Why is it necessary to use magnesium B6 during pregnancy?

A pregnant girl should carefully monitor their own health. After all, not only her condition, but also the overall development of her unborn baby depends on it. The more closely a woman takes care of herself, the greater the chances of having a healthy baby with good immunity.

During pregnancy, the woman's body wears out, as the need for increased vitamins increases. If the body does not receive vitamins, it begins to take them from the so-called reserve reserves.

Magnesium is an element necessary for full development. Therefore, a pregnant girl needs to ensure that he was in sufficient quantity in her body.

Daily need for magnesium during pregnancy and lactation

Surprisingly, there is simply no single point of view regarding the daily need for a microelement. There are several similar opinions that argue the need for one or another amount of a trace element in the human body.

Experts have only decided on the question regarding the lack of magnesium in the human body. It can only be examined with a special blood test.

In the event that the number 1 mmol / l is displayed in the results, then these indicators are considered the norm. If less than 1, but more than 0.5, then there is an average drawback. The most serious problem is 0.5 mmol / l.

What can lead to a lack of magnesium during pregnancy?


Not everyone understands how important magnesium is for the body of a woman, especially a pregnant woman. In the case of its absence or presence in a minimum quantity, deviations are possible due to health. They can have serious consequences for both the baby and his mother.

Magnesium B6 during pregnancy.

Muscle spasm

These are the most frequent consequences, they are characterized by pulling and strong back pain. Often this pain is localized in the legs, arms. Suddenly there is discomfort of the cervical vertebrae.

Tense muscles of the uterus, which create discomfort. There is a strong squeeze. Women compare this state with a stone belly, saying that it is almost impossible for them to relax and return to their original position.

An additional sign may be cramps, especially often occurring at night. Most pregnant women can meet this phenomenon. Girls can wake up from severe cramps in their legs, which are accompanied by bright pain.

Changes in the nervous system

Magnesium also affects the emotional state of the girl. Everyone knows that during pregnancy, young ladies very often become overly whiny. This can manifest itself not only because of a pregnant condition, but also a lack of magnesium.

As a rule, if a girl becomes weeping, emotional and irritable, then she should get tested and check the level of magnesium in the blood.

Changes in the cardiovascular system

Increased pressure is a common condition of a woman in a position. However, if it occurs often enough, accompanied by headaches, nausea and dizziness, then it is worth checking the blood test.

Cardiac patency is also disturbed, and as a result, arrhythmia occurs. In turn, it is she who develops into a state of constant cold. The girl feels the feeling of coldness in the lower extremities.

Changes in the digestive system

Of course, the changes relate to the gastrointestinal tract, namely, there is a violation of the digestive system. There is a change in the work of peristalsis, which is characterized by constant constipation and increased flatulence.

Application of Magne B6 during pregnancy

The most popular and common drug during pregnancy is Magne B6. He is well established in the domestic and foreign market. The drug is considered absolutely safe and therefore it is recommended to use for pregnant girls.

As a rule, it is used in a small course, after which additional studies are appointed. On the basis of the laboratory parameters carried out, it is already concluded that it is necessary to take further a drug with a high content of magnesium.

Despite the fact that Magne B6 does not pose a danger to either the expectant mother or her baby, there is still no need to use the tool yourself. You can use it only after consulting with a doctor, having received instructions regarding the dosage of the drug and the course of taking the drug.

As a rule, the dosage is 2 tablets 3 times a day with meals.

As for the course itself, it is absolutely different for everyone. Someone uses the drug only in a short course, but there are those who drink the drug during 9 months of pregnancy.

Side effects and contraindications

Excess drug in all cases is excreted through the kidneys. In that case, if the girl exactly follows the recommendations of the doctor, then she does not have any problems with taking the drug. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully monitor the dosage, so as not to cause possible problems.

Especially careful to take magnesium should be considered those women who have renal failure. In such a situation it will be difficult to withdraw accumulated magnesium.

Side effects are quite rare. They can be expressed as a violation of the gastrointestinal tract, allergies, nausea, dizziness or vomiting.

In the event that a girl is experiencing problems after taking the drug, then she should consult with a specialist to understand what remedy should be replaced with magnesium B6.

Analogs of the drug


In the event that magnesium B6 is not suitable as the main means, and the problem with the lack of a component is still acute, the doctor prescribes other drugs that are full-fledged analogues:

  1. Magnelis - the main difference from magnesium is in the auxiliary components contained in the preparation. Assigned to an average of 6 tablets per day. It is forbidden to use children.
  2. Magnistad is allowed for both adults and children whose weight exceeds 20 kilograms. The daily dose is 6 tablets, used in 3 meals.
  3. Magnesium plus - the dose is increased and is already 8 tablets per day, applied 4 times a day.

Basically, the difference is in those trace elements that are auxiliary and are part of the drug.


At the moment, the pharmaceutical market Magnesium B6 is the best drug that copes with its functions and tasks. It includes the required number of trace elements that will help to cope with the lack of magnesium in the body of a pregnant woman.

In addition, experts note the absence of side effects of this tool. But you need to be careful about taking the drug, well studying its composition and dosage. Application is possible only after the appointment of the attending physician, who will make the appropriate conclusion based on the results of the analysis.

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