Isn't vegetarianism dangerous during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is the most important stage in the life of any woman. It is characterized, first of all, by the normalization of nutrition. This means that a girl in a position should correctly and precisely adjust her diet.

Doctors came to a consensus about proper nutrition: you need a sufficient number of vitamins and useful trace elements. They should be rich in food so that a woman can fully feel during pregnancy and be able to endure a healthy baby.

The essence of the problem

A lot of controversy is currently underway on vegetarianism. Someone thinks that this type of food is one of the most useful, and someone - harmful. One point of view, no one holds.

But much more difficult question is regarding the girls in the situation. At this time, you need to more carefully monitor their own health. Therefore, it is necessary to understand one of the important issues regarding diet.

Initially, it is worthwhile to understand why so many disagreements and disputes exist regarding this problem. In itself, vegetarianism is a special type of food, in which only plant-based products are used in the diet.

Vegetarians consider their type of food a special religion, which helps them to purify themselves not only internally, but also spiritually. They urge all people to eat properly in order to improve their health and mental state.

There are several types of vegetarianism, which are based on the exclusion of certain products. For example, a less severe species includes in the diet all the food that was obtained with the help of animals. It includes milk, cheese, eggs. If the animal in the process of obtaining food was not killed, then this type of food is valid for vegetarians.

The strictest type is veganism. It excludes completely all products, at least in any way related to animals. For example, eggs, honey, dairy products are unacceptable in the diet.

Vegetarian food means eating only herbal products. This means that some of the trace elements can not get. Accordingly, there is an acute shortage of vitamins.

Especially you need to get them during pregnancy, when the body already needs double the amount of nutrients. Many believe that the lack of the required number of trace elements will affect the health of the child, who may have a number of pathologies and chronic diseases.

In fact, there is not a single practical proof that will confirm this theory.

Arguments against


Before deciding what type of food to adhere to during pregnancy, it is worth exploring the opinion of doctors. First of all, ask the advice of your doctor. In most cases, he will give you a refusal and he will have his own arguments to this.

Lack of proteins

Each trimester is characterized by a specific set of essential vitamins. In the second trimester, the woman is in dire need of protein food. It is necessary in order to properly form the neural tube in the child’s body.

Protein vegetarians get from dairy products and legumes. However, as for dairy products, they are only 80% absorbed in the body, and if we talk about legumes, the percentage of their digestion is even less, 60%. High levels of protein vitamins are found in meat and fish. He has a good level of digestibility.

The disadvantage of a lack of protein can later be a deviation in the work of the central nervous system. This does not mean that a child will be born with Down syndrome or cerebral palsy. Deviation will be covered in numerous phobias and developing autism.

It is possible that such a child will lag behind in development from their peers.

Iron deficiency

One of the most important signs is the absence of iron in the right amount in the body. As a result, a woman develops anemia. In fact, it is quite a serious disease affecting the liver, kidneys and bone marrow.

Is vegetarianism harmful during pregnancy?

Of course, vegetarians are trying to get iron from products such as sea kale, apples, beans, rose hips, prunes, nuts. But all the mentioned food products can only be complementary to the main, namely meat.

Arguments for

There is also an alternative opinion, which is also based only on assumptions that have not been confirmed by theoretical and practical teachings.

  1. It is believed that a dead animal in incredibly large quantities produces hormones of fear. Accordingly, if you use an infected food product, then the same hormone will be transferred to an adult organism. If the child did not eat meat, then he will never experience fear and know what kind of emotion it is.
  2. Vegetables and fruits contain a huge amount of vitamins and useful trace elements.
  3. The gastrointestinal tract improves, as a result of the absence of constipation or diarrhea.
  4. The hormonal background is normalized.
  5. Reduces the risk of toxicity.
  6. There is no chance of poisoning.

Indeed, one cannot dispute the fact that fruits and vegetables contain the necessary amount of vitamins, which will help both the mother and the child. But despite this, it is still necessary to find out how things are in practice.

And what in practice?

As mentioned above, there is not a single scientific study confirming the theory of obviously sick children in vegetarians. Perhaps this may be an additional reason, but not the only reason.

Unfortunately, in its decision to accept or not accept vegetarianism, it is worth starting from the opinion that has been folded from the forums and personal experience of those who have already given birth to vegetarian.

As a rule, they have:

  • healthy children are born without pathologies and serious deviations;
  • many during pregnancy change their taste preferences, eating meat and fish;
  • in most cases there is reduced hemoglobin and anemia;
  • even the strictest vegans used eggs, dairy products and cheeses during pregnancy.

There is very little information about how pregnancy and childbirth take place in the most strict vegetarians. Based on this, it is quite difficult to make a definite conclusion.

Attitude of official medicine


Due to the lack of scientific evidence, it is difficult for doctors to build arguments for and against vegetarianism. In most cases, gynecologists talk about the impossibility of such a diet during pregnancy.

Basically, the reason lies in the unreasonable risk that can affect the development of deviations in both the mother and the child. Therefore, there is no reason to risk your own health.

Even if the child is born healthy and the mother feels good, then no one will be able to answer the question of the development of such a baby. It is not known whether he will lag behind his peers mentally, have weakened immunity or abnormalities in the nervous system. Unfortunately, such studies have not been conducted.

Proper nutrition and vegetarianism during pregnancy


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