What is agglutination and how to cure a disease?

The process of conceiving a child is not always easy and cloudless. This may be the fault of both partners, and one of them. Of course, the female body should be much more ready for pregnancy and childbirth.

The male organism is responsible for conception itself. It may not occur due to the phenomenon of sperm agglutination. This is a typical disease that can be cured in several ways.

What it is?

In medicine, there is such a thing as sperm agglutination. This means that the particles are glued together, making it difficult for the egg to enter the egg. A similar phenomenon can be compared with physics, when two particles attract each other, because they have a different charge. In fact, they must repel.

This condition in the body is treatable, and as quickly as possible. Doctors say that this pathology can occur in a completely normal healthy man who does not suffer from any other diseases. Thanks to agglutination, a man cannot conceive a child, that is, he becomes infertile.

Clinical options


In the case when a man has not identified health problems, his spermatozoa repel each other, thereby creating a normal and complete reproductive background. If two particles attract, then a completely different clinical picture is observed, namely agglutination. It can be of several different types.

The true

One of the most frequent cases when sperm cells stick together. In the microscope, you can see how the particles are connected, thereby forming a solid solder. At the same time, the connection goes both with the help of tails and heads. Often, several sperm mates.

Strongly clinging to each other, sperm cells lose their activity immediately. At this time, they become non-reproductive. A man is diagnosed with infertility.


Doctors call the second variant of the disease false. Sperm stick together, but not with each other, but with foreign particles. It can be various cells, mucus, seminal fluid.

With a false clinical picture, sperm activity decreases, which also leads to male infertility.


A special rare type of pathology in which not only sperm particles stick together, but also with the rest of the components of the surrounding phenomena. Often they are connected with seminal fluid. This type of disease is much more difficult to treat.

Reasons for the change of semen

In order to accurately get rid of the problem, it is worth understanding what caused it.

The main features include the following:

  1. Trauma to the testicles.
  2. Surgical treatment of genital organs.
  3. Diseases of the genitourinary system.
  4. Sexually transmitted infections.

As a rule, the problem is not hereditary. It is the result of a violation or damage to the male reproductive system.

The disease is confirmed as a result of surrendered semen. Based on its results, one can judge the presence of pathologies in the body.

Agglutination and other pathologies.


The most accurate method for detecting agglutination is spermogram.

Passed liquid is examined at once by several criteria:

  • viscosity;
  • quantity;
  • Colour;
  • dilution rate;
  • sperm count and motility.

As a result of the deposited semen it is possible to detect in the fluid unnecessary mucus, blood and white blood cells.

Spermogram is performed independently by a man through masturbation. The resulting liquid must be placed in a given jar, which will then be investigated. With the help of sperm, it is possible to determine how much a man's liquid is ready for fertilization.

Please note that it is not always possible to establish agglutination as a result of diagnosis. In such cases, doctors take additional blood from a vein to determine the number of sperm that may affect the birth of a child.



After the pathology is diagnosed, the attending physician prescribes treatment. It will be based on the causes of the disease. In the event that it is an inflammatory process, then it is necessary to remove it. If the reason lies in an infectious disease, then it is necessary to get rid of this problem initially.

In most cases, the following drugs are used for treatment:

  1. Prostamol UNO.
  2. Prostanorm
  3. Vitaprost.
  4. Prostalamine.

In addition, the specialist resorts to complex treatment, prescribing those funds that are aimed at the destruction of the pathogen.

If the reason for the agglutination lies in the varicocele, then the patient is prescribed an urgent operation. At the same time, drug treatment in this situation is unacceptable.

Along with anti-inflammatory drugs, doctors prescribe and drugs that help increase the activity of sperm.

These include:

  1. Clomiphene
  2. Gonadotropin.

If the treatment is long and does not bring any positive result, doctors may advise to resort to the method of artificial insemination. It uses purified male sperm, which has passed a special filtration. Liquid with a catheter enters the female body, fertilizing it.

In order to get rid of the pathology, men often use folk methods.

These include not only the daily intake of vitamins, but also the use of:

  • mummy - 0.2 grams in the morning to drink berry juice;
  • decoction of Adam's root;
  • tea rose syrup

Can I get pregnant with agglutination?

When making a diagnosis, the doctor takes into account not only the clinical picture, but also the degree of development of the pathology. It is estimated at 5 stars - this is the maximum level of development of the disease in the body.

In the event that agglutination has less than 3 stars, then the couple has the possibility of conceiving a child. This means that not all sperm cells are lost. They may have to work harder, but they will succeed in conceiving a baby in a natural way.

If pathology has a characteristic of 4 or more stars, fertilization is impossible. A valid option is the IVF method with purified and filtered seminal fluid.


Agglutination is a pathology that can be cured. Basically, it does not bring painful discomfort. Most men learn about it when they unsuccessfully try to conceive a child. It is possible to get rid of the problem both by folk methods and by medical means. In extremely severe cases, surgery is used.

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