The choice of vitamin complex Omega 3 for children

Children's bodies need to be saturated with useful minerals and substances. These include fatty acids. They are abundant in fatty red fish.

However, not all of these types of fish can be consumed by children. That is why biological supplements containing Omega 3 have entered the market.

Omega-3 Efficacy

Scientists believe that people who have had great access to Omega-3 since their childhood have lived much longer.

This natural intake of a substance helps to cope with a number of health problems:

  • reduces the risk of developing allergic reactions to products;
  • reduces the possibility of transferring complex inflammatory diseases;
  • there is a better absorption of calcium;
  • the child is always calm;
  • hyperactivity is reduced;
  • sleep improves;
  • improved motility.

Omega 3 is found in large quantities in fish, nuts and seafood. People who eat this food in sufficiently large quantities from childhood suffer from oncological diseases much less.

Please note that Omega 3 is a complex that a person is not capable of producing independently. They need to constantly saturate the body so that it functions normally at all stages of life.

The benefits of Omega-3 for a child's body


Before giving your child healthy Omega-3 vitamins, it is worth exploring their role and benefits. Fatty properties that make up the drug, have long been proven effective.

Scientists insist that these minerals should be ingested, because they:

  1. Beneficial effect on the formation of the brain, retina.
  2. Normalizes blood pressure.
  3. Improves the cardiovascular system.
  4. Forms immunity.
  5. Severe anti-inflammatory effects.
  6. The development of the nervous system.
  7. Normalization of the gastrointestinal tract and metabolism.
  8. It helps to improve mental abilities.
  9. Increases concentration.
  10. Excretes toxins and toxins from the body.
  11. The overall condition of the hair, skin and teeth is improved.

It is noteworthy that the intake of Omega-3 should begin even during intrauterine development. It is proved that a pregnant woman who uses this drug in abundance, later gave birth to a full-fledged and healthy child, not suffering from nervous disorders and other pathologies.

How old can you take?

Doctors do not adhere to a strict theory according to the age at which vitamins can be taken. However, most experts advise to include in the child's diet minerals at the age of 3 years.

This is the period when the child begins to actively grow and develop. At the same time, the jump concerns not only the physical, but also the mental plane. In addition, manufacturers of nutritional supplements indicate in the instructions the use of vitamins only after 3 years.

It is believed that up to this age, the baby eats breast milk. All the necessary nutrients come with mother's milk. Accordingly, the task of a nursing woman is to create a balanced and complete diet.

It is possible that a nursing mother will start taking Omega-3. It will be absorbed and stored in the milk, which reaches the child.

Omega-3 has an accumulation property. If a nursing mother fully fed and provided her child with the necessary amount of acidity and fat, then he would have enough of her internal supply for a certain period of time. After that, from 3 years you can take additional minerals.

In some countries, children aged 1 to 3 years old are given daily one spoonful of fish oil. Despite the fact that it is the strongest of allergens, its increased beneficial properties have been proven.

Top 7 vitamin complexes in capsules for children

The release form of vitamin complexes containing omega-3 can be completely different. These include syrups, pills, lozenges, and special capsules. The form itself does not affect the effectiveness of the product. It should carefully approach the choice of drugs presented on the shelves in pharmacies.

Oriflame Wellness Kids

It is produced in the form of syrup, it is easily dosed and given to children. The drug from the famous Swiss company, which has gained popularity around the world. Wellness Kids consists of fish oil, additional antioxidants, lemon oil, tocopherol.

Doctors advise to use the medicine daily in 5 ml. Thanks to the measuring cup, the syrup is easily dosed and used by children. Its pleasant taste does not leave discomfort and negative feelings.

Multi Tabs

Allowed for children from 3 years of age. Multi tabs come in the form of a syrup that has a pleasant sweetish taste. In addition to Omega-3, the vitamin-mineral complex includes folic acid, retinol, ascorbic acid, tokofaril. Multi tabs has no contraindications, therefore, it is acceptable for use to all children.

Doppelgerts Active Kinder Omega-3 For Kids

Popular manufacturer, which has long established itself in the modern pharmaceutical market. She specializes in the production of dietary supplements for both children and adults. Active Kinder Omega-3 is sold in a form designed specifically for children.

These are marmalades of various texture, which allow to treat even the most harmful child. The composition of the drug includes high-quality fish oil, which makes it the best on the market today.

However, it is worth thinking about the cost of dietary supplements, since it may differ from its cheap counterparts. Parents will have to choose between quality and price.


Suppose for children not suffering from diabetes or overweight. The dietary supplement contains ascorbic and folic acid, fish oil and pyridoxine. Supradin is produced in the form of chewing gummies in the form of colored fish.

Every day, children from 3 to 6 years old should take 1 marmalade, and from 6 to 16 years, 2 marmalades per day should be given.

Tran Mollers Omega-3

Finnish vitamins that are intended for all family members. This product is considered to be of high quality, since its production uses only proven and natural products.

There are several varieties of the drug, which differ in both price and composition. In one drug includes additional vitamins, raising the price of drugs. This is vitamin D, folic and ascorbic acid.

Form release - attractive chewy marmalades, pleasant to the taste. Children do not have to say that this is a medicine.


One of the most inexpensive drugs that is distributed in Russia. Pikovit made in the form of a syrup. It consists of several useful trace elements: fish oil, ascorbic acid, tocopherol, cobalamin, folic acid, dexpanthenol. Daily it is necessary to use up to 5 ml of syrup.

ChildLife (DHA) from Iherb

Form release - gummies with a pronounced taste of wild berries. Sidelif of iherb is considered one of the most popular preparations for children. Pay attention to the concentration of omega-3 in this tool. It is significantly lower than in previous medications.

Therefore, if someone needs a tool with a low concentration of the substance (for small children or pregnant women), then child-life is perfect for this purpose.

What other vitamin complexes contain omega?


There are less common drugs. They did not receive such wide publicity not because of their low quality, but because of the high price, low concentration of the substance or simple advertising.

However, when choosing supplements they should be considered on a par with other drugs.

  1. Liquid vitamin for children Omega-3 from Nordic Naturals - is available in several forms: chewable tablets and syrup.
    The best time of use is autumn and spring, when there is a high risk of developing infectious diseases. It is an excellent prevention of influenza and ARVI, helps replenish the supply of vitamin D in the body. Syrup supplement can be easily mixed with solid food for young children.
  2. Vitamin D and Omega-3 from Coromega - a convenient form in the form of individual bags allows you to use the products not only at home but also on long journeys.
    Going to the grandmother for the weekend, you can take a few bags with you and not worry about the lack of vitamins. The product contains a high concentration of vitamin D and Omega-3.
  3. Carlson Labs - Carlson has long been a well-established product for iherb.
    It attracts a high concentration of minerals and a small price. Suitable for both very young children, and for older children. Vitamin E is used as an additional substance.


Famous pediatrician Dr. Komarovsky argues that taking Omega-3 vitamins is extremely necessary. They contribute to the favorable and comprehensive development of the baby.

Please note that if you do not have the ability to produce vitamins in a natural way, then it is better to use supplements that will help replenish the supply of omega-3 in the body.

Reviews of drugs only positive. Despite this, they should be taken only after consulting a doctor. He will be able to choose the right therapy and medication for your child. In this matter, do not rely on the advice of others.

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