Until what age to feed the baby with breast milk?

Breast milk has healing properties. From 6 months the baby is gradually fed supplements into the diet, however, breast milk remains the main food. But it is very difficult for mother to diet for a long time, which is expressed in the rejection of harmful products and alcoholic beverages.

Sometimes, you want to relax and try something unusual, while drinking a glass of wine. But in fact, this phenomenon is faced with certain difficulties. Therefore, women always have a question regarding the duration of feeding with breast milk.

Until what age is a baby considered a baby?

Doctors advise women to establish lactation and feed the child for the entire period while he is considered nursing. But it is completely incomprehensible what a baby is and when a child leaves this age.

According to the classification of the World Health Organization, it is customary to allocate several periods of life in a child:

  • from birth to 1 month - newborn;
  • from 1 month to 1 year - baby.

Accordingly, the period of nursing life lasts up to 1 year. But this does not mean that literally the next day it is worth stopping feeding. Far from it, no. All his first year of life, the baby badly needs breast milk.

It not only constitutes its basic diet, but also further helps in the digestion of the food chosen as complementary foods. From the age of 1 year, the child begins to eat already entered food.

But when the baby is 2 years old, some mothers continue to feed their baby. There is nothing terrible in this, as in the complete rejection of breast milk.

What age can be considered optimal to complete lactation?


In each country there are certain criteria and norms, according to which breastfeeding is stopped.

In Russia, the majority of women refuse milk feeding for the following reasons:

  • at the age of 6 months for health reasons;
  • at the age of 1 year after a large number of various products were introduced into the diet, the baby can refuse breast milk itself, since it will not eat them up;
  • at 2 years old, since most of the children at this age go to preschool institutions, and mothers leave maternity leave for work.

In fact, there are no optimal requirements for interrupting breastfeeding. Each mother decides personally for herself and her baby what will be better.

However, before you decide to refuse, you should find out some of the features of milk:

  • in a child up to 6 months the immunity is actively formed, which is influenced by breast milk;
  • up to 1 year, a sucking reflex is necessary for the development of maxillofacial muscles and mental activity.
  • high content of healthy trace elements and substances in milk;
  • thanks to milk, the gastrointestinal tract is formed. In children, it forms up to the age of 4 years.

It is not necessary to believe that those children who grew up on artificial feeding, will lag behind in development or in any way be different. In fact, they will also fully develop, but they need a little more time to take this step.

Dr. Komarovsky advises to feed the child up to 12 months. This period is necessary for normal physical and mental development, the formation of the immune system. In addition, due to lactation decreases the risk of cancer in a woman.

When is a baby ready to give up breast?

The easiest way to abandon the breast at the moment when the child is ready for this. Till 6 months to moms it seems that their child will never give up breast. But actually it is not. You will not find an adult preschooler child who still loves mother's milk.

First, the same taste bothers you, and that is sugary milk. Secondly, there is a desire to try something new. Thirdly, the caloric content of milk is sharply reduced compared with other foods. As a rule, in such moments the child needs only to be pushed to the correct decision.

Pay attention to your baby and refuse breast if:

  • the child does not independently look for the breast, it is fed only 1-2 times per day, usually at night;
  • there is no need to give a breast to calm the child;
  • baby can easily be switched to other interesting things;
  • baby after eating breast milk requires a portion of cereal or other food.

In that case, if the mother saw such alarm bells in a one-year-old child, then we can safely stop breastfeeding. The baby has already received all the necessary microelements. Accordingly, it is simply not necessary to develop a habit in it sucking breasts.

Milk consumption norms.

As a rule, if a mother succeeds in recognizing the criteria for abandoning her breasts in time, then this process can easily take place for her.

When is it not recommended to stop HB?

There are certain criteria by which you must understand that now is not the time to stop breastfeeding.

First, the summer season. At this time, incredibly quickly deteriorate all products, which can lead to the development of intestinal infections. This should be avoided, respectively, as an option to refuse to introduce complementary foods at this time of year.

Secondly, for the period of illness, you can refuse other products, leave only breast milk. It will promote the removal of infection from the body with the help of fluid, protect against dehydration. In addition, the milk will replenish the necessary supply of nutrients.

How to wean a child from the breast?


This question worries many moms. It seems that it is quite serious and difficult to wean a child from the breast. In fact, with the right and proper approach, you will not have a difficult moment of weaning.

First of all, worry about the gradual introduction of complementary foods. It is worth starting with one spoon, bringing to the whole portion. As soon as, the portion will be given to the child in full, it means you can safely replace one meal for the whole portion.

Do not finish feeding your baby. Thereby, you will easily and gradually replace HBs with full-fledged food. Initially replaced by breakfast, lunch, dinner, night feeding. Accordingly, the rejection of the breast can last up to 4 months. But such a move will not hurt either the baby or the mother.

The child will gradually understand that he is fed a full-fledged diet and will refuse milk himself. Mom’s milk will disappear in several stages, which will not lead to serious problems.

What is attractive breastfeeding for children after 2 years?

The development of immunity is the only criterion that is taken into account when lactating after two years. Mother's milk still contains high levels of trace elements and minerals. Thanks to them, the child’s immune system is being formed.

At this age, the kid actively learns about the world, goes to kindergarten, where he meets with a large number of viruses and bacteria. The body of the child, which is still fed by the mother, is different from those who eat from the table.

Grown up on breastfeeding, have the best immunity. In addition, the process of sucking their breasts relaxes and psychologically protects them, creating a comfortable environment.

Breastfeeding after 3 years

During this period, doctors urgently demand to stop breastfeeding, otherwise it will lead to serious psychological disturbances from both the mother and the child.

After 3 years, the child needs to socialize in society, breastfeeding will interfere with it. Such a baby depends too much on its mother, which will not allow it to communicate and develop normally in a team.

After 3 children understand that they belong to a certain sex, the process of breastfeeding can disrupt their psychological sense of themselves.



Deciding at what age to feed the baby with breast milk is, in any case, worth the mother herself. Despite this, there are certain rules that do not allow to do it after 3 years. Nothing other than psychological dependence, such a phenomenon can not be called.

The kid does not receive any useful trace elements. His body is able to independently produce antibodies. Therefore, it is worth while to refuse breastfeeding, without causing severe psychological harm to your child.

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