Types and features of installation braces for children

Braces are a special design that is needed to correct the shape of the bite. It is suitable for both adults and very young children. You can judge the need to use braces only after talking with a specialist.

Even 10 years ago, dentists installed terrible iron plates that spoil the whole look. Currently, the plates are very transformed. Sometimes they are almost invisible. And it became much easier for children than for adults.

There are braces with the image of animals and simply color variations. Thus, all children will begin to envy how brightly a child with colored teeth looks.

Why do I need to install braces?

Already at the growth stage of milk teeth it becomes clear how much the correct bite is going. It is his violation that is the main reason for installing braces.

In addition, the determining criteria are:

  1. Curvature of the teeth - this can be noticed even by a non-specialist.
    Very often in the row one tooth bulges out a bit, the other one on the contrary sinks. This situation is extremely important to correct already with milk teeth, so that in adulthood a person does not experience difficulties.
  2. Incorrect arrangement of the teeth in the jaw itself - the doctor makes an x-ray, as a result of which an imbalance or violation of the harmonious structure of the teeth can be detected.

It is much easier to put braces for a preschooler than for an adult student. Therefore, parents during the growth of baby teeth should monitor their development, trying to understand how well and beautifully they are located. No matter how beautiful a person is, but in general the appearance is rather easy to spoil with crooked teeth.

Teeth that are not corrected in childhood can actually bring with it a number of difficulties. The child simply can not communicate normally and find a common language with their peers.

Sooner or later he will understand that he has the wrong teeth, crooked or uneven. This will give an impetus to a real psychological problem, as a result of which the baby will simply be ashamed to open his mouth and smile broadly. As a result, communication problems begin, because the child becomes withdrawn.

Often in school such a kid begins to tease. In order to avoid serious psychological problems, deviations in health, you should immediately contact the dentist, who will help correct the bite.

The best time to install the bracket system is considered to be adolescence, namely, 12-14 years. It is believed that by this period the formation of roots occurred. Correcting the bite, it will be possible to save the result for the rest of your life.

An important factor in which bite correction is required is the absence of further problems with teeth. Against the background of incorrectly aligned rows, there is a great risk of caries, periodontal disease and many other problems.

What types of braces are there?


The main differentiation is reflected in the materials from which braces are made, price range, appearance and functionality.


The best option for children, since such braces have a rich color coloring. Very often, children buy yellow, red and blue colors, thereby trying to stand out against the general background.

Surprisingly, children who do not want to wear braces, considering them to be ugly, seeing a rich palette, immediately change their mind, wanting to stay on such juicy options. Plastic options do not belong to the cheap price category - the price tag starts at 20,000 rubles.

But their ideal is not only the color, but also the method of use. Even a child will simply wear a similar option. On plastic, they often depict fabulous and animated characters. Of course, this color is much more expensive.

The disadvantage of using plastic options is their fragility. When not careful use of braces can be very easily damaged and deformed.


The very first option from which braces were made. The metal used is an alloy of titanium and stainless steel. This is a great option for those who want to save money.

In fact, metal braces have a lot of advantages. They are durable, versatile, optimal and effective for correcting problems. Their price, which is fairly democratic compared to other types of braces, is also good.

Only the appearance pushes them away, because they look quite cumbersome and clearly visible on the teeth.


Ideal braces for those who want to make them invisible. This product is absolutely not visible to use. The main advantage of ceramics is its colorlessness. As a result, setting a similar option, you will be surprised to see only a thin white ribbon on your teeth.

In fact, ceramic braces can be seen, if only to look hard. In addition to beauty, this option has a large number of other advantages. It is impossible not to note their effectiveness. They perform a good role by correcting the existing problems.

Ceramics is also a durable material that does not change and does not deteriorate with time.

How old can braces be for a child?

With regard to age restrictions, then, first of all, on this issue is to consult with a specialist who will give a fairly accurate answer. Braces can generally be installed on both milk and molars.

As for the first case, they do it quite rarely if there are serious defects and impaired dentition. In other situations, it is still better to use special devices only in adolescence, namely at 12-14 years old.

This is the age at which there are already molars. And the orthodontist can judge violations and pathologies in their development.

In spite of the fact that a strong root system is already formed by this age, it still lends itself to fairly rapid changes. Therefore, you can not worry and boldly correct the bite.

It is noteworthy that during this period it will be corrected much easier and faster than at the age of a preschooler. In addition, an additional impact on the teeth at this time can only lead to destructive effects in the form of caries or other dental problems.

How to put braces and how much does it cost?

Installation of the bracket is in different ways. It differs already depending on what type of special restraint has been selected. Thus, the mount itself can be both on the outer and on the inner surface of the tooth itself.

As for the price, namely the question that so worries many parents, there is no definite answer.

