All the nuances of childbirth in the United States

Pregnancy is associated with all beautiful and even radiant at times. This is the time when mother enjoys her condition and accumulates strength for labor activity. Immediately the birth itself always and at all times caused horror and fear in pregnant girls. Many begin to look for a good doctor and clinic in advance.

If you look at domestic artists and musicians, then most of them go to give birth in the United States. This is one of the most popular destinations, since it has several advantages at once.

First, you get expert help from an obstetrician-gynecologist. Secondly, the child automatically receives citizenship of the country in which he was born.

Benefits and their pitfalls

Of course, not everyone can decide to give birth to the United States, because this is another country and other rules. This is absolutely the right approach, but fears should not be given the right to choose. First of all, think about the advantages and disadvantages. In order to plan everything precisely and precisely, it is necessary to understand the essence of the question.


The main reason many go to give birth in Miami is citizenship. By law, a child born in the United States is automatically a citizen. This is not affected by his parents status or citizenship.

It turns out that often mom and dad arrange in this way for their baby dual citizenship. He is both Russian and American at the same time. The main reason for doing so is the possibility of obtaining benefits for education and accommodation.

In fact, in the country every resident has the right to receive free school and pre-school education. But as far as college is concerned, the best students with a high passing grade or athletic achievement study here for free.

Visa-free world

A small American citizen has a unique opportunity to travel around the world without a visa. This is a significant plus, which even can not argue. In addition, an additional advantage is considered to be receiving free medical care in another country.

High level of medicine

It is believed that the level of medicine abroad is much higher than in Russia. Russian doctors, unfortunately, still largely live in Soviet medicine, which in most cases does not help at all.

In addition, in Russia, like in no other country, the pharmaceutical business is flourishing, which means that many drugs are sold for the sake of earnings. In America, a similar system simply does not exist. Drugs that are considered to be empty have been removed from the sale.

The right to medicine at citizens' prices

Significant underwater stone, which few people mention. In the US, there is the possibility of free medical care, but it will be only if you paid taxes on your income.

In addition, this is not affected by the place where you live and work. That is, wanting to get help in the US, you had to pay contributions to the insurance premium, even from Russia.

Main disadvantages


Births in the US have both advantages and disadvantages, which should not be concealed. Only by weighing for yourself all the pros and cons, you can decide where best to agree on the operation.


Of course, in the first place, the price may scare. It is based on several factors. It is simply impossible to arrive the day before the birth, and leave a week later. As a rule, on average people live in Miami or Florida for half a year.

Accordingly, during this time you will have to pay for:

  • flight;
  • accommodation;
  • nutrition;
  • medical examinations;
  • childbirth;
  • pediatrician observation;
  • necessary for the baby things.

Even if you save in everything, in any case, you will end up with a decent amount. Since only the birth itself costs from 1000 to 5000 dollars. At the same time, in America it is customary to initially look for a doctor, and then a specialist will help you choose a clinic.

You have to pay twice, separately for the doctor and for the medical facility. As for housing, on average, this amount varies from 1,500 to 3,000 dollars per year. It all depends on the location, distance from the sea.


Most couples try to save money and fly on the already late stages of pregnancy. This is a rather risky event. In order to fly to another country by plane, you need a certificate from a gynecologist, in which he will allow the flight itself.

Without reference, they may simply not be allowed to board the aircraft. This should take care in advance. The flight itself is quite long, which can adversely affect both the expectant mother and her child.

How to plan for delivery in the US?

In childbirth in the US, there are still more pluses than minuses.

However, in order to fulfill his dream, to make a child happy with his dual citizenship, careful preparation is required, which includes many points.

  1. Being in Russia, it is worth deciding on housing.
    As a rule, it is necessary to live in it for a long time, so go to the choice responsibly. The mother of the woman is discharged from the hospital already on day 3, most of the time she spends at home. You should not book online booking, as the picture may not always coincide with what you are planning. The best option for you is to search for a realtor. You can contact him remotely and ask for several options. Upon your arrival, the realtor will select for you several apartments or houses, depending on the requests.
  2. Pay attention to the doctor who will conduct the delivery.
    In America, it is customary to choose an obstetrician-gynecologist, and not a clinic. In fact, there are a large enough number to make a choice. For a more correct and objective choice, read the real reviews, which can be found in abundance in the relevant forums.
  3. Package of services - each doctor offers a certain package of services.
    In general, you can go two ways. The first is to pay separately for everything. The second is to pay a slightly larger amount to the doctor, who has already decided on the clinic itself, will pay into it independently a fee from the money that you gave him. In addition, he will take care of the presence of nurses and examination by a pediatrician. Although there is an improved package, which includes all the same services only or in larger quantities, or in an improved form.
  4. Upon arrival, get baby things.
    Immediately it should be said that it makes no sense to carry with them from Russia strollers, cribs and things. Many mothers give birth to children, and then either sell things at a reduced price or give them away for free. There is even a special group on the Internet that displays the presence of things and their price category. Therefore, you can always contact a departing couple and purchase items from them at a ridiculous price.

Please note that according to the law in America, absolutely all things can be returned within 3 months. Sellers or give money, or change to another product. Therefore, you can go with a stroller, barter for diapers and fly home with them.

What documents are needed?

It is not so easy to arrange childbirth in Miami or Florida.

It is necessary to collect documents and go through several stages.

  1. Identity documents.
  2. Visa.
  3. Residence.
  4. Contract with the clinic.
  5. The contract with your doctor.
  6. Certificate of income - by law, a married couple on the account must be more than 5000-6000 dollars.
  7. Documents on the right of ownership - the embassy must be sure that you have real estate in another country, respectively, there is no need to stay abroad. This is due to the large number of illegal immigrants who illegally seek to get abroad.

Remember that immediately after childbirth it is necessary to issue, make him the appropriate documents. Initially, American documents are made, and then Russian documents are based on them.

Many couples make spelling mistakes, after which the child will have problems in the Russian document. Therefore, before completing it, it is worthwhile to take a consultation from a lawyer so that later on there will be no problems with the translation.



In fact, giving birth in the United States is, at least, expensive, but really necessary pleasure. Many couples dream of this, but are afraid to take a step. If you understand all the subtleties and approach competently to the organization, you can bring happiness to your child with American citizenship.

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