How to cure cough folk remedies?

Problems with coughing sooner or later begin to torment every child. At the same time, they can occur both in very infancy and at an older age. Parents are not always in a hurry to give medicines, fearing to reduce the ability of the body to deal with pathogens.

Often in the fight against cough help folk remedies that have been used even by our grandmothers and have proven their effectiveness over time.

Child's cough and treatment with folk methods - is it possible?

Before you begin to use drugs or the use of traditional medicine, it is necessary to understand what is the cause of the problem. Often it lies in the banal things, namely dry air, the presence of potential allergens in the house.

Therefore, as advised by the famous doctor Evgeny Komarovsky, it is worth initially ventilate the room, create the necessary humidity, get rid of soft toys and an abundance of carpets. Only after the set of measures carried out, you can begin a full treatment.

It is possible to treat a child with folk remedies, they are safe for children of any age. After all, these are natural natural products. Thanks to healing actions you can get a cure from a number of problems.

How folk remedies cure cough?

As you know, drugs, affecting the cause of the problem, can cause harm to other parts of the body. Often, after the common cold has to be treated for dysbiosis. This practice is not found in traditional medicine. Providing a healing effect on the disease, it does not cause any harm to other parts of the body.

With reasonable use, you can always recover from the disease. At the same time, please note that there have never been recorded any complicated cases or abnormalities in the treatment by folk methods.

At present, modern children are often exposed to the negative influence of the environment, they eat foods with a high content of preservative. This already weakens their fragile body.

Therefore, before treatment with medicinal preparations, it is worth using simple folk recipes that have been tested for years.

What folk remedies are suitable for treating children under one year old?


Especially anxious parents approach to the treatment of children under one year. It is necessary to choose a safe therapy that will help cope with coughing.

As a means of traditional medicine can be:

  • milk;
  • dry mustard;
  • animal fats;
  • plant products.

The most popular and common method is boiled milk with butter. It is necessary to cool to a warm state and feed the baby during the evening. Warm milk with butter envelops the walls of the bronchi, facilitating the choking effect and a strong cough.

The second option would be to use dry mustard. It must be placed in socks so that it comes into contact with the heels. At the same time, it is extremely important to ensure that the baby’s feet are dry. Otherwise, the mustard will not heat the heels, but burn them.

Badger or goat fat has long been used as a rub. A small amount of fat is necessary to rub the heels, chest and back of the child. After rubbing, you should wear warm pajamas, socks and wrap the child.

Animal fats will create a pleasant warming effect, from which damaged organs will warm up.

Children up to 1 year can use and compresses. They are applied to the baby’s chest and back, wrapped in a soft handkerchief. At the same time, the region of the heart must remain open. As a compress can be used boiled and finely chopped potatoes, salt.

After you manage to get rid of dry cough, parents should start to deal with no less serious problem, namely a wet cough.

Here it is permissible to use inhalations with saline, herbal preparations.

Folk remedies for the treatment of allergic cough

Allergy detection and complete rejection of it will help to get rid of allergies. Folk remedies will only save from asthma attacks, which are accompanied by the reaction of the body.

As one of the easiest and most affordable way to apply the following decoction:

  1. In cold water of 500 ml. place 4 large bay leaves.
  2. Boil the resulting broth and cool it to room temperature.
  3. Add 1 tablespoon of baking soda to the water, mix, let it brew.
  4. After 10-15 minutes, you can use the broth in small sips.
  5. With the oncoming symptoms of allergy, the resulting infusion can be consumed every morning.

Be careful, as the infusion can not be consumed when there are problems with the gastrointestinal tract.


Despite the effectiveness of traditional medicine, still with health problems should consult a doctor who can choose a comprehensive treatment. As a rule, folk remedies show the highest efficiency in the early stages of the disease.

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