How beautiful to arrange a children's holiday?

Children's birthday is a special event for which the parents prepare with trepidation and excitement. It is necessary that the child was truly happy on this day. This will help several details at once. First of all, you need to think about the script.

It should be interesting for the child and fit his age characteristics. Secondarily, do a menu compilation. And finally, do not forget about the design of the most solemn event.

Unfortunately, many adults miss this fact, but after all, it is with the help of decoration that one can create the necessary atmosphere of comfort, celebration and comfort.

Registration of a children's holiday spheres

For registration of a children's holiday you can always contact a special agency. Professionals will select the design and stylistic design of the event based on your preferences and wishes. However, all this will cost additional financial investments and costs.

In that case, if you do not have additional financial resources, do not want to use them, then you can proceed to decorating the holiday with your own hands.

In order for the scenery to turn out stylish and solid, it is necessary to think out a general picture. You can not just buy a lot of jewelry and not think about where each of them will be located. It is necessary to take care initially of the picture, which you would like to follow.

For example, a party in white and pink style, white and blue, gold. Then, starting from the main colors or stylistics, you will be able to create a truly beautiful, original and seamless picture.

The most common way to design a children's holiday are balloons. They are distinguished by their accessibility and the special festive look they create. In order to design the balls turned out stylish, you need to come up with an original color combination.

For example, use 2-3 colors. If the girl’s birthday is white, pink and gray is an excellent option. If the birthday boy is, then he will need blue, white and silver.

Balls can be both with inscriptions, and without. If you use them only for decoration, then you should look at the most simple options.

Registration of a children's holiday by garlands


A type of jewelry that a large number of people associate only with the New Year. In fact, the garland can be varied by making them out of paper, cardboard or tinsel.

Often, on a birthday, they make garlands on their own in the form of flags. For this job, you can attract your own child, birthday. You will need to cut the same number of flags out of colored paper.

The quantity will directly depend on the desired size of the garland. All flags are mounted on a dense rope (which, if necessary, painted), and are fixed on the wall.

Not less original way of decorating the room for a small child will be the garlands in the form of photos. This is a great option that is suitable for the first birthday.

You will need to take 12 photos, which will be clearly traced from birth to 1 year old. Changes, as a rule, affect both relatives and others.

We make photo zones in nature

Often parents themselves organize a holiday in nature. Fresh air provides children with plenty of opportunities. However, nature does not mean the lack of decoration. On the contrary, you will need a separate photo zone. It is necessary to arrange a cake with a beautiful dessert and several accessories for photos.

For children, funny caps or masks are used. If you decide to decorate the photozone on the nature with balloons, then think about how they will be attached. In the case of a light breath of wind all the balls will scatter. This means that you need to fix them in advance so that the decoration does not change.

The worst option would be decorating the photozone with fruits and sweets. There is an abundance of insects in nature, so in a short time the whole table will be covered with them.

Style matters

Children from 1 year to 3 years, as a rule, do not care how their room will be decorated. They care only about the feeling of celebration. It can be achieved in the most simple ways. From about 3 years old, children have their favorite characters and cartoon characters, so all the decorative design is built around them.

Holiday for boys

It is believed that the boys come up with a holiday theme is quite difficult. In fact, there are a number of stylistic designs that will appeal to any boy.


Popular children's game, which plays more than one generation of children. All those present are conventionally divided into two teams: the Cossacks and the robbers. Some must hide, others seek and kill them. This game should be carried out with attributes, musical and decorative design.

Superheroes: Spiderman, Black Panther and others

It is impossible to imagine a single boy who would not like superheroes. These are fantastic characters, which are the personification of strength, dexterity, courage and masculinity. Every boy dreams to be like such heroes.

Every superhero should certainly have its own accessory, which makes it different from others. This may be a mask or a one-piece suit. Offer a costume party in advance. If you know that your friends do not have costumes, then buy a few simple masks.

Holiday for girls

With the greatest trepidation in the soul of the holiday, girls are waiting. For them, this is a special day in which you can feel the center of the universe. Girls love to reincarnate, they will be happy to do it for their birthday too.


This is the most popular image that underlies many cartoon characters. Please note that the names of the heroines change, but one thing remains the same - they are all fairy princesses.

For the image of the princess will need a magnificent dress and a crown. Be sure to warn all the guests that your party is not a party, but a real ball. In this case, guests will be able to stand out, putting on beautiful images.


The animated film "The Little Mermaid" has been bothering children of different ages for several generations. Children especially love him. The beautiful Ariel dreams of being like most girls. This is due to the special spirit of romance, mystery and mystery.

Table setting for a children's holiday


On a children's holiday, be sure to consider the presence of a festive table. It should be decorated in the style of a common holiday. For example, if a party in the spirit of pirates, then on the table must be seashells, pitfalls and corals.

Children, as a rule, eat very little, so they do not need to buy a large amount of food and salads. For them it will be enough to make a simple pizza and simple dessert in the form of a cake or pastries.

With regard to the composition of the cake, then take care not only of natural ingredients, but also that it was as simple as possible. For example, do not use dark chocolate or a mixture of cheese and cottage cheese. Children will not appreciate such refinement and sophistication. For them, the tasty and understandable things are tasty.

As for the dishes, use the one-time option. This will not only facilitate cleaning, but will also be the least traumatic option. Decorate the festive table with bright napkins, colorful disposable dishes, glasses and caps for all those present.


Currently, you can find in the stores a large number of items that will help when decorating a festive table. If desired, they can always be made independently using ideas from the Internet.


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