Choosing an envelope for discharge from the maternity hospital

A pregnant woman at 8-9 months collects anxious packages. The first package includes things with which she will go to the maternity hospital. It should be always at hand, if necessary, the girl goes to the hospital with him.

The second package is intended for discharge. It includes the clothes of mother and newborn, cosmetics and diapers. If clothes for women are chosen based on their own size and taste preferences, then a much more serious choice is an envelope for discharge from the maternity hospital.

Types of envelopes for discharge

Absolutely all young families want to take their baby from the hospital not only in a beautiful, but also practical, convenient envelope.

You can choose from several clothing options for discharge, which differ in several indicators at once.

  1. Blanket - one of the most common options, which has earned popularity for newborns in the winter season.
    The blanket perfectly protects from winds and cold. The kid in him feels incredibly comfortable. In this case, it is convenient to him from the fact that he is in the swaddling state. The blanket is sewn from decorative cotton fabric, filler and lining. The quality and density of the lining will depend on the temperature conditions outside.
  2. Plaid - option which intends for summer newborns.
    It consists essentially of a cotton fabric and a plaid made of plush or soft velsoft. The plaid is multifunctional. After taking the baby in it from the maternity hospital, you can later lay the blanket in the stroller for walking on cool summer evenings.
  3. The bag is shaped a bit like a blanket, but it has a number of differences.
    This is the presence of a hood and a zipper at the bottom of the product. The model is considered more practical than a blanket, since it sits more tightly on the baby.
  4. Transformer - a popular model, because it can be used for several years.
    In the first winter, it will be a regular bag. And in the second winter with the help of simple manipulations, the transformer will turn into a jumpsuit. Thus, you can even save a little, without buying two products at once.

How to choose a baby envelope for discharge?


In order to choose an envelope for a newborn on discharge, it is worth knowing which basic criteria to pay attention to:

  1. Appearance.
  2. Season.
  3. The desired type of product.
  4. Functionality.
Envelope design for the baby.

First of all, when choosing an envelope for the baby, the mother should start from the time of year in which he is born.

  1. Winter means cold and harsh conditions.
    The baby should be comfortable enough. That is why it is not recommended to buy clothes for growth at this age. The envelope should sit in size, then the newborn will be comfortable and warm in such conditions.
  2. Summer - depends on the region in which the young married couple lives.
    The ideal option would be to use a synthetic blanket with removable elements. This means that during a cold snap, you fasten an additional insulation. And in hot weather, leave the child only in a light cotton fabric.
  3. Autumn is an option that will be a little warmer than winter, but in it the baby should be as warm as possible.
    As a rule, in autumn there are more chances to get sick in case of deceptive and changeable weather. When choosing an autumn envelope, pay attention to the fastener and protection from wind, rain. You need to choose a waterproof and waterproof fabric that can protect your child from strong winds.
  4. Spring - the heat of these envelopes can be called medium.
    Despite the fact that the spring sun shines, it is still necessary to wear things with a tight lining. As a sealant, choose natural materials. It is necessary to pick up this version of the envelope, which will be a baby and not very cold, and not hot.

The ideal option for winter would be a blanket. It is in him that the child will feel comfortable, because his movements are constrained, and he feels safe (as if in his mother's belly).

If you wish, you can give preference to two envelopes at once. In the first case, it will be a standard jumpsuit, and in the second - a voluminous envelope bag, which will be used only under extreme frosty conditions.

How to sew an envelope for an extract with your own hands?

If you wish, you can sew an envelope on the statement with your own hands.

To do this, you will need to purchase the necessary materials:

  • scheme;
  • graph paper;
  • scissors;
  • the cloth;
  • lining (if necessary);
  • needle with thread;
  • sewing machine;
  • satin threads;
  • additional decorative elements.

First of all, you will need to find the pattern you like.

Fortunately, a large number of freely available can be obtained from the Internet.

  1. Redraw the outline of the pattern on graph paper.
  2. Choose two fabrics to be used in your work. The first fabric - facial, can be made of artificial material. The second fabric is a natural material.
  3. Mark the envelope size: 1.40 mx 0.9 m.
  4. Attach the scheme to the fabric and paint on the specified size, do not forget to leave an additional 2 centimeters for seam allowance.
  5. Two fabrics are sewn together.
  6. On top of the envelope is decorated with ribbons, lace threads and additional decorative elements.

Where to buy an envelope on the statement?

In that case, if you can not sew by yourself, then you will have to purchase an envelope in a ready-made version.

In this case, you have several ways:

  1. Going to the children's store - if you want to save money, you can buy an envelope long before the birth of the child, when seasonal promotions are on.
    For example, at the end of the summer, buy clothes for a newborn baby, and vice versa.
  2. Ordering an option from a tailor - it happens that you find an envelope you like on the Internet, but you don’t have it in stores.
    In this case, you can always buy a separate fabric and ask for help from a tailor who can sew any product to your image.
  3. There are popular sites on the Internet that sell used clothing.
    If you do not have prejudices about this, you can choose from this number. Such clothes are of good quality, because, as a rule, most envelopes only dress once, on an extract, and then simply lie in the closet.



Choosing an envelope for discharge from the maternity hospital is a responsible and serious occupation. Prospective parents should consider not only the appearance, but also the functionality. Try to choose an option that you will later use for walking with your baby.

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