What kind of crafts from plasticine can make children?

Caring parents engage with their children. After all, it is thanks to their efforts that the child develops intelligence, fine motor skills of hands and the ability to speak and think. Plasticine is a material that is easy to work with, children love it very much.

Thanks to plasticine, fine motor skills of hands develop, imagination is formed, speech is better mastered. The baby opens up creative abilities that are very necessary for the normal development and functioning of life activity.

Children under the age of experts do not recommend clay, because at this age they try to taste everything. However, it is still worth looking specifically at your child. If your crumb does not take everything in his mouth, then you can begin a gradual study of clay. But at the same time, make sure that the baby does not accidentally swallow something.

Sculpting plasticine for children 2 and 3 years

As a rule, in most cases, it is at this age that a gradual schooling of a child for clay begins. The grasping movements are not yet well developed, as well as coordination, the work of fingers. Therefore, in the store, pay attention to the soft clay, which will be easy to work.

Some manufacturers on the boxes indicate the age, which will be easy to make certain figures. Pay attention to this indicator.

Children just attached to the basics of sculpting. It is almost impossible for them to understand how to blind this or that figure. So start with the easiest. For example, kernels for chicken, balls or sausages. Initially, the child must learn to make elementary forms, from which work with the clay itself will be built.

At the age of 3, a child, properly mastered the modeling, should be able to:

  • pinch off pieces from the whole;
  • roll balls;
  • clap the balls;
  • stretch plasticine on paper;
  • form sausages;
  • twist the sausages in the rings;
  • to combine balls and sausages in one figure.

The child is engaged in the fun of plasticine. Parents should not only sculpt figures from it, but also show the child how to do this or that action. As a result, a child, often practicing modeling, will be able to make the most simple shapes.

Lesson time, as a rule, does not exceed 15 minutes. But here it is worth starting from a particular child. Someone may get bored for 5, someone for 10 minutes. No need to get angry and nervous about this. Believe me, and 5 minutes is enough to get the simplest knowledge.

Sculpting plasticine for children 4 and 5 years


At this age, the baby has mastered almost all the basics of modeling. He can easily roll balls and sausages. He is not interested to be limited to this. Such a crumb will wait when you ask him to make a more complicated craft.

Very often, at the age of 4, children try to do something on their own, without outside advice and help. This is just great if the child decided to behave this way. Leave it and give yourself the opportunity to dream. That is what will develop in him a sense of independence.

Work time is extended to 20 minutes, in some cases with good plodding, it can be longer.

Ideas modeling clay for children 6 and 7 years

Preschool age, in which children have learned to dream and invent independently what they would like to do. At this age, parents are better at helping their child as little as possible. Develop fantasy in different ways.

Currently, this is facilitated by numerous modeling kits, with interesting shapes, pistols and other devices that turn clay into a fanciful form.

Beautiful crafts from plasticine.

The most popular among preschool children is the Play Doh set. It also includes high-quality clay, with which it is pleasant to work with the molds themselves. Girls can make them confectionery, and for guys you can pick up pictures of animals or cars.

At preschool age, children independently are able to sculpt certain figures. However, they often need help in this matter. The task of parents is only to direct, prompting how to make this or that element. It is not necessary to sculpt a child instead.

How to make smeshariki from plasticine?

Popular cartoon characters that kids can easily make.

In order to blind them you will need to roll up several large balls of different colors:

  • purple - Sovunya;
  • blue - Croche;
  • pink - Nyusha;
  • lilac - Barash;
  • red - Hedgehog;
  • orange - Losyash;
  • black and white - Pig.

First of all, you need to roll absolutely identical balls that will differ only in colors. Then on the balls attach the eyes and original attributes. For example, at the Hedgehog it is glasses, at Nyusha is a pigtail with a tail.

Sculpting plasticine birds

It is not difficult to make a bird out of multi-colored plasticine. You will need to take the material of several bright colors. It can be red, yellow and blue.

From the red material make an oval, it will be the future torso. Roll the circle slightly flattened at the base. It will become your bird's head. On the sides stick two identical wings of a rich blue color.

Attach a white tummy to the red breast. On the face is to make a beak, eyes. At the end, add a tuft of yellow material and legs.

How to sculpt dinosaurs from clay?

The advantage of dinosaur modeling is fantasy. There is no certain color, which must necessarily be a dinosaur. Take any clay and start to work.

Take a small piece of material and make a sausage out of it. It is necessary to bend so that it is clear that this is a torso with a head. Attach the front and rear legs of the same material to the head.

On the back, make small balls that will resemble spikes. Be sure to paint the eyes or mold them out of white material.

How to sculpt a ship or plane from plasticine?

In modeling can help not only clay, but also improvised materials. The first thing you need to do is deck. It should resemble a deep bowl. You can insert a toothpick into it, on which you put on an autumn leaf or thinly rolled clay.

This will be the easiest way to make a ship. Such an article can even be floated.

As for the aircraft, it is also easy to do. Initially, you need to roll up a tight sausage, attach two wings to it. The plane can be revived a little by attaching it to its eyes, and you can only beautifully decorate it with various interesting stripes.

Crafts from plasticine

The advantage of plasticine is that it is possible not only to make figures from it, but also to use it as an auxiliary material for handicrafts. For example, a chestnut caterpillar looks good and original.

To create it you need to collect a dozen chestnuts, which are glued together with clay. Be sure to draw on the face eyes, mouth and antennae, which can be created from the same material.

How to sculpt from plasticine food for dolls?

Girls will love the idea to make food for their dolls. First of all, it is worth starting with the simplest, namely vegetables and fruits.

Available to do regardless of the level of preparedness:

  • an Apple;
  • banana;
  • pear;
  • watermelon.

You will have to blind not only food, but also kitchen utensils, which will help the doll in eating.

As a simple food you can make:

  • pizza;
  • sausage;
  • cake;
  • hamburger.


Sculpting is an amazing activity that can develop a lot of positive features in a child. This fine motor skills of hands, and imagination, and elementary perseverance. instill a love of modeling a child from childhood, then in the future he will be an independent person, knowing full well what and how to do.

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