It will consist of a number of indicators:

  • version of the selected bracket;
  • qualifications and experience of a specialist.

The installation procedure itself takes place in several stages:

  1. Consultation with a specialist.
  2. Thorough diagnosis.
  3. Training.
  4. Installation
  5. Correction.
  6. Adaptation.

The preparation process includes several important steps. But only careful therapy can unite them. Thus, no one will put dentures and braces on the teeth if they are not cured.

That is, there must be no caries or other problems. All teeth are initially required to be cured, if necessary, to carry out prosthetics. Only then can you think about installing a bracket that will correct the dentition.

In order to carry out the installation process, you need to insert a special device that will allow you not to move the oral cavity. The orthodontist applies special healing enamel to the teeth, after a minute removes it and dries all the teeth completely.

Special glue is applied to the cleaned, healthy and prepared surface. Already on the adhesive composition is attached bracket. Depending on the type of device will need to be installed. It can be fixed both inside the mouth and outside.

Choose a type of denture is not only on the basis of their own capabilities, but also after talking with a specialist. It is possible that the equipment you have chosen is simply not intended for use in a particular case.

Basic rules for wearing the system


The main task of braces is to be able to correct the bite of the child. Braces handle this mission perfectly. The term of their wearing is 1.5-2 years. During this time, it is possible in most cases to solve the problem.

But throughout its life, you must carefully monitor your device and follow simple rules.

  1. You should not eat viscous and sticky sweet foods - this means that you have to give up chewing gum, marmalade and marshmallow, cotton candy.
    During the meal, the food particles will remain on the teeth, and you will not be able to remove them in an affordable way. Left on the teeth, they will form the development of caries, which will adversely affect the human body.
  2. Refuse from the use of solid food - if you have to make a strong pressure and act in a special way on the teeth, a banal shift can occur.
    Often, it initially fails to notice. But in the case of offset, a completely different effect on the dentition is already taking place.
  3. Too hot or cold food can damage the material from which the teeth tool is made.

In order to help the child with the adaptation and to ensure that wearing braces will become invisible, you should use a special wax for the teeth. The task of the parents is to explain to the child that he will soon get used to the braces.

But with the help of a simple plate on the teeth, he will soon have the perfect Hollywood smile.

Ligature and self-ligating structures

Orthodontists share the popular means of attachment, namely litagurny and self-ligating structures. They received such names in honor of the bundle mode.

With litagurnogo type braces are attached using a variety of rubber bands. The second option, namely the self-ligating structure is mounted using a special retaining lock.

Determine the type of construction is possible only after a visit to the doctor. For each case fits your choice. For example, litagurny are ideal for the most serious clinical pictures and pathologies, but self-ligating only help to cope with simple dental problems.

As for the characteristics that are not related to efficiency, we can note the price category. Of course, rezinochki in the first method will be 3, or even 4 times cheaper. But the effectiveness of the application depends primarily on the nature of the deformation.

Should I put a child lingual braces?

Lingual are internal braces. They affect the dentition, so to speak from the inside. The presence of braces will be imperceptible from the front, but if you pay attention inwards, you will notice the installed structure. Of course, this method of correction has both its disadvantages and advantages.

As for the appearance, this is probably the best option, since the presence of a bracket system on the child’s teeth is completely unnoticeable. Thus, the baby does not experience any psychological discomfort, continuing to develop and communicate normally.

The main disadvantages is their pain. During the installation, it has been proven that the patient experiences severe pain even in the case of anesthesia.

In addition, diction is greatly disturbed, since the tongue no longer affects the palate and teeth. Since the whole structure is inside, the tongue can also be injured due to the glands, which are removed from the tooth itself.

As for children, it is unlikely that they will suit this type of braces. It will be painful, both in terms of installation and during wear. Therefore, it is possible that after a short period of use it is necessary to think about a different system for teeth.

Baby care after installing braces


The presence of braces does not mean that from now on the teeth do not require care. Parents should worry about the baby brushing their teeth as best they can.

In order to further no problems with the teeth after installing the bracket, you need:

  • brush your teeth immediately after each meal;
  • use a special brush that will help to clean all the details of the bracket;
  • use a rinse to disinfect the mouth.

Consolidation of treatment results

After the orthodontist has removed the braces, it takes some time to secure the result. At this time it is possible to wear special retainers. They are a special mouthpiece, which is installed on the internal or external surface of the tooth itself.

The doctor will tell you not only what type of device to use, but also how to use it and for how long. This is necessary so that the teeth do not return to their original place. Already a strong impact in the form of braces do not need to be carried out, but here you will need to fix it with the result of such means.


Braces, set back in childhood, will help eliminate the problems that may appear in adult life. On the way to the Hollywood smile all means are available. And now scientists have developed quite loyal options that help to achieve a good result without visible defects in appearance.

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