What is a false pregnancy?

The psycho-emotional state of a woman in which she feels pregnant is called false pregnancy. The woman in this case has similar symptoms, on the basis of which such a conclusion is made.

Understand that a woman is actually a false pregnancy, you can start from tests, ultrasound and medical examination. In order to cure a woman, having saved her from an insecure state, it is necessary to seek help from several doctors at once. First of all, a gynecologist is involved, and then a psychotherapist.

False pregnancy

It is a mistake to assume that the state of false pregnancy is similar to a simulation. Every woman experiencing this condition is convinced that she is really in the position.

This is indicated by a number of signs that are a deviation of health. For example, the girl is experiencing nausea, vomiting, often increases the size of the stomach, there is an increase in weight.

It is not by chance that in medicine such a condition is called imaginary or hysterical. But it is very rare, it is only 5 cases for 25 000 possible.

The state of false pregnancy is characteristic not only for women, but also for men whose wives are in position. A man worries so much for his beloved that sometimes he himself is convinced that he is on a certain term. Often, these men have similar symptoms with women, not to mention the habits.

Until the end, the state of pseudo-pregnancy has not yet been studied. Doctors argue a lot about this, without coming to a common opinion. This is a condition that affects not only gynecology, but also endocrinology, psychiatry.

Earlier in medicine, a similar condition was also noted, but since there were no diagnostic ways to establish a real pregnancy, it was believed among the people that the fetus had simply resolved.

For example, a woman had no periods and started to grow belly. In that case, she was convinced that she was in position. Then, when the time of the attempts came, and there was nothing, it was thought that the child was just gone.

Causes of false pregnancy


Every woman's body is individual. It is impossible to accurately state the causes of the pseudo-pregnant state.

Basically they lie in the following factors:

  1. Mental state - in the first month a woman begins to feel that she is in a position.
    Then her psyche works in such a way that she very much gets used to the role. Certain parts of the brain work so that they transmit a signal to the body and pseudo-pregnancy mechanism is triggered.
  2. Stressful situation - the body during stress is rebuilt.
    In fact, an internal click can work, due to which absolutely everything changes and is rebuilt. This is how the brain can react to a strong shock, thanks to which it decides that at the given moment it is in a position that is a strong positive moment. That is, the brain subconsciously gets rid of severe shocks, replacing them with an artificially invented state of pregnancy.
  3. Depletion of the body.
  4. Depressed sexuality.
  5. Long separation from loved ones.

A woman really begins to experience symptoms and a similar condition with a girl in position. This is very often the case for mature women who have no children, but very much want and are treated throughout their lives.

They are so tired and want to have children, that even the slightest indisposition for them is equal to the desired state. The second group of people who are affected by this problem are those young people who are very much afraid of getting pregnant. They see children and girls everywhere, and they find a large number of signs at home.

All signs are purely mental in nature. Accordingly, before pseudo-pregnancy occurs, the brain sends a signal to the body, thereby provoking the desired state.

Symptoms of false pregnancy

Do not confuse a false pregnancy with the deception of a woman. Often the girl simply simulates all the signs in order to get a certain benefit.

If, however, the main idea is not in this, then you should think about the signs that accompany the state of pseudo-pregnancy:

  • lack of menstruation;
  • chest pain;
  • toxicosis;
  • abdominal growth;
  • a change in the emotional state in the direction of particular tearfulness and nervousness;
  • fatigue;
  • drowsiness;
  • there is a movement of the child (considered a pathological disease).

Some symptoms are pronounced and characteristic of the mild degree of the disease. But in the event that the girl has a positive test and she clearly feels fetal movement, then it is worth talking about a pathological condition that requires urgent psychiatric intervention.

Diagnosis of false pregnancy

To determine pseudo-pregnancy in the home is impossible. Very often, the girl begins to grow belly exactly on time. Therefore, an ordinary person can even confirm that the young lady is pregnant. Although in fact one consultation gynecologist will dispel all doubts.

Thus, several types of diagnostic studies will help in accurately determining pregnancy:

  1. An examination by an obstetrician-gynecologist is carried out on a chair where it immediately becomes clear to the doctor that there is no fetus in the woman’s body, respectively, and there is no pregnancy either.
  2. Test - in fairly rare cases, the test shows the presence of pregnancy. Then it is very difficult to convince the girl, proving to her that in fact she does not have such a state. If one test showed pregnancy, it still can not be a precise sentence. You need to do 3-4 tests to really understand the situation.
  3. Ultrasound, which is still in the early stages to determine the presence or absence of the fetus. This is a highly accurate diagnostic method that absolutely everyone can do.
  4. Blood test - its results can with high probability indicate the presence of pregnancy. They take blood tests for hCG, the level of which allows us to understand whether a woman is pregnant or not.

False pregnancy treatment


In order to cure the state of pseudo-pregnancy, it is worthwhile for specialists to carry out complex work, which includes:

  1. To diagnose a condition - for this it is possible to conduct an examination in order to make sure that there is no fetal egg, respectively, there is no pregnancy either.
  2. To determine the reasons that could affect the state. It happens that a woman immediately realizes her mistake and, together with the doctor, understands what served as the starting point of the brain signal. If this does not happen, then the girl may still insist on her position, then you need to connect and a specialist psychiatrist.
  3. The physician should take care of the condition of the body, namely the hormonal recovery. For this purpose, a course of drugs is prescribed, after which the menstruation is resumed and the hormonal background gradually returns to normal.

Risk groups for the disease

In the medical world there is a special risk group that is most susceptible to the disease of pseudo-pregnancy. It includes:

  • girls who have been trying to get pregnant for a long time without positive results;
  • trying to restore a family with the help of a child;
  • women over 30 suffering from infertility;
  • early menopause;
  • women who have lost a child or have an abortion.


Nevertheless, the state of pseudo-pregnancy is often a heavy mental imprint on a woman. Basically, it is experienced by those young ladies who have long and unsuccessfully wanted to have children. For them, any symptom is always exaggerated, during which they themselves come up with a pregnancy.

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