What vitamins to buy to strengthen the immune system?

It is believed that only with 3 years the immune system begins its work. All this time, it is formed. Therefore, it is important for babies to lay the right amount of vitamins and trace elements.

Thanks to a good immune system, the little man develops susceptibility to various kinds of bacteria, viruses and other harmful substances.

The choice of an effective drug for raising children's immunity

When parents think about how to improve the overall health of their child, they resort to many different tricks. One of them is taking vitamins in large quantities. However, this is not always necessary.

First of all, you should take care of proper nutrition. Often, only with the help of this issue can you eliminate the problems related to health. For example, increase the amount of vegetables, fruits and healthy products in the form of meat and fish.

In case of not serious failures and violations with health, it is possible to track the changes immediately. In pharmacies, there are special drugs that help raise the level of children's immunity.

They are necessary only if:

  • they were prescribed by a doctor;
  • eliminated all causes of reduced immunity, and health is not restored to its previous level;
  • suitable age;
  • after the application of a number of procedures that have a positive effect on health, the situation has not changed.

Despite such a wide variety of immunomodulators, it is impossible to determine on which option to stay. The best way would be to contact a doctor. After a thorough diagnosis, test results and general research, the specialist will determine what to look for and focus on.

Herbal preparations

As the name suggests, these are drugs whose origin they owe to plants. Special medicinal herbs and infusions formed the basis for the birth of herbal remedies. Immunal and ginseng root can be safely attributed to their best options.

Herbal preparations are advised to drink not only as raising immunity, but also for the prevention of antiviral diseases. They are especially recommended during the autumn season, during the cold season.

Often, in the case of reduced immunity in a child, the drug is recommended to drink in a course of 2 months. It will be especially effective in front of kindergarten.

Bacterial drugs

The whole essence of the drugs of this group is that special bacteria are inserted into the body of the child, which affect the general condition. That is, the principle of action is very similar to vaccination or vaccination.

By the way, doctors advise to use this tool just at the time of vaccination. Thus, they argue that the drug in the synthesis will increase its effectiveness. Especially it should be used by children prone to ENT diseases.

Interferon preparations

In the human body there is a special substance - interferon. It aims to combat viral diseases. With the help of interferon, the body fights ARVI and other catarrhal diseases.

Drugs that contain interferon are necessary in order to increase its amount in the child’s body or to increase the effect of the antiviral agent.

Synthetic drugs

These are the most popular vitamin complexes known to everyone. They include a large number of different multivitamins, which means their effectiveness and positive properties exerted on the body itself.

In general, the necessary vitamins should be supplied to the human body and without synthetic agents in the proper amount. However, in the cold season or in the season of exacerbation of colds, a person’s immunity decreases, since he has already spent his supply of vitamins, and he has no new ones.

Therefore, it is extremely important during this period to use synthetic means that will help replenish the supply of vitamins in the child’s body.

Thymus preparations

In the case when parents begin to look for the best vitamins for their child, they always pay attention to their composition. It is believed that the best, and hence highly effective are natural products. Thymus preparations are the most natural, natural means for raising the immunity of the child and the adult.

They actively affect the body, thereby forcing it to develop natural immunity. It turns out that the child does not get synthetic means. It is only at the slightest impact that it begins to develop its own immune system.

Homeopathic remedies

Until the end, not studied drugs, in fact, they are still arguing about their effectiveness. Someone thinks such drugs are effective, while others do not see the point in them. It is noteworthy that even many doctors do not consider them drugs, they do not belong to any of the groups of drug therapy.

However, it can be said that this direction in medicine is quite likely to prove itself exclusively from the positive side.

Dietary supplements

Biologically active additives cause controversy among doctors. They should be taken very carefully, especially for a child. In fact, in order to start taking these drugs, you should consult a specialist, take a series of tests and understand in which area the treatment is necessary.

There is nothing bad in dietary supplements, but they are effective only in the case of competent use. For example, if there is a lack of iron in the child’s body, doctors will issue him Sideral. It consists of natural ingredients and is a dietary supplement.

With it, you can fill the level of iron in the body. Despite its efficacy and prevalence, it is completely undesirable to take this medicine right away.

Selection and comparison of vitamin complexes


The first requirement that applies to the choice of vitamin complexes concerns age. It is extremely necessary to take into account this factor, since children in different periods require completely different amounts of trace elements. Otherwise, it is possible or overdose, or vice versa lack of taken vitamins.

Children up to 1 year

The most effective multivitamin complex is considered Pikovit. It aims to replenish the body's supply of vitamins B, D, C, phosphorus, folic acid and calcium. Available in a convenient form for kids, namely in the form of syrup. It is ideally served in a spoon. But allowed to mix with water, puree or juice.

Children from 1 to 6 years

At this age, the list of drugs is expanding. It includes in its composition a much larger amount of vitamin aids. They are used in the form of syrup, and in the form of tablets.

The latter are recommended for children from 3-4 years depending on the individual characteristics of the child.

  • Immuno kids - its constituent iron, zinc, iodine, chromium and folic acid, can not only restore the body, but also improve the adaptation period.
  • Vitamishka is a popular vitamin complex, which is produced in the form of small cubs with juice filling. This drug saves during the cold season.
  • Alphabet is a well-known complex, which includes a large number of useful trace elements and substances. The alphabet helps to eliminate the problems of vitamin deficiency.

Children from 6 to 14 years

Vitamins of similar composition are necessary especially for schoolchildren.

During this period, they experience a strong emotional and physical stress.

  • Biovital - is available in the form of a gel, which is designed for a course of treatment. It consists of many trace elements and nutrients.
  • The alphabet is a universal tool that helps both very young children and schoolchildren. At this age, the load on the body increases, therefore, it is necessary to replenish it by taking drugs of natural origin.


Vitamins are able to raise the immune system, maintain it in its former state, help the body adapt in a new environment and improve the overall health of the child. Vitamins are essential for children at any age.

Synthetic products can be used without a doctor's prescription. They will be especially effective in the autumn-spring period and during adaptation.

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