How to choose and use a nebulizer for children?

An inhaler or otherwise a nebulizer is the means that should be in the first-aid kit of each parent. With it, you can quickly get rid of acute respiratory diseases. A few decades ago, pediatricians issued directions to the physiotherapist's office.

It was there that one of the outlandish devices was considered an inhaler. Now freely available it can be purchased at the store. At the same time, it does not differ overpriced. However, before you buy a device, it is worthwhile to understand and learn better how it acts, what organs it is directed at and what is its need.

Types of nebulizers

Turning to the store for the acquisition of a nebulizer, you can encounter not only different manufacturers, but also with certain types. So, the device has several varieties, which differ among themselves depending on the spectrum of applied actions, efficiency and price policy.

There are devices that are aimed only at eliminating problems in the sinuses, there are those that are used urgently during asthma. Buying an inhaler costs, starting from in what area you need it.

Steam Nebulizer Inhaler

One of the simplest devices. His job is that the drug heats up and thanks to this, all the medicine and the liquid that is in it is evaporated and turned into air. Such a mechanism is considered one of the easiest, so it is always low cost.

However, before pursuing a relatively inexpensive means, it is worth exploring all those diseases that he can cure.

If we talk in general, the steam nebulizer is suitable for children older than 2-3 years who have no complications in the current illness. It is necessary to treat reddened throat and stuffy nose. That is, it is one of the easiest and simplest devices that will help to cope with the problem of a developing disease.

But in general, the steam version has its negative sides:

  • It cannot be used if there is a temperature above 37.2;
  • will be able to cope only with diseases of the upper respiratory tract, namely the nose and throat;
  • noisy;
  • when the medicine is heated, it loses a part of its therapeutic properties; accordingly, it is necessary to use a larger amount of agents longer.

Compressor nebulizer nebulizer

The air passes through a special narrow opening. It is there that he gives in to the most powerful pressure, thanks to which the medicine is cleaved into a multitude of small particles that enter the patient's body. The biggest advantage of this drug is its uniqueness.

It works well on many organs and quickly kills the infection. As for the shortcomings, then perhaps the most important is its large volumes and very noisy work. Small children will not be able to use a compression nebulizer. He will scare them away with his own noise, thereby creating a negative atmosphere.

Ultrasonic nebulizer nebulizer

Ultrasonic inhaler can be noted as one of the very first devices for combating acute respiratory diseases. Ultrasound affects drugs, thereby creating a powerful drug that allows the drug to enter the child's body.

The big disadvantage of it is the impossibility of the use of antibiotics and medicines. Thanks to ultrasound, the curative effects of the drugs are simply ceasing to exist. Therefore, it uses only herbal and medicinal decoctions.

Membrane, or mash nebulizer

The most modern way to combat SARS. Nanotechnology and the highest membrane vapor allow medicines to be converted into vapor particles that enter the child’s body. At the same time, the device works without a long cord, which facilitates its use.

The set has a special unit that charges the mash nebulizer. Removing it from the block, you can start a convenient application. It fully delivers the drug to the body, respectively, is highly effective.

The membrane device is light and compact. However, it has its drawbacks. These include high cost, which is simply not affordable for very many Russians. The approximate price fluctuates around 9-10 thousand rubles.

Advantage of the nebulizer


Doctors, scientists and specialists of the World Health Organization noted a number of advantages that inhalants possess. Thanks to these criteria, pediatricians advise parents to always have a similar device in their home medicine cabinet.

It is highly effective, allows you to cope with the disease in the shortest possible time.

  1. Safety - and this means that you can apply without worrying about the health effects. Nothing harmful nebulizer can bring the child into the body.
  2. Effective for the treatment of acute respiratory diseases.
  3. Special nasal moisturizing.
  4. Ease of use.
  5. The mucus in the nose softens, thanks to which it leaves the body more quickly.
  6. With the help of the device, the drug successfully penetrates into the nasal sinuses, they are distributed over the entire surface, reaching absolutely all areas.

But with all the advantages and positive aspects of the nebulizer, you should still know how to use it correctly. Otherwise, such an effective impact on the disease simply will not work. It is necessary to separate the course and treat a runny nose separately, and then cough or hoarse throat.

Cough treatment with nebulizer

It has long been proven that inhaling during coughing means that it is more likely to get better.

This is one of the most effective, efficient and benign ways to deal with your problem.

The big advantage of the therapy is the ability to cure without the use of drugs. Not always inserted into the nebulizer medication drugs.

In many cases, these are essential oils, saline, soda, or herbal preparations. This is effective in the early stages of the disease, that is, when it was possible to understand that the baby was slightly unwell, it is possible to use a herbal preparation widely used in medicine as therapy.

