What is partnership childbirth?

Childbirth is a serious stage in the life of any woman, for whom she prepares with the utmost care. And how difficult it is to tune in to the birth of the firstborn. At these moments she needs special support more than ever. It is for these purposes and created partnership childbirth.

They pass with the closest person. They can be a mother, husband, sister or girlfriend. A close person will help in time to massage, put a pillow under your head, or even just support with a kind word. This phenomenon is called partner childbirth.

To it should be prepared with great care. At the same time, not only a laboring woman should be ready, but also a partner, giving herself an account of what her function is and what will happen.

Partnership Labor: Pros and Cons

It is safe to say that partner delivery is one of the most controversial topics. There is no single opinion about them. There are several camps, some of which are behind, and some against this phenomenon. What is most interesting, every specialist has his own arguments.

Before you go to partner childbirth courses, you should carefully examine the two sides of the same coin in order to discover and understand for yourself how much you need it.

  1. Partner's preparedness - in no case can you make a decision on partner deliveries a week before the deadline.
    A partner traveling with a woman to the maternity hospital must be prepared and know what to expect.
  2. Awkwardness of a woman before a spouse is one of the factors that can influence the decision.
    In this case, the task of the husband is to convince his wife that this is a natural process, on which he wants to be present, seeing how his child is born.
  3. A complex of guilt develops - during wrangles a woman writhes and experiences excruciating pain.
    Unfortunately, no one can help her. Doctors are aware of this and behave calmly. But the man is quite worried, then it may affect the future relationship of the married couple.
  4. Problems in sexual life - if a married couple does not have a long and strong relationship, then they should not risk it, as a consequence of a man can develop problems of a sexual nature.

Despite all the pros and cons, if you made a positive decision, it means that you need to undergo appropriate training to avoid problems in the future.

Preparing for partner childbirth


Doctors reduce the process of preparation to several stages through which the spouses must pass. They are mandatory, so you should carefully read them to understand how to act in a given situation.

First of all, it is necessary to make a decision. This will help the advantages and disadvantages, all the pros and cons. At the same time, the couple should understand that this process has not only positive aspects. Negative aspects should also be read and be prepared for them.

In addition, in no case can you convince one partner of the need for this type of labor. This should be a joint solution. Otherwise, in the future there may be serious problems in the relationship.

Analyzes for husband

It is impossible to go to a state hospital just like that. To do this, you must pass a series of tests to understand that a person is completely healthy. First of all, blood is checked for the presence of HIV infections and tuberculosis diseases.

Accordingly, the partner should prepare in advance all the certificates and results of fluorography, which will confirm that the person is completely healthy. Only after that he will be able to put in a sterile hospital.

Psychological training

There are special courses and trainings that tell you how to conduct training. They are aimed primarily at stabilizing the psycho-emotional state. Often during childbirth it becomes bad not only for a woman, but also for a partner who faints.

Then the nurses are forced to bring one more person to their senses. This will only aggravate the situation, besides it will force the woman in labor to be pretty worried. It is for this purpose that they carry out psychological training in advance, telling what will be done and how.

Of course, a man does not participate in labor, but he often stands at the head of the bed and sees the main part of the process. She should not embarrass him. Yet his main goal - the support of the woman he loves.

How are partner deliveries?

In fact, there is nothing surprising in partnership childbirth. They became something forbidden during the Soviet era. Prior to this, women gave birth at home surrounded by close people. Let them not be husbands, but midwives. Nevertheless, these people were always familiar to the woman in labor, thus they instilled confidence in her, added new forces.

Affiliate delivery service takes place in several stages. First of all, after the results of analyzes and psychological attitude, it is necessary to talk with the doctor.

A specialist who takes part in labor should be completely sure that you are ready for this process. Only the attending physician can admit a birth partner or deny it when he sees an unstable emotional state.

In order to better prepare, it is worth seeing a scientific film about childbirth, in which they will tell from the outside how this process is going on.

Generic activity begins at home, at a time when a woman is experiencing contractions. It is necessary to count up to 10 together, if the contractions are not released, it means that it is urgently necessary to call an ambulance and go to give birth. A man at this time should be close to the woman, set her up in a positive way and help her gather things, get dressed for the journey.

As soon as the couple comes to the hospital, the woman is taken away in order to prepare for the labor. This is a specific list of services that is required for generic activities. A man at this time is undergoing hand sterilization, putting on a medical bandage on his face, cap, gown, removable shoes.

A woman is sent to CTG, which shows the fetal heart activity. At this time, a man may be near his wife and support her. During the training, the medical staff is not always present next to the girl.

As a rule, the sister puts sensors and leaves for a while. Periodically, doctors and sisters come to the girl, who examine her, following the general condition. Childbirth is a long and exhausting process that requires careful preparation.

The woman, after the research, is sent to the delivery room, where her husband should be. He gets up at the head of the bed, wipes the sweat from his face and strokes the girl. After the doctors got the child, they allow the father to cut the umbilical cord if desired.

After that, the father and nurses are held in a special unit, where they process the child and check for compliance with healthy indicators. A woman at this time stays with doctors, who stabilize her condition, and, if necessary, sew up damaged areas.

After a thorough examination, the child is handed over to his father, and he carries it to his mother, puts it on his chest. This is the perfect outcome of events.

Unfortunately, childbirth is not always smooth. Often a woman needs emergency assistance, surgery, cesarean section. In the event that something goes wrong, the father is sent from the ward and already has operations without him.

When can partner labor be banned and what does the law say?

Not in all cases, doctors may allow affiliate labor.

The reason for the ban can be the following phenomena:

  • quarantine in the maternity hospital;
  • crowded maternity unit;
  • colds partner.

It is very important to meet with the obstetrician-gynecologist before delivery, to ask him about the availability of suitable wards. Not all maternity units are provided with the necessary conditions for partner deliveries.

In addition, there is no regulation that will allow the doctor to unconditionally agree to conduct such an operation. The gynecologist has the right to refuse on their own, without having any special weighty justifications. In this case, do not worry.

First of all, think about what you give birth with a specialist and only he can help you, not your husband. Therefore, think a few times, and whether you need a partner childbirth, as the doctor himself.

Still, the main thing in this activity is the woman and the doctor, the rest is only concomitant factors that do not always have a positive effect on the outcome of the operation.

How much do partner deliveries cost and can they be free?


As for the question of the price of partnership deliveries, it is quite ambiguous. There are both free and paid services. If we talk about the free conduct, it is worth considering the more difficult to obtain permission.

Not in all cases the doctor is interested in finding a stranger in the block. As a rule, this is an extra danger and stress, because it is not known how the partner will behave after what he saw.

In addition, free affiliate delivery affects:

  • availability of places in blocks;
  • feature of the course of pregnancy.

In the event that the pregnancy proceeded with pathologies and various abnormalities, the partner childbirth will not be allowed, because there is a high risk of cesarean section or other problems related to the health of the mother and baby.

In order to find out the price of a joint operation, you should decide on the choice of the clinic. Each will have its own price. It already depends on the qualifications of specialists, modern equipment, postnatal monitoring and the status of the clinic.

As a rule, it is customary to conclude an agreement with a medical institution at 32-36 weeks of gestation.


Partner labor is a purely personal phenomenon, which is simply impossible to persuade anyone. The decision to commit such an act should be taken personally, starting from your own desire and your partner.

Of course, this is also a great happiness for a man, when he first takes his baby in his arms, cuts his umbilical cord and sees not a week later, but immediately.

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