What is the risk of multiple sclerosis during pregnancy?

Nowadays, multiple sclerosis has ceased to be a rare disease. Surprisingly, it has become a fairly common pathology, from which many adults and children suffer. But if you remember, even 30 years ago the disease was lacking medications and cures. It was a real death sentence.

In the 21st century, there were ways to get rid of the problem. In addition, doctors are confident that with this problem you can fully live. But as far as labor and pregnancy is concerned, this is quite a sensitive issue, which should be approached with all responsibility.

Multiple sclerosis - what kind of disease?

This disease appears to be the most popular lesion of the nervous system. Currently, a large percentage of both women and men experience similar difficulties. At the same time, multiple sclerosis affects not only the central nervous system, but also the brain and spinal cord.

Its main essence lies in the malfunctioning of myelin. He, in turn, is needed in order to increase the speed and conduct of nerve impulses. Thanks to this, a person performs quick, deliberate and purposeful actions. But when myelin is broken and damaged, scarring changes occur in its place.

And in the damaged area formed the so-called sclerosis. The problem with myelin scars spreads throughout the body, and the disease is called scattered.

Many are convinced that multiple sclerosis is a partial or complete loss of memory. In fact, this problem has nothing to do with memory. In general, people living with this disease continue to do the same mental activity without experiencing any abnormalities.

Planning for pregnancy with MS

There are many disputes regarding multiple sclerosis and pregnancy. Someone claims that these two phenomena are incompatible. Someone on the contrary is sure that due to the pregnant state the body will retreat for a while and you can not be afraid about the obvious manifestations of the disease.

Neither doctors nor scientists have yet come to an accurate and clear opinion. One thing is clear for sure, pregnancy during this period should be treated with extreme caution and responsibility. This should be reflected in the results of its planning.

During the illness a woman takes a certain list of drugs. So she needs to consult with the gynecologist what medicines are permissible and which are not. All this is worth finding out as soon as possible in order not to negatively affect the fetus.

From now on, it is necessary to adjust the treatment so that it does not adversely affect the health of the unborn child. In this case, you will have to consult with both the attending physician and the obstetrician-gynecologist.

Multiple sclerosis.

According to numerous reviews from the forums, we can conclude that during pregnancy, for many women, the disease recedes, giving the opportunity to endure a new life. At the same time, all children are born full children, not experiencing difficulties and health problems.

The effect of pregnancy on multiple sclerosis

Surprisingly, pregnancy affects the disease. It can completely heal a person. A woman who is expecting a baby develops a very special immune background. Thus, she has a strong immune system that helps to cope with the disease.

It is impossible to completely heal from it, but at least it is easy to push the problem to the fore.

As a rule, after the labor, namely during the first three months, the woman does not just resume the disease, but also greatly aggravates. A woman may notice that the attacks have become stronger and more serious. This is because the level of hormones returns to normal, and the immune system is noticeably weakened.

According to scientific data and studies conducted, it was proved that a woman who gave birth with a disease of multiple sclerosis subsequently does not have a disability or a severe development of the problem. And those young ladies who gave birth to two or more children can get rid of such a serious problem.

Pregnancy complications

No complications in multiple sclerosis are seen. At the same time, it can be noted that a woman experiencing such complexity is not at all different from a girl without sclerosis. She can also tolerate a pregnancy without ever being saved.

As for the generic activity, it takes place in exactly the prescribed period. Therefore, if in multiple sclerosis there is a severe pregnancy, then the cause and problem must be sought elsewhere. It has nothing to do with concomitant disease.

Consequences for the fetus

A pregnant woman experiencing health problems, first of all thinks about what the consequences may be for the fetus. In fact, one can rejoice and assure everyone that there are no negative factors for a child.

However, there is often a case of familial and hereditary disease. But this is probably the exception to the rule. None of the doctors can not say in advance about the presence of the same pathology in a child. This can only be determined after birth. In some cases, the disease develops in adolescence.

In other situations, a woman gives birth to a full and healthy child.

Principles of monitoring pregnancy with MS

Multiple sclerosis is a disease that cannot be treated. It is considered chronic, which is impossible to fight. He must be accepted and properly learned to live with him.

During pregnancy, special observation of multiple sclerosis, as a rule, is not required, since in most cases the disease subsides during the period of carrying the child. However, it is useful to undergo periodic examinations with the attending neurologist to make sure that the disease has receded for a while.

But all the time of pregnancy it is necessary to improve the immunity, for this the doctor can prescribe the appropriate medicines.

After the woman gives birth, a worsening of the general condition is possible. This requires an urgent request for help from a qualified technician.


It is proved by all scientific figures that a woman suffering from multiple sclerosis is able to endure and give birth to a healthy child. At the same time, she should not be afraid of the terrible pathologies in the development of the child. A healthy baby is born, having all the reasons for a decent and full life activity.

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