How to baptize a child in church?

In Orthodox culture, it is considered that a cross is able to protect from many ills and ills. Young parents are particularly keen on this issue. Of course, no one wants his child sick.

Often the church is advised to baptize small children in order to avoid such problems. However, the question of the baptism of the baby arises quite sharply and it is not always possible to find a definite answer to it.

Do I need to baptize children?

Baptism concerns matters of religion. This is quite a difficult and even delicate topic. It can not be so easy to solve. Determine whether to baptize a child or not, to the couple personally. At the same time, you should not rely on the experiences and advice of grandparents. This is your child, so only you make this choice.

The church is recommended to approach the issue of baptism consciously. First of all, parents should understand why this ceremony is performed. Therefore, before deciding on such a crucial step, it is worth examining the aspect from all sides.

At what age can you baptize?


According to the Russian Orthodox custom, the newborn must be baptized on the 8th or 40th day after birth. Please note that Catholics are allowed to baptize at the same time.

This factor has a simple explanation:

  • the newborn has not yet become accustomed to its surroundings, it will be much more habitual for him to dive into the water in which he was 9 months old;
  • the baby is not afraid of strangers;
  • the mother of a newborn can enter the church after 40 days from the moment of delivery.

Often, at the request of parents, a church minister may perform a baptismal ceremony before the 40 days come. This happens often because of the illness of the child. After the newborn has been baptized, a guardian angel appears who can help with the disease.

Rules for the baptism of the child

Baptism requires adherence to a number of rules. It is worth noting that the procedure starts in 2 months. Approximately during this time, the godparents of the newborn should apply to the church. They should prepare for the sacrament in advance.

For the godmother of the mother and father, the church minister conducts a conversation in which he tells the mission of the godparents. After this, as a rule, a confession passes, as a result of which people are purified.

3 days before baptism, church ministers advised to observe the fast by refusing alcohol, smoking, and fatty foods. On the morning of the day of the baptismal ceremony, the godparents should come on an empty stomach, and the day before that they should refuse to have sex.

Name selection

The name of the newborn baby is always checked by the Sates. If his name is not in the list, then you should think about an additional name. It may be a completely different name. It is worth choosing, starting from the day of birth.

If you do not know which option is best, then ask the priest for help. He will tell you and help you choose the name of the saint whom you honor most.

Choosing a baby's name is very important, because with him you will turn to God.

Rules for godmother mother

When choosing a mother's godmother, you should focus on the reliability of the person. It should not be an immoral character who does not believe in God and is illegible in his connections. For your child, you should choose a person who can become a worthy example.

Godmother has a huge role in the education of girls. God parents must raise a child from a moral and spiritual point of view. If people are not sufficiently knowledgeable in religious matters, then they should study the Orthodox faith in more detail.

A woman must be at the ceremony with her head covered and in a skirt. It is forbidden to stay in church on days when menstruation takes place.

Rules for the godfather

Godfathers should come to the ceremony in clean, ironed clothes. They should have a neat appearance. Godfather must pay the entire procedure and buy his cross ward. In case there is a godmother, then she acquires a chain.

In addition, a baptismal shirt and a towel are purchased in advance.

At training in the church, the godfather will be asked to learn the prayer "Symbol of Faith." She may be asked to voice several times during the very ordinance of baptism.

Baptismal rite

The priest in all cases independently carries out the sacrament of baptism. It always follows a specific scenario. Previously, only a godfather, a newborn, and a priest were present at the sacrament. Currently, at the request of launching into the room several close relatives.

The rite takes place in several different ways depending on the religion.

For Orthodox

Since ancient times, there are the same rules for the baptism of newborns.

The ceremony takes place in several stages.

  1. The priest reads prayers against evil and wraps the baby in diapers.
  2. Reading prayers against Satan.
  3. The priest asks questions godfather.
  4. Together they read the prayer "Symbol of Faith".
  5. The godparents take candles in their hands, and the priest reads a prayer for the blessing of water.
  6. A font is lit in which the rite itself will be held.
  7. Three-time immersion of the newborn in the font.
  8. Vestment of the baby in the baptismal shirt.
  9. Confirmation.
  10. Haircut

In other religions

The Catholic rite of baptism is very similar to the Orthodox. It is accomplished by watering or immersing the baby in water. Before this, the priest renounces evil, Satan, and reads the prayer "Symbol of Faith."

In Protestantism, baptism symbolizes death, respectively, most people refuse such an action, not understanding why it is resorted to in other religions.

Baptists are allowed to baptize only when they reach the age of 15. It is believed that during this time the child is formed and established in his religion.



The issue of religion, namely the baptism of children, is acute in many religions. Most parents adhere to the point of view in which the newborn must independently choose which faith to accept.

Definitely can not answer how this is the right decision. However, it is clear that parents should independently decide on the issue of the baptism of their child individually.

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