Complex rehabilitation of children with disabilities

Disabled children need rehabilitation measures that they urgently need. They are aimed at eliminating problems associated with vital activity or adaptation in society.

It is customary to distinguish several types of adaptation aimed at certain spheres of vital activity.

The essence of the social rehabilitation of children with disabilities

Before you carry out social rehabilitation, you should understand what she means by herself. First of all, it is investing in the child certain knowledge and skills that will help him develop and adapt in society, to live fully.

After a competent rehabilitation, disabled children can easily spin in society, being its integral and weighty part.

First of all, under socialization understand education and upbringing. Of course, these are important factors that can be safely called basic. However, they are not the only possible moments necessary for a full life.

In addition, such qualities as diligence, interpersonal skills, self-care, adaptation in space are imparted. As a result of rehabilitation, a mentally balanced person should turn out who can fully provide for himself, adapt, find work and friends.

Despite the existing health problems, a disabled child can fully exist in society without discomfort.

After social adaptation is successful, we can end up with a developed child, with decent social skills, hardworking and responsible.

The most important problem of children with disabilities is often a violation of communicative qualities, lack of contacts, and normal relationships. It is very difficult for them to build full-fledged relationships with their peers.

Kinds, tasks and technologies


None of the activities aimed at restoring a disabled child is carried out for free. They all have their own tasks and main types.

The most important tasks include the following options:

  1. Definition of potential.
  2. Disclosure of all possibilities.
  3. Definition of medical services that a child needs.
  4. Drawing up a rehabilitation program.
  5. Approval of the program by the attending physician.

A special plan is written for each child, which includes executable tasks. It is necessary to build on what the child is capable of individually. There are those children who have a sufficiently large and wide potential. They need to be developed to the maximum so that all the possibilities of the body and mind are open to them.

The state pays special attention to children with disabilities, putting their problems first. They have many benefits and privileges that help lead a more comfortable life.

As for the applied technologies, they basically boil down to:

  • socialization;
  • therapy;
  • medical care;
  • preventive measures;
  • mental assistance.

It is working in the complex, you can get the most correct result, which will bring decent results.

The value of complex social adaptation

Working with a child with disabilities is extremely serious. It is necessary to approach it with full responsibility, without violating any boundaries.

As a rule, these are children with a delicate mental system and an unbalanced mental attitude, therefore all complex measures should be carefully thought out and coordinated so that they do not harm the child, but really go only to his benefit.

A person, regardless of his state of health, needs to adapt to society. This will help him to exist harmoniously, find a job, friends, build a family.

Man simply cannot live without society. And this is not affected by his state of health. Even a disabled person needs social adaptation. This is a special kind of interaction of an individual with his environment.

Adaptation is necessary in order to:

  1. Maintain your physical condition at that level, so that you can feel comfortable and provide yourself with decent livelihoods.
  2. Psychological adaptation is also important, which means the need to adjust your entire system to understand the functioning of society. At the same time, for children with disabilities, it should be understood that the society can not always accept them normally. To this they must be ready, without showing aggression or other outbursts of emotions.
  3. Interaction in society, sociability, the construction of social roles, in the course of which friendly and love relationships appear.

Modern methods

The ways of carrying out a number of adaptation programs are completely different. They differ in preventive measures and venue.

In specialized centers

There are specialized medical centers in the country where parents can ask for help with their children. These are kindergartens, correctional schools and specialized rehabilitation centers.

There are medical institutions not only in the child’s residence, but also on the seashore, which increases the chance of recovery.

At home

Not only qualified specialists, but also parents can conduct classes with a child. The benefits of such activities will be very high, because parents really spend a lot of time with their children and have a large margin of patience.

Parents should prepare by reading special literature and consulting with experts. They will tell, telling how it is still better to deal with the child.

As a rule, tasks are carried out in the form of a game. Then the children will be able to answer questions without straining and develop. But mom and dad must be prepared for possible difficulties.

Children are not always happy to listen to adults and carry out all their tasks. Then you should let go of the situation, and then later return to the unsolved task.

Be sure to encourage the child, pointing out how well done he is, that he tries so hard and does everything.

Sanatorium conditions

One of the most effective techniques. It is in the sanatorium created ideal conditions. As a rule, such establishments are located in natural health conditions. A number of medical, mental events are connected to this.

The baby learns better to adapt among people unknown to him. In addition, in such institutions there is an opportunity to meet other people, start a dialogue and friendship.



Rehabilitation of children with disabilities requires careful care from both parents and doctors. These are everyday activities aimed at improving adaptation in society, raising a person who can take care of himself, creating a full-fledged family and strong relationships.

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