Creative ideas discharge from the hospital

Disposal of a newborn is an alarming and at the same time important moment in the life of any family. Many couples are waiting for this moment with great impatience. That is why they try to give it the most solemn, festive and even fabulous atmosphere.

The discharge itself from the hospital is organized, as a rule, by the father. For mom, most things are a surprise, because she spends all the time only in the hospital.

Extract from the hospital - a solemn occasion

It is extremely important to properly organize and prepare an extract from the hospital. This is not an ordinary event, but something that happens very rarely in life. Mom doesn’t really want a grand celebration, because after the birth and the week spent in the hospital, she only wants to be home.

Dad will be responsible for the complete organization of discharge from the hospital, which includes:

  • decorated decoration of the room;
  • order of a professional photographer;
  • car decoration;
  • holiday feast;
  • solemn meeting from the hospital.

Before organizing the discharge from the maternity hospital, dad accidentally must clarify the wishes and tastes of the young mother. This is a holiday that is organized just for her. Therefore, if a woman does not like excessive tenderness and sentimentality, then she clearly will not like paper angels and the abundance of balls in the apartment.

A man should definitely buy a flower arrangement. Pay attention not to its size, but to originality. Prefer those colors that stand as long as possible.

Fortunately, now bouquets can be purchased from professional florists who will help create a truly stylish composition.

In the morning, dad will have to hand the festive things to the young mother and newborn. They, as a rule, are prepared by a woman long before she is hospitalized. The girl collects several packages. One of which is clothing designed for discharge.

Mom should think a few sets of things. After childbirth, not all women have a tummy tuck, so you should not choose too tight clothes. For a baby, you should choose not only beautiful clothes, but also the one that will be in season.

Car decoration


An important role in the organization of the statement has the design of the machine. It is necessary to make a reservation that it is not necessary to come exactly in your car. If you really want to surprise your wife, you can order a luxury car, limousine or a real carriage for rent. Such a way to meet a woman will delight others.

If you decide to go on your own transport to the statement, then you should take care of its decorative part. Please note that in stationery stores or print shops special decorations are sold for such an event.

Ribbons with inscriptions are used as decorations for discharge:

  1. "Thanks for the son."
  2. "Thanks for the daughter."
  3. "For daughters".
  4. "For the son".
  5. "I was born and going home."
  6. "We have a prince."
  7. "I'm going after the princess."

Inscriptions can be bought as a finished product, or ordered in a printing house, where you can choose from several options.

Decoration of the courtyard and the entrance

The woman who has just given birth should feel care and attention to the person. For this purpose, a solemn discharge from the hospital is arranged. Young dad tries to decorate the whole world as much as possible. This concept includes the decoration of the yard, porch.

The place of decoration will depend on where the young family lives. If this is a private house, you can take care of decorating the courtyard. For example, hang an inscription on the fence with an enthusiastic greeting.

In the courtyard, you can hang beautiful garlands on the trees.

As for the decoration of the entrance to the statement, in this case there are several options:

  • sprinkle the track with rose petals;
  • hang posters on the walls in the entrance;
  • Artificial wicker flowers are beautifully laid on the railing;
  • at the entrance on the railing tie a large number of balloons.

We lay the table

After meeting a woman with a newborn baby at the door of the maternity hospital, all the guests go to celebrate the birth of the baby at home to a young family. As a rule, a laid table already awaits them there, which the father of the newborn and grandmother had taken care of in advance.

Mom is not involved in setting the table since she is always in the hospital. No one expects too gorgeous meeting. After all, the discharge comes not for long, because the mother needs rest and relaxation after a week spent in the hospital.

Cover the table on the statement should be given the special nutrition of nursing mothers. Take care that the woman had what to eat. It should be steam or boiled food, without the content of additives, mayonnaise. The ideal option would be boiled potatoes, mashed potatoes and steamed cutlets.

For all those present, you can prepare a slightly different menu, which will include:

  • snacks (cutting sausage and cheese, cutting vegetables and fruits, tartlets, sandwiches with caviar and salted fish);
  • salad (1-2 species will be enough, with 1 classic salad - Olivier, herring under a fur coat, option 2 may be more extravagant);
  • hot (mashed potatoes and meat, chicken);
  • tea with cake.

If no one can help the young father with the preparation, then there is an opportunity to buy ready-made products in supermarkets.

You can order a certain number of servings and meals in a few days, and order all the dishes at the appointed hour. Then you will only need to shift the food from the containers into beautiful plates and carefully set the table.

We decorate the baby's room


The first months of his life the baby spends all nights in the parents' bedroom. Therefore, it is necessary to decorate this room. As decorations can be used:

  • Balloons;
  • flowers;
  • posters with inscriptions;
  • bedding set.

The most popular way is to decorate with balloons. In the shops you can order figures of newborns made from this material. If you have neither financial opportunity nor time, then you can purchase a large set of helium balloons that tie to the crib.

Try to decorate the room so that the baby is comfortable in it. For the first time, abandon the mobiles hanging above the bed. The newborn does not need such entertainment.

Remove the extra bumpers and pillow, because after the baby gets into the room, the mother will put him in a crib, where nothing should interfere and distract attention.

Ideas for meeting mom and newborn

There are plenty of options for how to meet a young mother and a newborn from the hospital. Dad even lost the need to think independently.

For discharge, he will only need to use pre-planned and invented ideas.

  1. A large number of balloons - a holiday for many people since childhood has been associated with this attribute.
    However, for many it is vulgarity and bad form. To avoid such an opinion, it is worthwhile to choose the right balloons around the world. Do not dwell on all the colors of the rainbow. You must choose 2-3 color options. For example, when a girl is born, they mostly stop on a white and pink scale, for a boy it is blue and white.
  2. Flowers - on this day a woman should feel especially desirable and loved.
    As a rule, all invited to the holiday, come with a bouquet of flowers. The most beautiful and gorgeous bouquet should get from dad.
  3. Photo session - discuss the subject of photos with the photographer in advance.
    Want you get standard, romantic or funny pictures. Your photos will depend entirely on your mood, so you can decide for yourself what color you want to betray.
  4. Live music - the most romantic young families order live music that meets the mother and baby at the entrance to the maternity hospital.
    The orchestra plays a romantic and melodic song, under which they can even dance couples who came to the statement.
  5. The life-size puppet is lately a popular trend that will appeal to children.
    Choose a neutral growth doll that is not related to cartoon characters. Most often, people order a large polar bear, which can cheer and hug a woman with a newborn. It always looks incredibly romantic and touching.


Extract from the hospital for a woman should be a real surprise. A man should prepare for this event in advance. You must at least think about the main points. If you want to surprise your faithful, then try even during pregnancy to find out which points she prefers.

Do exactly as your wife wants. After all, she experienced a lot and really tried to give birth to a child. Your only task is to thank her by making a beautiful and festive statement.

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