What gift to buy a teenager?

One of the most difficult and difficult tasks is the choice of gifts. First of all, it concerns teenagers. They are so inconstant and unstable that sometimes you stop understanding at all what they want from life and what they want to get for their birthday.

If at an early age the child was happy with any toy, now the situation has completely changed. In case of obvious discontent, the teenager will not be silent and will surely say that he would like to see a completely different thing as his gift.

Gifts for a teenage boy

Parents always want to give not only beautiful, but also necessary things. It is worth thinking about possible options for a gift for your child in advance.

Modern stores offer a wide selection of a variety of gifts. They can be funny, helpful, smart and sporty. Regardless of which gift is chosen, his main task is to bring maximum emotions. Of course, they should be only positive.

Gifts for sports guys

Adolescent boys love an active and mobile life. They, as a rule, walk a lot and have a large number of friends. Often at this time there are first sports hobbies.

Gyms have recently become particularly popular. In addition, adolescents must be sent in the right direction, otherwise their energy will go completely in the wrong direction.

This will help sports gifts.

  1. Giroskuter - what kind of guy would not dream of getting a real giroskuter for your birthday.
    And if you also find bright colorful colors, then your son will definitely be delighted with such an acquisition.
  2. A smart bracelet is a device that allows you to monitor your pace of life, the steps taken, and the calories spent.
    In it, you can set yourself tasks that will have to be solved every day. For example, set the desired mileage jogging. Often, smart bracelets can be connected to the phone in order to track calls and incoming messages on time.
  3. The mountain bike is a big transport, which has a lot of brakes and new technological moments that will appeal to the birthday boy.
    Finally, he will replace his children's bike with an adult mountain model.
  4. Skateboard.
  5. Snowboard.
  6. Exercise Bike
  7. Subscription to the gym.
  8. Dumbbells.
  9. Giri.

Even if your child is not interested in sports, then such gifts motivate him to be active.

Adrenaline Rush: Surprise Gifts

The most valuable and long-awaited are not only material gifts, but also the so-called surprise presents.

With their help, you can get an incredible fuse of energy.

  • Paintball - one of the favorite games of teenagers is the so-called war game.
    Paintball surprisingly repeats a similar venture. All players are given special camouflage suits, pistols with coloring bullets. At the end of the game, it is calculated who suffered the most damage.
  • horror quest - guys love scary stories and real horrors.
    Dip them in like this by ordering an adventure in a similar room of horror. The guys may be in an abandoned castle, an old house. In order for them to get out, there are a lot of confusing questions to solve.
  • laser tag is a less traumatic and dangerous game than paintball.
    Despite this, and it can enjoy well-deserved popularity.
  • hiking trip - try to organize a trip with your closest relatives or friends.

What will a teenage girl like?


Many believe that a teenager girl is much harder to please than a boy. This is due to excessive demands not only on the gift, but also on the method of presentation and even its design.

You can add a gift bought by you with balloons, bright cards and colored garlands. This will add a sense of celebration.

What to buy depending on the hobbies of a young lady?

As a rule, girls in adolescence already have certain hobbies. This may be a sports activity or needlework. Be sure to buy the gift that will help your daughter in a new hobby.

If the girl is a needlewoman, then the following options will suit her:

  • embroidery kit;
  • Knitting needles, hoops;
  • designer courses;
  • clothes decoration elements (beads, beads, sequins, embroidery);
  • ticket for the display of clothing.

If a girl began to be interested in cosmetics, then she can be presented with caring creams and ointments. Of course, at such a young age you should abandon the bright mascara and shadows, instead of them suitable moisturizing lipstick, powder with a shimmering shade and eyebrow pencil.

If a teenager is interested in hairstyles, then you can give a whole book, which will be step by step depicted what and how to weave. In addition to the book, you can give an artificial head with hair, which will train the child.

As an interesting surprise

More material gifts, the child will be able to rejoice at quite unusual and surprising surprises.

They can be:

  • culinary master class in the best restaurant in the city;
  • certificate in a beauty salon;
  • Voucher to the camp at sea or abroad.

Worst gifts for teenage girls

Teenagers have compiled a list of gifts that can be considered the worst.

These include:

  • boring clothes - at this age you should not choose and buy clothes instead of a child. Give the choice to his hands. Let him decide for himself what he likes best.
  • anti-acne cosmetics;
  • a book about diet;
  • book about personal growth;
  • baby clothes.

The teenager really wants to appear like an adult. Of course, the world of adults still does not accept it, but it is not worth it to show it every time. Let the girl think that she got on the same level with her parents, having received a set with cosmetics. But here parents in this case can show cunning, having collected only safe cosmetic means.

Original, unusual and funny keepsake gifts

Young people are very partial to the original things. At the same time, such gifts are not always expensive. But they are currently fashionable to use in our world.

They not only make life easier, but also look stylish.

  1. Heater cup - with a special cord on the cup, a warming effect occurs. At the same time, the cup can be inserted both into the outlet and into the usb cord.
  2. Utensils with a photo.
  3. Apparatus for making popcorn.
  4. The lamp with a projector.
  5. Original alarm clock.

Cool electronic gadgets - a trendy gift for a teenager

In adolescent children, standard toys have already faded into the background. Now they are interested in new and modern gadgets. With their help, you can get new hobbies.

Most often, children order their parents:

  • smartphones;
  • eBooks;
  • camera;
  • a laptop;
  • player;
  • wireless headphones;
  • portable speaker;
  • the tablet;
  • smart watch.

Is it appropriate to give money and how to do it?


In the event that you do not know what to give the child, you can give him the money. But it will be quite simple and trite if you just hand it to him. It is necessary to invent a more modern way.

This may be a quest, as a result of which treasures will be discovered in the form of money hidden by you. The second most popular can be a beautiful handmade greeting card or a wallet with already inserted bills. Try to show imagination in this matter, then the child will remember such a gift.


Despite the fact that shops offer a wide range of gifts, sometimes it’s difficult to give them to a teenager. First of all, it is worth starting from his desires. No need to give what you yourself would like to wear or use.

Look at the youth around you, consult with the seller in the store and hand over to the teenager what is now very popular among the younger generation.

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