Why does the child hit his head and how to get rid of it?

Raising children is a laborious process. It consists not only in the need to lay down in his mind the basic rules and boundaries, but also to take care of the health of the baby.

There are situations when children behave extremely strange. This behavior makes parents stand up in a stupor and not understand how to behave in the future. For example, if a child with an enviable periodicity beats his head.

In order for parents to make a correct and balanced decision, it is worthwhile to understand this situation and evaluate it to the end.

Why a child in 1 year beats his head?

Scientists believe that about 20% of children beat themselves on the head. This is influenced by both individual characteristics and psychological situation in the family. Often the reason lies in the age of the crumbs.

If parents notice that the crumb up to 1 year hard beats his head or knocks his head on the wall, on the side of the bed, then measures should be taken. First of all, it is necessary to understand why he does it. The main thing is not to worry and do not panic. This is the most common unhealthy habit that can and should be fought.

Often the reason lies in the fact that the baby can not cope with their emotions. For example, they took his favorite toy from him or did not let him go somewhere. Blows to the head, he shows aggression and shows discontent from the situation.

The reasons why the child hits his head.

Psychologists say that children under 1 year often experience a lack of attention. For example, adults do not spend the proper amount of time with the child, do not play with him. Then the kid starts to get bored. And the only true way for him to get someone else's attention will be blows to the head.

Often, strikes can mean pain, impending disease. A newborn under the age of 1 cannot speak and express what he feels. If he has ringing in his ears or shoots in his head, he will try to get rid of this pain on his own.

In that case, if the crumb often beats itself on the head, while enjoying it, and the cause is never identified by the parents, then you can seek help from a specialist who will help determine the presence of abnormalities in the body. Perhaps these are mental abnormalities that manifest themselves in this way.

Why do kids hit their heads after a year?


It is much harder to solve the problem with children after a year. As a rule, these are emerging individuals who have their own desires and needs. They often hit their heads consciously.

If the crumb once saw that the parents laughed at his bad behavior or reacted in an interesting way for him, he would repeat his habit again and again, seeking the same reaction of the mother and father.

After a year, the baby is not yet aware that he is an independent person. Many children feel part of their mother, so they are so worried when their mother leaves the room or leaves the baby with other relatives.

The baby feels keenly the mood and experience of the mother, taking them as his own. So, if a mother scolds a child for bad behavior, then he feels not only guilty, but also feels a keen desire to punish himself. As a punishment for him, beating him on the head would be a great way.

When the situation in the family is hectic and unstable, then the crumb can not be pleased with it. If at home he constantly hears aggression, negativity and abuse, then he tries to get rid of it. Often it is at these moments that children begin to feel guilty in this situation, and then punishment takes place with the help of whipping.

Any child has certain crises that he faces. The first is called a crisis of 3 years. Very often parents assure that the kids at this time seemed to be replaced. Already the obedient and kind child is replaced by an unbalanced harmful and disobedient baby.

A child in 3 years is aware of himself as a full-fledged person, trying to manifest it in everything. When he does not want to be listened to or is denied the performance of certain actions, he expresses his displeasure or aggression in the way that will most annoy adults.

Parenting action

Regardless of the age of the parents in any case should not be idle.

They must take a number of measures to eliminate and eradicate the bad habit of their child.

  1. In a family, make a rule to speak quietly.
    Try not to swear, do not raise your voice and do not shout at your baby. Protect him from conflicts and family quarrels. The baby should be raised in a calm and balanced atmosphere.
  2. Do not focus your attention on the bad habit of the child.
    Try to distract him. To do this, you can use different techniques depending on age. For example, sing a song, look out the window, tell us about a new game or a funny joke.
  3. When the baby hits his head, try not to touch him.
    Believe me, he will not be doing this for several hours. Your task is to show absolute indifference. If you take the child in your arms, start kissing it, then the next time the situation will repeat. After all, the baby will understand that this way you can win mother's attention and kisses. No need to build a false sequence in your head.
  4. When the cause of the habit in anger or resentment, then talk to the child of his feelings.
    Explain that you can express them differently.
  5. When a 3-year-old behaves in a similar way, then very often the purpose of his behavior is the manipulation of parents.
    In this situation, it is best not to pay attention to what is happening. If you have the opportunity, leave the room, showing that you do not want to participate in this farce. In a few minutes the child will come to his senses and come running after you.

The task of parents is important in raising a child. It is very important to cope with your emotions, while showing yourself as a patient person. You should not show any aggression, no rage, no cheerful mood. Apathy and indifference will make the baby understand that no one notices his behavior.

Treatment with a psychologist

From 1 year to 3 years you can try to cope with a bad habit on your own. If this period of time has passed, and the child is still manipulating your feelings, behaves in an inappropriate way, then it is worth asking a psychologist for help.

Popular methods that are prescribed to children:

  1. Creativity - children using pictures get rid of accumulated negative emotions.
    The psychologist understands from the sketches how difficult the situation is in the house, in the family and in the thoughts of the kid.
  2. Horses - many sick people resort to communication with these animals.
    They instill peace, moderation and relaxation.
  3. Animals - there is nothing better than taking care of someone.
    Psychologists advise to get a pet home.



Very often, the habit of beating oneself on the head means the inability to cope with stressful situations. Even if the child has stopped doing this, in any case, explain to the child how to properly deal with their negative emotions and in what direction they should be directed.

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