Features of the birth in water

There are many disputes regarding home birth. And absolutely outlandish method for many is the birth of a child in the water. It was in Russia that such a fashionable trend originated, it appeared in the 60s of the last century.

Then Charkovsky assured everyone that it would be much easier and more useful for a woman to carry out her clan activities in the water, becoming on the same level with dolphins and mermaids.

At that time, such a phenomenon was rather cautious, but soon it entered the fashion circles and began to be actively used. A little later, fashion passed and everyone returned to the usual medical facilities. Currently, the rebellion is growing rapidly again, finding an increasing number of fans around the world.

Childbirth in water - how are they going?

Before talking about the advantages or disadvantages of such a phenomenon, it is worth noting immediately how it happens. Generic activities can be carried out both at home and in a medical clinic.

This requires a large room with a swimming pool in which ordinary tap water will be poured. The water temperature is not more than 37, not less than 34 degrees. As the cooling water is heated or poured warm. By quantity, the level does not rise above the abdomen of a woman.

In the pool, the girl is from the very beginning of contractions until the neck is open. After that, the doctor offers the woman a choice: to continue the activity in the water or to move to the ward, on the bed.

In the case when the woman decided to choose the aquatic environment, she needs to push in time and follow the instructions of the obstetrician. The specialist throughout the time monitors the baby's heartbeat using special scuba equipment.

If there are serious deviations or negative consequences occur, the woman is transferred to the general ward for a better delivery.

Before you decide on this, a woman should take training courses. A girl should know exactly how she needs to breathe and behave under water.

Conditions for this manipulation


Much easier if a woman decides to perform a similar manipulation in a medical institution. This means having a professional and special equipment.

But if a girl prefers home conditions, then she should know what conditions should be met:

  • the presence of an obstetrician specializing in this field;
  • bath depth must be at least 60 centimeters, and its length is 2 meters;
  • temperature is maintained by adding warm water, the value of 37 degrees should not be exceeded;
  • process the bath before placing a woman in it;
  • during the whole activity try to monitor the state of health, in case of acute indisposition, immediately leave the bath;
  • As a safety net, emergency emergency numbers must always be available.

The woman will have to prepare additional means, such as:

  • rubberized pillow, placed at the head of the bath so that the head does not slide;
  • paper napkins to wipe the baby dry;
  • sea ​​salt, which is added for additional disinfection in water.

Pluses of natural childbirth in water

Each manipulation has its positive and negative sides. Childbirth in water also carries similar phenomena.

Pain reduction

Favorable aquatic environment surprisingly affects the female body. It allows you to reduce the pain threshold. Often the girl does not experience contractions or their sensation approaches the minimum. In addition, the time of contractions itself is reduced several times, and this means that you will have to suffer much less.

Blood pressure returns to normal, no health related abnormalities are observed.

Increased tissue elasticity

Sexual muscles in the water stretch and relax. Due to this they become more elastic. Often, in the process of labor, a woman is cut in order for the fetus to pass along the tracks. But this is not required in water, because the tissues themselves become elastic and stretch to the desired size.

Facilitate the passage of the fetus through the birth canal

In water, a woman manages to move, to occupy a comfortable position for herself. During surgery on the couch, the girl is always in one position. Here the young lady moves neatly, without causing harm to herself or her child in the meantime.

Plus for the child

It is worth noting the positive aspects that will affect the child himself. First of all, it is an opportunity after washing to immediately bathe in water, getting rid of blood clots and excess fluid. Secondly, it is worth noting the fact that the child is immersed in a quiet and peaceful atmosphere.

Being inside the mother's womb, he feels protected, safe. The aquatic environment will create a similar atmosphere of lightness and weightlessness. These first seconds of life will have a positive effect on the emotional development of the baby.

What are the advantages of childbirth in water?

The disadvantages of childbirth in water

In childbirth in the water there is a reverse side of the coin. These are her faults. For some, they will be serious, and someone decides that they are insignificant. Nevertheless, the disadvantages should be considered for making an informed decision.

Lack of practice

To avoid consequences, it is imperative to find an experienced obstetrician. Unfortunately, Russian medicine is not so common practice of such phenomena. In this regard, there are not enough lectures, seminars and classes regarding such manipulation.

Therefore, it is very difficult to find a specialist who has a suitable theoretical and practical base.

Possibility of infection

Water should be changed in the pool every 2-3 hours. This is done not only because it cools down during this time, but also to avoid the development of E. coli. Infection can occur immediately after the last place. A woman should get out of the water so that she does not get into the internal organs, but it is not always possible to do it in time.

Do not forget about the use of ordinary tap water, which contains a much larger number of infections, germs and harmful bacteria. They can adversely affect both the mother and her child.

Problems with the mother's vessels

The doctor takes the least part in childbirth in water. He can not even properly listen to the baby's heartbeat. Therefore, the mother must be confident in their actions and be aware of the consequences.

The occurrence of complications in the process of childbirth

In labor, complications may occur that require ambulance work. A woman is immediately required to be sent to a specialized clinic.

As possible complications reveal:

  • severe bleeding;
  • termination of labor activity;
  • kid's breathing disorders or cramps.

The likelihood of liquid in the respiratory tract of a newborn

There is a risk in which the baby, as soon as it is born, immediately takes a breath. Of course, this risk is minimal, but you should be aware of it. With a similar phenomenon, seizures may occur, often against this background, the baby develops pneumonia. In addition, a complete cessation of breathing is possible.

Who is contraindicated to give birth in water?


Not all women can be allowed to give birth in water.

There is a certain list of diseases with which extreme methods of delivery are categorically contraindicated to girls:

  • acute diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • narrow pelvis;
  • large fruit;
  • diabetes;
  • preeclampsia;
  • previa;
  • insecurity of a woman.


First of all, the outcome of favorable deliveries into the water is determined by the woman herself. In the event that she is confident in herself and what she does, the probability of a successful delivery is great. Therefore, such a manipulation requires careful preparation not only from a physical, but also from a moral point of view.

It is necessary to understand what you are doing and why, to be confident in your actions and to give an account of the consequences. In the event that a woman decided to give birth in a clinic in a similar way, then she should familiarize herself with permissive documents and the presence of professional specialists.

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