How to determine the temperament of the child?

Temperament is one of the main features of the personality. On it you can judge the nature and behavior of the child. It is customary to distinguish 4 basic types of temperament. However, it is extremely rare to find them in pure form.

In one person two temperaments can unite at once, with one type prevailing over the other. Studying the temperament of your child in time will be able to understand the cause of conflicts and in the future to prevent them.

What is temperament?

Each person is a special and individual organism. In it, certain types of personality rage that affect mood and psycho-emotional perception.

Temperament is considered to be individual mental characteristics of the individual. If you pay attention to several people at once, then you will notice that all of them will react differently to the same events in reality.

Even if you look at children, they are all different, their reactions are not similar to each other. The point here is not only in the situation in the family, but also in the psycho-emotional perception.

Even in ancient Greece, the famous doctor Hippocrates was able to synthesize 4 types of personality, giving each a characteristic. He was sure that each person was of one type or another. Understanding which group a person belongs to, one can predict in advance the reaction to certain actions, actions of other people.

Type of temperament


In order to understand what type of temperament your child belongs to, you should carefully observe him and his behavior. Try to notice the characteristics of the character of the child. Already based on them, we can conclude about who your son or daughter is.

Do not worry if you do not find the exact description. Perhaps it contains a mixture of several types.

Phlegmatic person

The child is calm and circumspect. The baby is growing to everyone for joy and surprise, because it causes a minimum of anxiety to their parents. All that he does is initially thorough analysis and awareness.

For phlegmatic rarely notice the rapid manifestation of emotions. As a rule, he is not happy for him or is experiencing. Of all the toys, the phlegmatic person chooses the calm version. For example, designer or board game. He will play for a long time without disturbing his parents.

Do not think that at this time the baby is alone or forgotten. In fact, he is very pleased with such a calm and measured game.

Phlegmatic does not like to change the situation, friends, to acquire a new company. He gets used to his surroundings and sharply relives the loss of his usual things.


Such children can immediately be seen in the crowd. They have many friends, they are loved by others. These are leaders by nature. They easily make new acquaintances and fascinate people. On the one hand, it may seem that such a child is a real treasure for parents.

In fact, they have a big minus - they do not know how to bring what they have started to the end. For example, a sanguine person can never independently assemble a designer. He will give up, even before reaching half way.

Sanguine people at school can learn well because of the natural gift to grasp everything on the fly and like others, but they fail to achieve serious results because of natural laziness and lack of perseverance.

Sanguine people do not hold offenses on anyone, therefore there are always a lot of people around them. Every day is sunny for them, precisely because of this, everyone likes to communicate with the ever-joyful and radiant child so much.


Restrained and closed child, which requires special methods of education. About melancholic, we can say that since childhood they look like adults with their own views and attitudes.

Melancholic do not like something new. For them, the forgotten old is much better than new things and objects. Melancholic people do not like to be in the company of their peers. They feel more confident if they are in the company of older people, especially adults.

It is often possible to encounter a situation where guests come to adults, and the melancholic child does not move away from the table, listening attentively to the conversations of adults.


Active, temperamental and noisy children. Often, this is exactly what the diagnosis of hyperactivity is attributed to. These are children who are easy to start with sex trafficking. It is enough to show a new toy or captivate a new company.

Choleric quickly enter the new team, so they easily go to kindergartens and schools. For them, communication with people is the main life value. Children choleric easily overworked in this regard, they are very difficult to put to sleep during the day, and at night in order to sleep, take a lot of time.

Choleric do not sit still. They seem to be running a winding mechanism that does not turn off. These children become excellent athletes, because it is this kind of recreation that allows you to throw away unnecessary energy and finally relax.

How to raise a child by type of temperament?

Often, conflicts in the family occur due to misunderstanding of two generations. Of course, parents want unconditional obedience from the children, and very little crumbs dream to be heard and understood.

Only competent and wise adults can solve the generational conflict, who will educate each child in a special way, starting from the type of his temperament and realizing that every tiny one requires its own approach.

If your baby phlegmatic

Phlegmatic has a rather meager amount of emotions. He is often serious and restrained in his manifestations. Parents should try to charge their child with their charge of strength and vigor. To do this, often smile at him and surround him with positive events.

For example, go together on a snow hill or walk more often in the park. Surround your baby with the simplest things that already make life happy.

With such a child, one should not forget about playing physical sports. He may not like your idea at first glance. But start from the simplest. No need to give up on fights or karate, it will be enough to do swimming or acrobatics. These sports can develop mobility in a child that he does not like so much.

Your baby sanguine

The big minus of sociable and open sanguine is that they lack perseverance. They never finish the job. This may in the future play with them a cruel joke. Parents should throw all the power to raise such traits in their child. For this are required daily classes with the baby.

A child sanguine will never play a board game alone. In this case, adults should take care of raising perseverance. To do this, enter as a rule every day before going to bed with the whole family to collect a puzzle or read a book.

For a long time you will have to do it together, but later the baby will finally be able to sit alone. This will have to gradually increase the time that the child can spend alone.

Your baby is melancholic

The most touchy temperament in a child. He easily falls into despondency and sadness. Parents should as much as possible talk with the crumb about his feelings. Melancholic - a man with a subtle state of mind, so it can not be scolded and blamed for all.

Do it in a softer way. Believe me, even he will take it to heart. Try to teach the child to let go of their emotions and resentment, explaining that being in the soul they bring only frustration and destruction of the personality itself. A melancholic child requires a careful and patient approach on the part of parents.

Baby choleric

Choleric is particularly active and energetic. In no case can this child be locked up at home. As soon as the kid comes home from school, he cannot be forced to do homework right away. He needs to throw out the accumulated energy and extra emotions. For this excellent sports activities or walking in the fresh air.

It is imperative to give the baby to the sports section. In it, he will throw out energy and his thoughts will not go in an unnecessary direction.

Choleric does not like confined space, so long walks are obligatory on weekends. Only after the child is physically tired, he can become prudent, patient and obedient.

Is it possible to determine the temperament still in the womb by moving?

The temperament of the child, according to the assertions of psychologists, begins to form somewhere from 3-4 years Already determine what type of baby belongs, you can not before 5-6 years of age. That preschoolers already belong to one of the types and types of character.

By being in the womb it is not possible to determine the temperament. If your baby behaves actively, kicks and pushes - this does not mean at all that in life his behavior will be exactly the same. Therefore, after birth, you must wait a short time to understand who your son or daughter is.



After determining the type of temperament, it is impossible to change it. Some parents do not like that their baby is phlegmatic or choleric, but nothing can be done about it. The task of adults at this moment is to develop in their crumbs those features or characteristics that are negative in his type of character.

For example, instill optimism, confidence, teach perseverance and patience. Only then can we say that parents coped with their mission.

Watch the video: Child Temperament: How We Start to Become Ourselves. David C Rettew. TEDxBurlingtonED (February 2020).


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