Is it permissible to use sushi during pregnancy?

A girl who is in a position constantly thinks about what she can eat and what not. She is now responsible not only for herself and her body, but also for the development of a new life within herself. And this question should be approached especially responsibly, because a change in diet can negatively affect the child and the general well-being of the mother.

At the reception, the gynecologist in all cases speaks of dieting. It concerns, first of all, the lack of fried and salty foods. But not all doctors go into details, specifying what kind of food you can eat, and what you can not.

Are Japanese delicacies useful in pregnancy?

Many believe that sushi is a harmful product that should not be consumed, especially during pregnancy.

In fact, if you think about it, then sushi is a product rich in high content of vitamins.

  • rice contains a high percentage of essential proteins;
  • nori sheets are high in fiber;
  • red fish - helps to improve the general condition, eliminates the early aging;
  • Wasabi - will save from possible viral infections and improve the condition of the teeth.

In the world, Japanese cuisine is considered to be one of the most healthy and low-calorie. Products do not contain harmful substances. They easily and quickly saturate the body, eliminate the feeling of hunger for a long time. At the same time, they have an unusual taste. Not so long ago, sushi and rolls came to Russia, having won great popularity.

Most pregnant women wonder if sushi can be eaten. Despite their benefit, the food is considered outlandish and exotic, so fear is great.

It is definitely worth noting that if the quality of the products is at a height, then such nutrition is quite acceptable for a pregnant woman. However, if instead of the crab, the producer puts surimi, then it will no longer meet any safety standards.

If you are confident in the quality of products of the company that produces sushi, then you can safely use its services.

A pregnant girl should be wary of new producers in the market. During this period, you should not risk, try something new, even at an attractive price for you.

Can I eat sushi during pregnancy?

Why is it necessary to introduce a "taboo" on the use of sushi?


There is also the opposite opinion, which dictates the rejection of land. It is based on the fact that it is a harmful product due to its composition.

A fish

Russian sushi has nothing to do with their counterparts. They have a completely disgusting quality products. First of all, it concerns fish. In Japan, it is customary to use fresh fish for cooking, which is simply not found in our country.

Russia buys already frozen fish. Accordingly, it is much worse quality. In addition, only in Japan can cook properly national dish. Russia tries to save on cooks, without going into the details of the cooking process itself. The process is put on mass production and money making.

Product quality

This is the most painful and main cause of sushi poisoning. Unfortunately, they are often made in artisanal conditions, without having any normal equipment or sanitary condition of the room. In disgusting conditions, food is prepared, without being processed, delivered to the buyer.

In the end, we have products already known to be poisoned by bacteria. In addition, the quality of the components themselves has a negative effect. Many sellers buy the cheapest product, thereby trying to increase their income. And as you know, cheap - it does not mean quality.

Soy sauce

It is worth getting sauce only from the checked producers. They must comply with all quality standards. It is possible poisoning not only rolls, but also soy sauce.


Regardless of the state of health of a pregnant girl, ginger should be discarded because it is considered a strong allergen. This means that it can harm the health of the mother and child.


Give up on being pregnant and wasabi because it has a negative effect on the gastrointestinal tract. It can cause nausea, heartburn and even vomiting.

Are sushi allowed during early pregnancy?

In the early stages, it is altogether better to refuse unusual food, since it can provoke a number of problems, namely, serious poisoning. Pregnancy is not a long-lasting condition of the body, so it is much easier to wait, and then enjoy your favorite food, than endanger yourself.

In addition, in the first trimester, more drugs are prohibited, which means the impossibility of full treatment. Accordingly, you are even more at risk to your child.

Is there an alternative to sushi?

In the event that you hit a Japanese restaurant and are afraid of risking your health, you can always find a decent alternative.

  1. Vegetable salads, heat treated. For example, they contain not only well-known vegetables, but also crab and squid meat.
  2. Rolls are much more useful than sushi.



It is best to cook sushi at home. In this case, you will know from which products and in what conditions the food was cooked. Be sure to use rice, nori sheets, vegetables, and fish. As a fish, you can choose salted red. Better to avoid using frozen foods.

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