Top best maternity hospitals in Moscow in 2019

A few decades ago, every pregnant woman was brought to the nearest maternity hospital. Absolutely there was no such thing as a contract with the clinic. Currently, the situation has changed dramatically.

A woman has a choice for a long time and she can independently decide in which hospital she should be taken. In the event that an ambulance arrives for the girl, it is enough for her to give the address of the maternity hospital.

Before you decide on a maternity hospital, you should find out which large medical centers are in Moscow and how good they are in front of other clinics.


The Center for Family Planning and Reproduction is one of the most modern and innovative medical institutions. CPSR has established itself from the positive side thanks to the professionalism of doctors, modern equipment, innovative approach and caring attitude.

This is a clinic in which women not only give birth, but they are also treated for infertility and continue to be pregnant. There are many positive reviews of women who claim that the doctors in this clinic performed a miracle, saving the life of the mother and child.

In addition, CPSR is one of the very first clinics in which partner labor is permitted.

Maternity hospital №4


It is not by chance that the maternity hospital is considered one of the best in Moscow and the region. There are chambers in which there is an opportunity to be present to both relatives and the obstetrician. There are two people in the ward.

In the presence of one toilet and bathroom, designed for two chambers. Among the advantages can be noted professionalism and respect. The price of 80,000 rubles is also reasonable. And to the minuses it would be appropriate to add frequent cases of intestinal infection.

Maternity hospital №17

The average level of medical institutions. Plus, you can immediately note the ability to give birth as a fee, and for free. At the same time, the amount for childbirth is 60 000 rubles, which is quite a democratic amount. Mom is placed in a single room.

It is possible to stay with or without a child. A significant disadvantage of many mothers consider not too correct attitude to the mother during and after labor.

Maternity hospital №1

Many mothers speak positively about this institution, noting good doctors and caring attitude towards children. Newborns are often left in intensive care after childbirth for detailed examination. As disadvantages note tasteless food.

Maternity home №10


One of the most popular medical institutions. He is loved and praised both for the professionalism of the doctors and for the additional services. They are the possibility of partner childbirth, while the spouse after childbirth is sent to the ward with his wife.

For a fee, it is possible to order the observation of a therapist and pediatrician who will both come to the house and examine the woman in the clinic, making sure that the former state of the body is stabilized.

Maternity hospital to them. Yudina (at the hospital number 7)

A fairly new medical clinic, characterized by the presence of single boxes. There is the possibility of a partnership childbirth, and living together with a woman in labor.

At the hospital there are two types of resuscitation: adult and children. In all cases, a pediatrician relies on childbirth to monitor the health of the baby.

Maternity hospital to them. Bauman (at hospital number 29)

This is a unique place in which women with pathologies easily give birth. This institution was constructed in the last century. It was made according to all international standards and still meets the stated requirements.

In the maternity hospital named Bauman mainly sent women with severe cases. Doctors easily help them overcome difficulties and achieve the desired result.

Maternity hospital №3


Medium level medical facility. Women are in the ward for 3-4 people, there is a separate bathroom. If necessary, you can arrange a partnership delivery. Children are brought immediately after birth to mothers and are with them throughout the entire time.

Perinatal Medical Center

A common medical institution that has a particularly caring attitude. A woman before childbirth is examined several times by an obstetrician, who subsequently conducts her activities. Celebrate all the delicious and varied food, caring attitude.

Clinical hospital "Lapino"

Medical center, which prefers to give birth to the majority of domestic celebrities. They do not accidentally make such a choice. The disadvantages here are only the high price. However, it is justified.

Indeed, Lapino has qualified specialists, modern equipment, resuscitation halls, boxes, comfortable post-natal chambers. Everyone is ready to please and caring attitude, delicious food.

The best maternity hospitals of St. Petersburg


In the event that you have the opportunity to give birth in the cultural capital, you should familiarize yourself with the best of its medical institutions.

Maternity hospital number 9

Such a medical institution specializes in serious cases, namely, preterm labor and pregnancies with complications. Doctors are ready to provide emergency assistance to premature babies and leave them.

Institute of Obstetrics and Gynecology. D. O. Ott

The main feature of the clinic is the observation of women suffering from infertility. In the event that the girl managed to get pregnant after treatment, or she suffers from problems of gestation, then experts will help to complete the normal course of pregnancy.

Perinatal Center them. Almazov

It helps to give decent birth to women who suffer from severe chronic diseases. The girls are examined at the center and observed by specialists. As practice shows, later healthy and full-term babies are born.

