Home childbirth: pros and cons

Quite a lot of conventional wisdom exists regarding the issue of home birth. This is a sensitive topic that is difficult to discuss. There are both supporters of this phenomenon, and his opponents.

Most people who are far from medicine are convinced that home birth is a wildness, an indescribable risk to the health of the mother and child. But many are surprised by the fact that, in fact, home birth is a normal phenomenon, which is welcomed by gynecologists all over the world.

Home childbirth: pros and cons

First of all, a woman in the 21st century has a unique opportunity to choose. She can stop at home delivery or go to the maternity hospital.

Moreover, the choice is based purely on personal opinion and justified reasons, factors.

  1. Generic activity is important to control through special equipment - this is one of the main allegations that a woman is told to go to the maternity hospital.
    In fact, any qualified specialist can give birth at home. There is no difference in where a woman will give birth. It may even be a concert hall. The main thing that worries the doctor is the comfort and convenience of the woman in labor. As for the equipment, then everyone knows that childbirth is a natural process, the main role in which is given to a woman. Often the doctor can not affect the outcome of events.
  2. It is believed that in the process of childbirth the worst can happen.
    Namely, there can be detachment of the placenta, asphyxia, dysphocia of shoulders In fact, any doctor will assure that such a phenomenon can hardly occur suddenly. Practically there are no cases when completely healthy in women with good analyzes suddenly experiences problems during childbirth. In addition, if there are still observed deviations of the type of asphyxia, the midwife is always able to call an ambulance and get to the clinic. During this time, nothing will happen to either the woman or the child.
  3. Many refuse to give birth in the clinic, believing that it is much easier to negotiate with the local obstetrician, because the ambulance is going for a very long time.
    Often in the outback and does not come an ambulance. These women need to think in advance about this issue, go to the hospital a few days before the PDR, or agree with a local medical assistant.
  4. There is an opinion that clinics do not allow giving birth naturally.
    By this is meant an increase in the number of cesarean sections, the use of additional types of stimulation. Of course, this can not be denied. But in the present progressive age there are many clinics in which they do not resort to such wildness. A woman is allowed to give birth to herself.

In any case, it is worth deciding on home births yourself, after weighing the existing pros and cons. It is unacceptable to persuade or persuade someone. Each responsible mother will make the right decision for herself.

Contraindications for home birth


Not all girls can be admitted to home birth.

A good obstetrician specialist will never take birth at home in women with certain diseases:

  • diabetes;
  • high blood pressure;
  • epilepsy;
  • available cesarean section;
  • multiple pregnancy;
  • severe pregnancy;
  • previa fetus;
  • the birth of a premature baby;
  • Transitioned pregnancy.

These are pre-risky cases that may require special equipment and well-coordinated work of medical personnel. In this case, often for childbirth, a woman is sent to a special clinic, where she is under the supervision of doctors.

What complications can occur during childbirth at home?

When an obstetrician-gynecologist encounters a problem during labor, she must make an immediate decision. In most cases, it is a call to the ambulance brigade and the patient is sent to the hospital.

In the process of home labor, the following complications are possible:

  • lack of attempts, fights;
  • feces in the amniotic fluid;
  • placental abruption;
  • umbilical cord prolapse before the child is shown;
  • severe bleeding;
  • lack of placenta;
  • health problems in a newly born child (shortness of breath, blue color, loss of consciousness).

After birth within 2-3 days there is a risk of so-called neonatal death, when the child dies suddenly. At the same time, it often happens in a dream. His heart just stops beating. After giving birth at home, the risk of neonatal death increases by 2 times.

How to deal with complications?

During home birth a woman should prepare in advance for a favorable outcome of events. However, she should know what actions she should take in case of complications.

First of all, it is worth more carefully prepare for such genera. This concerns finding a good obstetrician.

A specialist with experience in the presence of a wooden tube will be able to identify a large number of pathologies and complications. Such a gynecologist will not take delivery at home, and send the girl to the clinic for help or for a cesarean section.

When complications arise, an experienced obstetrician will be able to determine when it is time to stop home deliveries and go to the hospital. Most of the complications do not occur immediately. All of them have a number of symptoms and indications by which it can be determined that certain difficulties arise.

Stories of doctors about home birth


If you read numerous forums, then you can encounter both positive reviews of home births and negative ones.

Doctors themselves characterize this phenomenon from the positive side. Considering that the most important thing in him is the psychological attitude of the woman. It must not only physically, but also spiritually prepare for labor activity.

After all, this is a natural process in which the main task rests on her shoulders. Thanks to the woman, a new life appears.

Negative and negative consequences are mainly associated with an inexperienced midwife. However, the same specialist can be found in the hospital. Accordingly, no one is immune from unsuccessful childbirth.


In order to decide on home birth you should get acquainted with numerous stories and ways to carry out such an action. It is also important to find a competent specialist who will help in this situation.

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