Types of breast pumps and features of their use

It has been proven that babies raised on breast milk have much less health problems, they have stronger immunity and a stable emotional state. Perhaps, there is no stronger connection than mother and her newborn baby.

Despite such a rosy statement about the benefits of breast milk, there is a widespread opinion about the feeding process itself. For many women, it is given with great difficulty, because it is not so easy to feed the baby.

You need to take care of your own breast, worry about normal milk production. This helps a lot of different tools. One of the most popular is the breast pump. There are a lot of controversies about this device regarding its need.

Why bother?

A single opinion on pumping simply does not exist. Experts interpret this question in different ways. Someone thinks that it is necessary to do it, and someone, on the contrary, is confident of wasting time. Moreover, you also add yourself to the same extra problems.

Summarizing the pros and cons, we can only say one thing. Approaching pumping is an individual matter. It is proved that due to decantation, a greater amount of milk is produced.

However, if a child already eats all the milk that is inherent in the female body, while he is recovering and does not suffer from deficiencies in weight or health problems, then such a mother does not need to express herself.

The main criteria by which you can trace the need for pumping:

  1. Breast milk can be stored in the refrigerator for several days.
    Mom, decanting, can safely leave home, go about their business. The child will be offered at the right time a bottle with a nipple from which the desired breast milk will be poured.
  2. Periodically it is necessary to probe the chest.
    In the event that dense and hard lumps have formed, it is necessary to express the milk. This will be the prevention of lactostasis. At the same time, watch carefully for the presence of seals. It is much easier and better to break them at an early stage. Lactostasis itself may result in fever and a complete absence of breast milk.
  3. Not always the body can produce the right amount of breast milk.
    In this case, the breast pump will become a kind of stimulating drug that will help produce the right amount of liquid.

Types of breast pumps


More recently, women who had just given birth were forced to express by hand in order to get rid of stagnation and increase the amount of milk. It was a rather long procedure.

At present, manufacturers of children's products have taken care of the convenience of moms, releasing several types of breast pumps to the masses at once. In the store you can meet them in the public domain. Moreover, they differ not only by the manufacturer, but also by the method of use.

Electronic breast pump

By right it can be called the most convenient and common option. A simple mechanism allows you to deal with it, even the most inexperienced user.

It is only necessary to press a few buttons to make the device work properly. The big disadvantage of this device is its high price. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford such a pleasure.

An additional advantage of an electronic device is the presence of several phases. Initially, the device can operate in fast mode, and then gradually reduce the speed. Even with the slowest pace you can get a lot of milk pumped out.

Currently, not so long ago, special models were released that can express breast milk from both breasts at once. This is very convenient because it saves time.

Manual breast pumps

The most popular option, which attracts primarily with its price category. Manual option is considered the most affordable. It is customary to single out various devices in this subtype, which differ in the mechanism of operation.

Breast pump in the form of a syringe

Easy and convenient to use option. Its principle of operation is that there are two special cylinders. One of them stands still, tightly pressed against the nipple.

The second cylinder is necessary in order to make the movement back and forth. Additional advantages of the device are its low cost, ease of operation and maintenance, compactness. However, it should be noted fatigue that can occur after using a syringe.

Piston (cylindrical)

It consists of several devices, which include a bottle, a nozzle and a lever. In order to start the work of the piston device, it is necessary to press the lever and wait until the milk is poured into the bottle. Silicone tips that are pressed tightly against the chest contribute to an increase in lactation.

Surprisingly, in this way in a short period of time (10-15 minutes) you can decant the whole bottle. This is one of the most affordable ways. He has only one drawback, which is monotonous physical work and as a result of fatigue.

How to express breast milk with a manual breast pump?

Breastfeeding specialists insist that it is best to begin the process of pumping from a manual method. With it, you can feel how accurately and correctly you are pressing on the mechanism. Later you can go to the electric device. You will know which type of pumping suits you best.

The use of a handheld device Avent

Using the simple instructions for decanting, you can eliminate the development of lactostasis.

  1. Be sure to boil all parts before using the appliance.
    To do this, carefully disassemble into several parts and place in a pan with hot water. Boil a few minutes and turn off the heat.
  2. Wash your hands with soap and water before using your breast pump.
    At the same time, the same can not be done with the chest. Soap negatively affects the nipples, contributing to the appearance of cracks.
  3. Gently take the nipple in your hand and place it in the center of the device.
    At the same time, it is necessary to do everything extremely carefully, so that there are no damages and health problems. Try not to pinch the nipple. It is not possible to hurry when working with a manual breast pump.
  4. Click on the piston or use a different kind of mechanical device.
    At the same time, gently massage the chest with the other hand. You can not push it. Requires a neat massage.
  5. Decant to an empty chest is not necessary.
    Once you are relieved, you can stop this work. The full breast itself begins to flow at the slightest movement, so you don’t have to press the piston too hard.
  6. After you have drained the milk, rinse the entire unit.
    To do this, disassemble it into parts and rinse well using special tools.

Far from all the milk can immediately drink a child. For this you can not worry. Place the remaining liquid in the container. By the way, chest fluid can be frozen. At the same time, it is stored in the freezer for up to six months.

Using a breast pump with an electrical device


Be sure to before using the device, you should carefully read the instructions.

The special silicone nozzle on the breast pump should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. You can do this with ordinary boiled water. In fact, minimal difficulties in working with the device can not even arise, since this tool is the most convenient, affordable and understandable.

The advantages of the mechanical method are obvious:

  1. Convenient silicone nozzle promotes greater milk production.
  2. Mom is not tired, because in a matter of minutes the bottle can fill up, but at this time the woman will have to press only one button, while continuing to relax.
  3. Initially, set a special pressure and pumping rate - in consequence, the device will remember the whole range of actions and will repeat them every time.

The electric device can work both from the outlet, and from a special battery, which simplifies the procedure for its use.

Tips for operating other models

So that the pumping process takes place as quickly and simply as possible, the young mother should bend forward slightly. That will allow much faster milk flow through the channels.

As a rule, on average, each breast is decanted to complete emptying for 15 minutes, but this should be done only in the case of poor milk production.

If a woman needs to stimulate breastfeeding and increase the available fluid several times, then she should definitely express the maximum amount. At the same time, both breasts are simultaneously decanted.

If there are difficulties with the process itself, then you need to think about what you are doing wrong. By the way, in this case, you can and slightly outwit the body. The process of squeezing helps the production of oxytocin in the body. It can be artificially maintained by using a warm bath or drinking hot tea with milk.


Do not despair in any case, if the first time you did not succeed. Each organism is individual, perhaps you did not fit the features. It is often necessary to sit or look at the child more comfortably.

At this time, prolactin is produced, which in turn affects the quality and quantity of breast milk.

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