Can I bring the temperature down with vinegar?

High fever is the symptom that happens to every child. While the drug has not worked, it becomes unclear what to use to alleviate the suffering of their own child. In the course at this time, as a rule, are people's advice and medicine.

One of the popular ways to bring down a fever is rubbing vinegar. Many since childhood known this option. However, now in the age of evidence-based medicine, a quite reasonable question arose at the expense of the need for such a method.

Does vinegar bring down the temperature?

The method for knocking down temperature is a simple action. It is necessary to undress the child and wipe it with a rag dipped in acetic solution. At the same time, special attention should be paid to the places between the folds.

Many are concerned about the question of why vinegar is needed, and whether it is possible to do the same with water. In fact, vinegar contains special volatile substances that evaporate when heated.

In contact with the skin of a sick baby, vinegar begins its active influence, but at the same time it heats up and evaporates along with the high temperature. Thus, vinegar can definitely be called harmless to the child's fragile body.

Despite the effectiveness of vinegar during high temperatures, it should be used only if the thermometer saw a value of 38.2 and more. Otherwise, vinegar is not needed at all, so its use is better to refuse.

Opinion of doctors about vinegar rubbing


In fact, the opinion of doctors regarding the popular way of churning the temperature is clearly ambiguous. It is impossible to say for sure that they are all for or against. This method has both its comrades and opponents.

For example, Dr. Komarovsky argues that rubbing vinegar does not bring anything to the child. Of course, he does not deny the benefits of water rubbing. But he does not see the point in adding the vinegar essence to the same water.

Therefore, if you have already given your baby an antipyretic, after an hour the temperature is still high, then the usual rubdown can be used as an alternative method. Conduct it should be warm boiled water. As a rule, rubbing gives a lightning-fast result.

After 10-15 minutes, the heat will begin to subside, and the child will cool. At this time, think about what range of preventive measures to use. It will be permissible to undress the baby a little and take care of the presence of fresh air in his room.

If a child lies under a warm blanket and walks with a closed window, then various kinds of bacteria will hover around him for a very long time.

Ways to bring down the temperature.

Folk way

Despite the fact that this method has become truly popular, yet not all prefer to use it. After all, it can be dangerous in the case of an incorrectly diluted and respected proportion. Therefore, it is extremely important to carefully ensure that all doses are taken into account.

Ideal to use apple cider vinegar. It contains a much smaller percentage of acidic substances, which, if given in large quantities, can leave burns on your baby’s skin. There are two types of essence. One is 6%, the other is 9%. You can use both. The difference will be only in the percentage ratio of the product.

In the event that you take a smaller percentage, then it must be diluted 1 to 2. It turns out that at least 1 liter of water is needed for 1 tablespoon of apple solution. If the percentage is greater, then it is necessary to add not 0.5, but a liter of boiled liquid.

At the same time, it is extremely important to monitor the temperature of the resulting solution. It should be a comfortable room temperature. It is desirable that it be in the region of 36-37 degrees.

How to apply the tool with a strong heat?

Before you apply the resulting solution, you should still consult with experts.

For example, pediatricians do not advise using essence for infants.

  1. Take care that the baby is completely naked.
    You can leave only the panties. In fact, with the help of the banal method you can manage to lower the temperature slightly.
  2. Take a clean cotton cloth for use, gently soak it in the solution, wring out.
  3. Wipe all areas of the body with a cloth, special attention should be paid to the folds.
    The greatest result will bring, if you are very carefully and thoroughly wiping your elbows, palms, feet and bends.
  4. After the procedure is completed, you will need to lay the baby in a horizontal position and cover it with a light cloth.

Important! After wiping it is forbidden to wrap the child. This can only increase the temperature that appears. A baby under 5 years old does not have a normal heat exchange, therefore with a cold and hyperthermia he does not have that chill, which is present in adults.

In any case, for the procedure is best to consult with your doctor. He will either tell you the secret of the rubdown, or even ban it altogether, since there are contraindications to your child.

When can not use the solution for grinding?


Despite all the benefits and versatility of this method, it has its drawbacks.

One of these is the precautionary measures in which it is unacceptable to use the solution for grinding.

  1. In no case do not use a similar method if the temperature of the baby is on the border of 38 degrees and below.
    This will not produce the desired result.
  2. Acetic method of getting rid of hyperthermia is strictly contraindicated in children under 1 year of age.
  3. Babies from 1 year to 2 years may use this wiping, but only as directed by the attending physician.
    Mandatory consultation, during which the specialist will tell in detail about the need to apply the method.
  4. At high temperatures, a situation may arise such as the presence of cold limbs.
    This may mean the appearance of convulsions soon. The task of parents - as soon as possible to cope with this problem. It is necessary to eliminate vinegar rubbing until the temperature on the hands and feet will not return to normal. Otherwise, fever and convulsions may develop.

When using vinegar essences should be extremely careful. Slowly rub the areas on the baby's skin, pay attention to the consequences. Often, children develop allergies or other skin reactions. In this case, the use of this method should be discontinued.

Vinegar is quite strong and acidic solution, so you should not wipe the face of the baby after all. Many argue about this, considering it one of the effective methods. But this method can be deplorable in case of contact with eyes or mouth.


To bring the temperature down in a child, you should initially use special antipyretic drugs. They are aimed precisely at ensuring relief from the general condition. In the event that such a tool is simply ineffective, then you can take care of rubbing.

Only it should be carried out carefully, in compliance with all rules and rules of breeding, use. In this case, you will get quite a decent result. At the same time, you can wipe the child every hour or two until the temperature disappears.

Despite the effectiveness and prevalence of this method, it can not be called the only option that will help to escape from high temperatures. But if you apply it in combination with other methods, then you can ensure that the child in a short time will go on the mend.



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