Choosing a bra for nursing mothers

Breastfeeding is an important step in the process of normal growth and development of the child. The kid has a hard time adapting to the new world. Breastmilk will help nourish it with essential trace elements and substances.

Many books have been written about the benefits of breastfeeding and a large amount of research has been published. For several generations of women, scientists, doctors and simple mothers, there is no doubt that breast milk in the first year of life is extremely necessary for a young child.

At this time, mom should forget a little about sexy lingerie and choose something that will be different with increased convenience and comfort. First of all, we are talking about a bra, which is extremely necessary in the first year of a newborn's life.

Why do you need a nursing mom bra?

Most of the time a woman who has just given birth spends at home. Therefore, many do not understand the purpose for which they need to purchase a special bra. At home, you can walk without it. It is even easier to feed itself.

In fact, special underwear is not a mere luxury and whim, but rather a necessity. And there are several explanations. Firstly, very often the woman's body becomes so accustomed to produce milk, which gives it even with an excess.

At this time, the chest begins to fill and even flow. In such cases, use special liners that are inserted into the bra. As a result, the girl will not worry if a spot is accidentally formed on her breast.

Even if you are at home all the time, then it is at least ugly looking from the side. Therefore, you can really take care of your decent appearance by hiding your chest in holding underwear.

The second reason lies in the physiological features. Surely, many have heard that after breastfeeding a woman's breasts change shape, becoming saggy and completely different. The main reason for this point is the lack of special containment.

The breast of the girl is still poured during pregnancy, so she prepares to make milk. In the first days after birth, the body itself begins to produce breast fluid for the baby.

At this time it is crucial to wear a special bra. It will help keep the shape, leaving it at the same level. Moreover, this applies not only to the busty beauties, but also to those girls who have very small sizes.

How to choose a bra for feeding?


Before you go to the store or the market for underwear, you should know what criteria to pay attention to. Since you buy such a thing quite rarely, many treat it as ordinary laundry, placing demands only on quality and manufacturer.

In fact, this is special underwear, to which the corresponding requirements must be applied, which differ from ordinary bras.

  1. Price - this worries many buyers in the first place.
    Try to buy things of good enough quality, respectively, they will differ in a high price category. 2 ordinary bras will be enough for the entire period of feeding, so try not to save.
  2. Stop focusing only on natural fabrics.
    First of all, cotton material will be an ideal option.
  3. The straps and straps should be wide (regardless of the size and shape of the breast), so you will be able to provide the best support.
  4. Put on your bra and raise your arms up.
    In the event that the bra crawled along with you, then refuse such a purchase.
  5. The absence of hard pits and other elements will lead to milk stagnation and lactostasis, so choose natural materials using only the fabric base.
  6. On the back between the bra and the back should fit at least one and a maximum of two fingers.
    This will mean that the bra is perfect for you.

An important factor is the usability. A special fastener on the strap should be unfastened and fastened very easily, and you can do this with one hand.

Types of nursing bras

Pay attention before buying for underwear. All of them are good, but it is worth choosing the option that is best suited for you.

Therefore, start from the convenience and the desired criteria.

  1. Clasp between cups - with the help of a special fastener, you can fully open the chest in one motion and complete the feeding.
    However, this option has its own characteristic flaws. Many consider him immodest, since two cups open at once, which can look defiant and even partly inconvenient.
  2. Zippers - on each cup there is a special zipper, undoing which you can feed the child.
    This is a great option for home use. Indeed, in tight clothes, this type of fastener will stand out very strongly, attracting attention. In addition, it will take some time to unfasten the clasp, which your kid will not like.
  3. Button fastener - there is a special button on the top strap, pressing on which the chest is released.
    This is quite a convenient option that allows you to quickly feed the child in one motion quite quickly. However, the disadvantage of this option is often its transmission, which can thus provoke stagnation.
  4. The top is one of the most convenient options, in which there is a special comfortable back at the back, and in front there is a folding material that allows you to feed your baby in a few minutes.
    The downside is the inability to use for women with large and fluffy breasts.
  5. The clasp on the top strap is the type of bra that is considered one of the most popular.
    It has an inexpensive price and ease of use. Over each cup there is a special clasp that is easy to open and close. This method is suitable for both busty young ladies and those who have quite modest forms.

How to choose a bra for feeding on the model?

An important point is the purchase of underwear for feeding itself. Experts advise to do this in the last stages of pregnancy. At this time, the chest is already formed and you can judge how much it has changed. As a rule, after birth, changes may occur, but they are minor.

The first thing at home is to measure the chest girth of a girl. This is the main indicator on which you will need to rely during the purchase of underwear. It is necessary to carry out measurements on the maximum indicator, that is, on the brightest prominent points.

After that you should measure the girth under the chest. Thus, you will receive two characteristic numerical values.

When selecting underwear, pay attention to the presence of seams. As a rule, the most convenient are the seamless options, but they will not be able to properly support a large size.

Do not stop purchasing only one linen. Immediately it is better to purchase several options, since underwear of this kind will often be washed off due to suddenly leaked milk.

When should I wear a nursing bra?


Despite the fact that the young mother spends most of her time at home, she definitely needs to wear a nursing bra. This is necessary in order to keep the breast in the correct form and to avoid the flow of milk.

Due to the fact that the bra is worn all day, there is quite a logical need to purchase the most convenient model.

Doctors advise to remove underwear at night. Many may complain of excessive milk, which literally flows out at night. Yes, there are a large number of disadvantages. But after all, during sleep, the body rests, and it is simply necessary for the normal development of the body.

A young mother, like no one else, needs to restore her own strength.

Where to buy a nursing bra?

Currently, there are several options where you can buy special underwear.

  1. Market - here you will find products at the lowest price, but one can only guess about its quality.
    Therefore, if you are not afraid to risk your own health and the development of your baby, you can ask for a cheap option.
  2. In the pharmacy - pharmacy tools are always checked, have the appropriate certificates and licenses, so we can safely say that only the best products are sold in the pharmacy.
  3. On the Internet - a great price beckons so many consumers.
    Of course, this is true, but after all, the nursing bra is chosen, first of all, due to its convenience. And it is extremely difficult to understand how comfortable the bra bought on the Internet is. You can't even touch it to feel how pleasant the fabric feels to the touch.
  4. In lingerie stores - specialized departments for the sale of underwear have a wide range that will allow you to choose the most successful model.
  5. In stores for pregnant women - these points are aimed at meeting the demands of pregnant and giving birth women.
    In them you can find the most popular and convenient models.

Important about breast hygiene

It is very important to monitor breast hygiene. This is an indicator that may adversely affect the health of the newborn. After all, the existing infection on the chest can get to the baby and develop in his body.

From the first day after birth, the mother should look after her own breasts. It is necessary to periodically wash it with warm water. In order to avoid the appearance of cracks in the first days, it is worth using special means.

For example, a great cream can be bepanten. It is allowed for children. After use it is not required to wash the chest. Choose a cream or ointment that is right for you.

Among other things, special inserts should be inserted into the bra. They are necessary in order to protect clothes from leakage and to get rid of possible infections. Inserts are changed every 2-3 hours, thus the woman reliably protects herself from the development of viruses and infections on her breasts.



There is nothing terrible in a bra for the feeding mothers. Of course, he does not look as sexy as the old lingerie. But do not be upset, because these are only temporary measures that will help to establish breastfeeding.

Believe me, in the first year of the baby’s life and feeding, mothers think only about their own convenience and comfort. And this is right, because you need to make sure that the baby receives the proper amount of breast milk.

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