Endometrial norms for conception

Planning a pregnancy, the couple begins in advance. After all, it is necessary to know all the tests, to learn that the body, both female and male, is ready for conception and fertilization. Especially carefully examined women, because they need not only to get pregnant, but also to endure, and subsequently to give birth to a child.

One of the most frequent problems with women's health is the insufficient size of the endometrium. It is the inner layer of the uterus, in which the fertilized embryo is fixed. Therefore, with its insufficient size, the embryo will not be able to consolidate.

Required thickness

The thickness of the endometrium depends directly on two hormones: testosterone and progesterone. If there is a shortage or an excess of this or that hormone, the endometrium can either become thinner or thicken. In both cases, this has negative, negative consequences for conception.

If the ovum fails to attach to the damaged endometrium, it will be rejected by the body after some time, which means that a miscarriage will occur.

For ovulation

The size of the endometrium depends on which period the female body is in. Approximate figure - 9-12 mm. This size is enough for pregnancy to occur during ovulation.

For conception

The ideal size of the endometrium is 0.5-1.5 cm. At the minimum and maximum size it will be quite difficult to get pregnant. All this is due to the deviation of the hormonal background.

Is conception possible with deviations?


The thickness of the endometrium is of paramount importance. With its modified form, the chances of getting pregnant are practically reduced to zero. At the same time, women with a similar diagnosis are denied even during the procedure of in vitro fertilization.

Even if a girl manages to conceive a child, as a rule, in such situations a miscarriage occurs quickly enough.

What are the norms of endometrium?


This is a size that still rarely allows you to get pregnant. However, due to the increased state of the uterus, very often a woman has a miscarriage. With a thick size, it is quite difficult for her to carry a child. With this pathology, the tone of the uterus is significantly increased, and this is what causes the natural abortion.


With a thin version of the pathology, the probability of conception is also possible, and as a consequence of pregnancy. However, this does not mean a good moment of carrying a child. The problems here are associated with an acute lack of oxygen, as a result of the suffocation of a small child.

Due to the lack of nutrients in the proper amount, lack of oxygen, pregnancy stops and the fetus suffocates in the early stages.


Understanding the existing deviations in a woman’s health and establishing the probability of conception is possible only after complex therapy. Initially, the patient comes to the examination to the gynecologist. The specialist, after a thorough examination and interview of the girl, is trying to identify the cause of health-related disorders.

Additional studies are appointed by a specialist, include:

  • laparoscopy;
  • hysteroscopy;
  • colposcopy.

In addition, a number of analyzes and studies are written out, by which one can already see the complete picture of pathology.

Mandatory tests include:

  • general urine analysis;
  • general blood analysis;
  • analysis of a vein for the presence of genital viral infections;
  • smear.

Important! The presence of genital infections not only interferes with conception, but also contributes to the fact that the walls of the uterus become thinner and as a result, many problems arise with pregnancy.

Drug therapy

Treatment of the thinned uterine wall is carried out immediately by several methods. The approach is chosen depending on the severity of the disease and the general health of the patient. It is impossible to say unequivocally that some method is more effective.

Drug therapy includes the use of the following drugs:

  • Divigel;
  • Proginova;
  • Gormel;
  • Utrozhestan;
  • Dufostan.

All of the above medicines give a good positive therapeutic effect. The dosage of the drug, its quantity and frequency of administration is determined by the gynecologist. That is why it is extremely undesirable to study on the forums of councils, who takes how much.

For some girls, the minimum dose will do; others will need the maximum dosage.

Folk methods


Do not forget about traditional medicine, which often has a positive effect. However, such therapy can not be the only true and effective. This means that it is necessary to use an integrated approach.

As soon as it helps to achieve truly unique results.

  • decoctions of herbs;
  • infusions;
  • dill;
  • mint;
  • sage decoction;
  • decoction of the beaver uterus.

All these tools are used both for external use, and as a douching.

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