Maternity hospital number 10

Actively work with underage girls who are preparing to become mothers. They receive psychological assistance, as a result of which girls decide to raise a child without giving him to an orphanage.

Good maternity hospitals in other cities of the Russian Federation

In order to give birth to a healthy child in decent conditions, it is not at all necessary to go to the capital and major metropolitan areas. It is enough to know what reviews are used by other maternity hospitals of the Russian Federation.

Of course, the larger the city, the better the assistance will be rendered. But this is connected not only with the professionalism of the doctors, but also with medical equipment, which is much more modern in megalopolises.

Maternity hospital GKB №40 Ekaterinburg

A worthy medical institution that has proven itself from the positive side to the attentive attitude of the staff. In addition, it has professional doctors who can assist. In the presence of resuscitation wards, comfortable postpartum boxes.

Maternity hospital №4 of Omsk

Many women have repeatedly sent to give birth in this hospital. They were bribed by the serious attitude of the doctors to their work and the caring attitude of midwives to the parturient women. On the walls you can see beautiful pictures that create a positive attitude for each woman. From such a maternity hospital can remain only pleasant memories.

Well proven hospitals in Minsk

In the Republic of Belarus collected a truly high-quality medical institutions. Every pregnant woman can not worry about their condition, not to be afraid of labor. There is a special rating of medical clinics that have proven themselves only on the positive side.

Clinical Maternity Hospital

The medical clinic has everything you need for a comfortable passage of labor activity. It should be noted that the staff is also experiencing psychological training. Courses are held as a result of which a woman learns to breathe properly and behave during childbirth.

Maternity hospital №6

One of the most expensive maternity homes of the city of Minsk. It is no coincidence that it is so popular and in demand. Not only famous personalities, but also foreign residents come to give birth to it. The single chamber is designed as a comfortable studio apartment.

At the same time, there is even a separate photo-zone in the ward and there is an opportunity to hire a professional photographer who can capture the first days of a child’s life.

The best maternity hospitals of the world


Not so long ago, a woman realized how important it is to choose the conditions and clinic in order to have a baby. Often, seeing an abandoned building with cracked paint on the windows, there is only a feeling of fear and a desire to run away.

So that this does not occur at all, the experts have compiled a rating of the best maternity hospitals in the world, indicating that it is they who should be referred to in choosing a medical institution.

  1. The Sydney Prince of Wales Hospital - the hospital itself is located in a private hotel, which speaks of its luxurious rooms.
    View of the sea, private pool on the balcony - all that may be required for a comfortable life. The woman is sent to the delivery room in a limousine.
  2. Clinic in Switzerland - this country has the best quality medicine.
    The staff is ready to offer you not only careful service, but also a professional chef who will prepare meals according to your request.
  3. The Manhattan Clinic - it has everything from a professional doctor to a massage therapist and a hairdresser.
    A woman is placed in a suite in which she feels like at home. Large suites require extra beds for all family members.
  4. The Gedars Clinic in Los Angeles is a medical facility where most celebrities have given birth.
    Each woman has a 3-room apartment in which she can get all the services. This makeup, and food delivery, and a massage therapist.
  5. Sinai Clinic in New York - it offers an amazing view of the colorful park.
    In the presence of bathrooms, specialized staff who will help reduce pain even during labor.

The worst maternity hospitals of the Russian Federation

Making a list of the best, it is impossible to mention those places that in the opinion of the majority were the worst. Similar statistics are compiled annually in order to understand what the problem areas in medicine are and how they should be raised and developed.

For a number of reasons, the below mentioned houses have become worse.

Mostly women note neglect, unscrupulous behavior of doctors, failure to provide medical assistance in the proper amount, high mortality rates.

  1. Obstetrics Clinic of the Military Medical Academy and Family Medicine Clinic "Scandinavia", St. Petersburg.
  2. Maternity hospital number 20 Moscow.
  3. Maternity House Ramensky.
  4. Chekhov maternity hospital.
  5. Maternity House Dmitrovo.
  6. The regional perinatal center of the city of Irkutsk.

Such a rating gives grounds both to the medical personnel of the clinics and their administration to review the attitude and create more comfortable conditions for the parturient women.


The ranking of the best maternity hospitals in Moscow in 2019 makes it possible to judge that there are quite a lot of professional and highly qualified doctors in the capital to help with this.

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