths of the sea. For a photo shoot, you can both immerse yourself in water, thereby creating interesting effects. As an option, just enter the water element to the belly.

Body art


Popular art, which draw with special colors on the body. The stomachs of pregnant women for artists is a real expanse of creativity. It will be possible to create not only fancy patterns and shapes, but also make the faces of animals. The belly can be represented in the form of a pot-bellied aquarium in which the goldfish lives.

Often body art looks simple, but at the same time original. For example, the loading scale is shown, which has not yet reached its end.

Ribbons and fabric in the photo

Especially often women use tapes and fabrics. With their help, you can create the appearance of a bandaged gift.

In addition, girls often bandage their belly, thereby showing the child of what sex is expected in the family.

Flowers in the frame

With the help of flower arrangements, it is possible to create incredibly feminine and romantic images. Flowers can be in the form of bouquets or appear in the form of scattered petals. In addition, from the flowers you can make a beautiful wreath on the head, which will decorate the image of any girl.

Accessories and props for photo shoots


Any young lady wants to look decent on her pregnant photo shoot. This will help her props. Be sure to think through all your image to the smallest detail. If it turns out to be complete, then it will be possible to look original and interesting.

The dress should be in harmony not only with shoes, but also with a headdress and even with a hairstyle.


There are plenty of ideas for a photo shoot for pregnant women. The girls are repelled by their mood and attitude. Someone sees himself as a tender and vulnerable forest nymph, and someone, despite a long time, wants to dive on the seabed, posing as a mermaid.

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