What games to entertain a child on his birthday?

It will not be enough for parents to set the table and invite guests for a children's birthday party. Most comers are children who require a holiday. It can be achieved in several ways: the original decoration, themed party, a delicious table and of course, games.

It is impossible to imagine a children's birthday without an entertainment part. It can be organized as a professional animator, presenter, and parents themselves.

Popular Birthday Games

Before parents choose contests and games for children's birthday, they should use important recommendations:

  1. Be sure to consider the age of the guests.
    Try to pick up games so that they are accessible and understandable to all those present. As a rule, with children of different ages, it is customary to adapt to the birthday man himself and to build on his wishes, abilities and capabilities.
  2. Include contests with requisites.
    Children love when they have to reincarnate, dress up or participate with additional items.
  3. Include a shared story in your contests.
    For example, you need to solve the riddle, after each contest give out a letter or puzzle, sticking together which you can get an answer.
  4. Classes should be different: fun, calm, measured.
    Your goal is not to kill children, but to entertain them. Therefore, give them time to rest.
  5. Stock up on prizes.
    Let them be frivolous. However, children are pleased to receive and such as a prize.
  6. Start from the place where you will hold a party.
    There are more opportunities on the street than at home. But at the same time, it is much easier to organize children at home.

There is a certain set of popular children's games, which is interesting for children of different ages.

For children 3-5 years

Age of active children, which is still difficult to perceive logical tasks and serious contests.

  1. Bowling - use the purchase set for playing bowling or one that you make yourself.
    Pour water bottles and use a tight tennis or soccer ball. The task of each player is to knock down as many pins as possible. You can make a few throws. But at the same time, do not tighten with the game, turning it into an adult bowling.
  2. But, horse - dads participate in this competition.
    Children sit on their backs, and dads on all fours should quickly get to the finish line. The winner is the dad who did not drop the child and at the same time was able to jump the fastest to the finish line.
  3. The most intelligent - even so small children can be seated for a while.
    To do this, use the quiz. Who knows the answer, must raise his hand. The quiz uses riddles, musical compositions from cartoons that you want to guess, replicas from fairy tales. For more erudite children, include poems, continuing which you can get your prize.
  4. Collect a bouquet for the birthday girl - the presenter scattered a large number of flowers throughout the room.
    They are not only on the most prominent places, but also hidden behind pillows, carpets, and so on. The one who collects the largest bouquet will be considered the winner. The task begins on command and is performed with cheerful music.

For children 6-8 years

This is the age of younger students. They already have their own interests and hobbies.

Younger students are fairly erudite, so they can be checked not only for strength and endurance, but also for knowledge.

  1. The leader builds all the children in a row.
    He asks to loudly and loudly sing the well-known melody. At the same time, it is necessary to show everything that is sung in the song. In the end, the child who can best represent the words will win.
  2. Participants are divided into pairs.
    Each pair is given a roll of toilet paper. At the command of the leader, it is necessary to wind toilet paper on his friend, and then also unwind quickly. The winner will be the one who will do it first.
  3. The presenter asks the birthday man to name his favorite animal.
    For example, a cat. Each guest should name the animated film in which the cat is present. The winner is the one who calls the most cat cartoons.
  4. Guests are divided into several teams and held a fun relay.
    Such a competition is always a great success. After all, everyone participates in it with great pleasure. To participate in the relay, children are given large bags or hoops that they have to wear, run a distance and come back, passing the baton to the next participant. Team winner is determined on the basis of the shortest time.

For children 7, 8, 9 years

Children in elementary grades love fooling around, running and dancing. You can also include a musical task in the contests, which will include performing a dance on a piece of paper, which will decrease each time.

As a result, it is necessary to move so as not to fall from the sheet.

  1. Rebus - ask students to guess the rebuses.
    The answer may be a word associated with a birthday.
  2. The presenter explains that every month of the year this or that animal symbolizes.
    The task of each guest is not to explain in words what animal he is, but only to show him.
  3. The animator invites all participants to the deck, which must be cleaned.
    Each guest is given a mop, with which he must roll a certain item to the finish line, and return with him back. With each stage the size of the object decreases.
  4. Guests are given strange objects: rags, clothespins, hairpins, toilet paper and more.
    From all this you need to make a dress from a fashion designer.

Such games are suitable for children 10-12 years old.

At this age, it is already harder to involve children in activities. However, quests remain a popular way for them. Solving riddles and various secrets, they will manage at the end of the evening to find treasure, treasure. They can be their joint photo or the word friendship. In the end you should definitely put an end to an instructive lesson.

Lottery game


One and all love to receive gifts, especially just like that. This can help the lottery game. All that is required is to take a number at the beginning of the event and remember the number.

At the end of the celebration, the birthday party will hold a lottery, during which it will be clear who won the delicious chocolate bar, and who got only the medal of the luckiest participant.

5 simple baby birthday contests !!!

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