We get a quality pillow for newborns

Scientists claim that during sleep, any organism rests, is restored and is gaining new strength. In this regard, great importance is paid not only to the quantity but also to the quality of sleep. The first months of a baby’s life the most important moments are breast milk and proper sleep.

There are many options that help facilitate and improve the quality of sleep of the newborn. But many of them, unfortunately, have only one goal - earnings for customers. Therefore, it is worth figuring out what elements are necessary for a good sleep for a baby. First of all, we are talking about a pillow for newborns.

Do I need a pillow for a newborn?

If you pay attention to modern stores, you can see that most of them are literally inundated with a huge amount of products for newborns. Any manufacturer claims that the baby simply needs a pillow. She is able to provide him with a full sleep.

Do not blindly believe those whose goal is only the desire to sell their goods. When choosing a pillow for a newborn, you should rely solely on the opinion of a pediatrician and experienced scientists.

Most parents simply can’t imagine how a baby can sleep without a pillow; this is inconvenient. But wait, you think so, because you try everything on yourself. An adult puts a pillow because he has too much distance between the ear and the shoulder. The result is an uneven straight line.

To prevent this from happening and to sleep comfortably, the vertebrae were not crooked, a pillow was needed. But if you look at a newborn baby, you will see that he has no distance between his ear and shoulder.

Accordingly, he does not need to enclose a pillow in order to straighten the line. On the contrary, a soft feather bed will not only create discomfort, but may also cause acute health problems in the future.

How dangerous is the use of pillows in newborns?


Any pediatrician and orthopedist will tell the mother that the baby is comfortable sleeping on a flat surface. Until a certain age, he does not need a pillow at all. But parents have a very reasonable question about the consequences. If the use of feather beds is unacceptable, it is not clear why it is so dangerous.

First of all, we are talking about a possible spinal curvature. Since in a horizontal position the baby does not form a flat line, he turns out one line a little higher, the other - lower. Thus, a certain imbalance is created.

Risk of choking

The second reason is insecurity. Baby is still too small. Somehow accidentally turning in his sleep, he can simply suffocate, as he buries his nose in the pillow.

Please note that in maternity hospitals nowhere they give out extra feather beds for a child. This is not due to the fact that there are very few of them at the hospital. This is due to the safety and the need for the newborn to lie on a flat surface.

Problems with the cervical spine

First of all, we are talking about a possible spinal curvature. Since in a horizontal position the baby does not form a flat line, he turns out one line a little higher, the other - lower. Thus, a certain imbalance is created.

Dislocation of the neck.

Absolutely all the organs of the newborn are very weak and fragile. If you accidentally turn, you can get a serious injury in the form of neck dislocation. Parents often do not even notice how this happens. But the reason for this is the feather bed, which was carefully placed in the crib to the baby.

But still, it is impossible to say so categorically about the uselessness of the pillow. There are cases in which it is considered necessary. But they should be approached individually, in consultation with a specialist orthopedist.

Pillows for the newborn.

How to choose the right pillow?

Up to one year you can not worry about buying a pillow. But as soon as the baby has matured, he will need his own feather bed in his bed.

In this case, parents will have to make a difficult choice, because it is not so easy to decide and understand how to choose a convenient option for an infant.

  1. It is necessary to navigate the purchase of the manufacturer's company, which you trust.
    By the first year of life, parents, as a rule, have already formed a list of those manufacturers who, in their opinion, are considered among the highest quality.
  2. In no case do not buy before the birth of the baby.
    Even when the child will be six months, then you can think about the acquisition. In this case, you will know what features a newborn has.
  3. In the event that the baby sleeps restlessly and often turns, pay attention to the supporting models.
  4. When the child continues to regurgitate in his sleep, he accumulates a large amount of gases, then choose inclined products.
  5. When the baby often sleeps on his stomach, it is necessary to take care of his safety by choosing an anti-choke model.
  6. Pay attention to the material, try to avoid synthetic impurities.
    It is better to stop on cotton fabrics.

Anatomical pillow

The most popular and reliable from the point of view of orthopedics are just such pillows. They perfectly emphasize the shape of the body, making the position as comfortable and comfortable as possible.

Types of pillows

In such a pillow there are several varieties that differ in both the form itself and the material.

  1. Inclined - a model designed more for young children, who very often regurgitate.
    This is a fairly large model, which is located not only under the head, but also under half of the body.
  2. Positional - designed for too spinning children, who thereby awake themselves.
    It is located under the whole body, firmly fixes the child on the sides, thus the baby in a dream will not make many coups and will have a more peaceful and comfortable sleep.
  3. The butterfly is the most affordable version of the anatomical pillow.
    This name was given for a form that resembles a butterfly.

Manufacturing materials

Pay attention to the material from which the pillow is made.

They can be:

  1. Down and feather - the cheapest and simplest components, but they are allergenic and time-consuming to care.
    The rest is a great option that is light and compact.
  2. Wool is a material that has a high thermal conductivity.
    Surprisingly, on such a product it is never hot in summer, and cold in winter. However, the material is quite allergenic and can form a large number of ticks.
  3. Artificial filler - the most common and safe.
    It is not absolutely allergenic, but at the same time it performs all the intended functions.

A small review of anatomical pillows


More positive feedback is always collected by a pillow that looks like a butterfly. This is the model that perfectly captures the position of the head. In addition, it is sold in different models depending on the texture and height of the baby.

As for the inclined model, it is considered convenient not only for sleeping, but also for the usual hanging out of the newborn.

There are also special pillows in the form of a headrest. They allow the newborn not to crawl, but to remain on it throughout the entire time of sleep.

In any case, no matter how many positive reviews pillows have, first of all, you should consult with the orthopedist, who will tell you what pillow is needed in your case. For example, torticollis (a fairly common problem) is eliminated with the help of one of the pillows.

Anatomical pillow do it yourself

The product, made by hand, will appeal to both you and your baby. Moms want to buy only the safest products for their baby. This is exactly what a pillow is, made by own hands. In fact, there is nothing difficult in getting such a product.


Before you start work, you should think about what materials will be needed.

  1. Pattern
  2. Fabric cuts.
  3. Scissors.
  4. Threads.
  5. Lightning.
  6. Filler (artificial synthetic winterizer).
  7. Sewing machine.


It is not necessary to do the pattern with your own hands. It is possible to use a ready-made template. Both on the Internet and in thematic journals there are many versions of how to make a pattern. See all the options and use the one that suits you best.

Step plan:

  1. Take the pattern and gently transfer it to the pre-selected cotton fabric.
  2. During the pattern, do not forget that each seam must be left 2 centimeters per seam allowance.
  3. From the seamy side sew two pieces of fabric, while leaving room for the filler.
  4. Gently fill the filler.
  5. Attach the zipper to the hole.

It is important not only to get a pillow for a one-year-old child, but also to know how to use it. If the baby is sleeping on his back, he will need a small roller, which is enclosed under the neck. A large roller is used if the child changes its position and lies on its side.


It is impossible so clearly and categorically judge the need for pillows for newborns. Everything in this situation is determined by the orthopedic surgeon, who has already made his decision. It is possible that the baby is contraindicated to a certain age pillows.

But there are also cases when using down products it was possible to correct birth defects.



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