There is a special chest fee sold in a pharmacy. It includes a specific list of medicinal herbs that facilitate the passage of sputum and facilitate easier recovery.

For a small child, you should still consult with a specialist, finding out how the use of a nebulizer is possible and what means are needed. Perhaps there is a ban for him.

In general, when coughing can be used respiratory equipment, but only if:

  • no fever;
  • no allergic reactions to medication;
  • no nose bleed;
  • not observed acute heart failure.

General terms of use

It would seem that there is nothing difficult in carrying out the procedure. But in fact, parents face great difficulties.

In order for inhalation to be truly effective, it is worthwhile to conduct it according to all the rules:

  1. Do not start earlier than 1.5-2 hours after a meal.
  2. Use the exact dosage and medication that your doctor has prescribed.
  3. The procedure itself is done 2-3 minutes no more than 3 times per day.
  4. Only an hour later you can eat.
  5. Inhalation should be carried out in a calm and relaxed state. Very often parents complain that children scream during the procedure. In this case, it is worth going to the tricks, promising candy or cartoons. The last option is to do the whole procedure at night, during the deep sleep phase of the child.
  6. Wash hands before inhalation, and then thoroughly wash the entire device.

With a hoarse cough (laryngitis)

Laryngitis is a disease in which the child’s voice changes significantly. He becomes too hoarse or disappears altogether. In this case, an impact on the larynx is required.

During the procedure, the baby will need to breathe through the mouth and exhale with the nose. The time of inhalation is 10 minutes. At the same time spend it 2-3 times a day.

With dry cough

In the event that the child has a dry cough, namely, constant shortness of breath, tickling, this means that there are problems associated with ENT diseases. In this case, you can use the inhalation method only after consulting a pediatrician. If the specialist approves the treatment, it is possible to apply it.

Wet cough

A wet cough carries the second name productive. It is considered as such because it allows sputum to leave the body. Despite the fact that this type of cough is considered more painless, it still requires a certain treatment. The use of a nebulizer is considered affordable.



Despite the effectiveness of the procedure, there are still a number of measures that prohibit the use of a nebulizer. These include, first of all, chronic health problems, namely heart failure or allergic reactions to certain medicines, herbal preparations. In other cases, the application may be permitted.

But as for children, for them there are a number of additional points that do not allow the use of an inhaler.

  • newborn age;
  • increased body temperature (more than 37.5);
  • anxiety, nervousness.

Many parents hold children and try to carry out the procedure with them. Still, it is not worth doing. If you can not distract and invent tricks, then give up such a device for a certain time.

How to choose the best inhaler for treating a child?

In order to decide on the choice of a single means, it is worth considering a few important points:

  1. The age of the child. For example, it is better for newborns to apply a similar procedure only under the supervision of specialists. Steam inhaler is not suitable for one year old children. Therefore, you can not blindly buy a nebulizer without relying on age features.
  2. Type of inhaler.
  3. Price category.
  4. Manufacturing firm.

It should be noted that most things are acquired only after a thorough study of the most popular and popular manufacturers.

TOP 3 steam inhalers

By right won a wide audience in the modern market. Actively used to treat many problems.

  1. Med Cow - a special device for children of the Italian company, which allows you to get rid of the cold and cough. It should be noted the original design, namely the shape of the head of a cow.
  2. WELL WN is a popular English inhaler that has been on the market for a long time and has its own consumers.
  3. Chamomile is a Russian drug that is notable for its low price and not so wide effectiveness.

TOP 3 best compressor nebulizers

Among the best appliances:

  1. Omron is one of the best firms on the market today. There are several variations of its use.
  2. Omron Kids - is notable not only for a wide range of activities, but also for its original design, perfectly suitable for children's use.
  3. WELL WN - compressor device that will help to cope with a large number of problems.

TOP 3 best ultrasonic nebulizers

Ultrasonic waves allow you to quickly break down drugs, but this often loses the effectiveness of their methods.

  1. AND - only good for the use of drugs without antibiotics and drug content. Basically it is traditional medicine.
  2. OMRON - inhaler is able to work for more than three days, which makes it one of the most popular devices among this type.
  3. A small doctor - a nebulizer assembled in Singapore has several modes and is suitable for use not only for children but also for adults.

TOP 3 best mesh nebulizers

Modern word technology, which is reflected in medicine.

  1. WELL WN - it should be noted that the device allows you to use it even when tilted. Drugs will not spill out, which means use for sleeping children.
  2. Omron - nebulizer, which is characterized by a long operating time, the presence of a battery. Only one disadvantage is the high price.
  3. Pari is a convenient German device that is used in the treatment of children.


Many parents like to use the inhaler for their own purpose. For children, this should not be done, since only a pediatrician can make an accurate diagnosis. No one denies the positive side of herbal, but it is initially necessary to know which means are best to apply.

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