How to cure a child's fright?

Not only children are subject to fright, but also adults. This is a special neurotic condition of the body in which mental disorders occur. For adults, the fright is tolerated in a less powerful way. But for children, fright is much more serious.

Sometimes it proceeds with strong cries and anxieties. Parents should recognize the fear at an early stage and understand how to get rid of the child. Therapy cannot be as easy as it is associated with mental disorders that are not so easily treatable.

Fright: Signs, Symptoms

Of course, before treating a particular condition, you should evaluate it and understand the seriousness. A restless child can always be distinguished from the crowd. It can not upset causeless sadness. Any child state has an explanation of the reason.

This can be the fear that leaves a mark on the normal development and functioning of the body.

The most common signs that can be used to classify fear are:

  • nightmares - the child often wakes up at night, screams and cries for no apparent reason.
    It should be distinguished from nightmares of pain at night. You must know for sure that the child does not get sick and that he is not disturbed by anything. Only after that you will be able to diagnose the state of fear.
  • often wakes up at night, in a dream, he turns a lot and cries out - the once calm baby suddenly stopped sleeping well.
    Sleep is a major health phenomenon. No way to prevent poor sleep patterns. Parents should immediately try to adjust the situation so that the baby continues to sleep soundly. After all, during sleep, he recovers strength and prepares for a new day.
  • fear of a dark room, being alone - when suddenly the baby begins not only to be afraid of the dark, but to make a real tantrum, this can become an alarming bell explaining his behavior to you.
  • hyperexcitability - the slightest emotional situations resonate in the form of excessive emotions.

Already as a result of the above criteria, the baby may have negative developmental consequences. For example, excessive stuttering after hyperexcitability. This may be a daily whiny, because there is no good and sound sleep.

All the symptoms drag on one after another, resulting in a tangle of negative emotions and consequences. Eliminating the very cause, you can get rid of the attendant factors. But if the fright does not have time to win on time, it is fraught with serious disorders, even hysterics at the address of the provoking object.

The risk group, or how the behavior of the mother and father affects the small child


There are certain situations that often cause the same fright.

The most popular of them include:

  • natural phenomena (thunder, thunderstorm);
  • animal sounds (dogs barking, lion growling, crows cawing);
  • screams of adults;
  • stress;
  • sharp loud sound;
  • excessive demands from parents.

Often the cause of fright lies in the behavior of parents. Few parents understand, but in fact any child is like a sponge, it absorbs everything that mom and dad tell him. For him, it is authorities, reliable strength and protection. The baby will unconsciously listen to everything that his parents will dictate to him for a long time.

The task of parents is to protect the baby from the phenomena that frighten him as much as possible. Very often, mothers themselves project fear into their child. For example, they shudder from the barking of dogs or experience, seeing unknown people. The baby instantly reads the behavior and emotions of the mother, subconsciously betrays the same.

At a young age, all children experience stressful situations, going to kindergarten for the first time. For them, this is an unsafe place where there are no parents. The child most protests against this.

In this regard, a special adaptation methodology for kindergarten schooling has been developed. It includes the hourly finding of the baby. Daily or weekly visit to the educational institution increases.

Thus, the baby will not experience a strong emotional overload, as he will gradually accept new working conditions for himself.

Official methods of treating a fright

It should immediately make a reservation that scientists do not classify fear as a disease. For them, it's just a disorder of the nervous system. It is amenable to both correction and treatment. To determine how to treat fear, it is necessary to understand the nature of the problem and its severity.

In most cases, the most effective method is maternal love and care. Surround the child at the moment of experiencing love and warm hugs, then you will not have time to notice how he relax and the nervous tension immediately leaves. For older children, therapies in the form of fairy tales, games, drawing and much more are applicable.

Doctors recommend following simple tips to help you deal with a nervous breakdown:

  1. Hardening, dancing, singing and drawing - this is what will help to distract and relieve tension.
  2. Diet in the form of non-caffeinated foods and unhealthy diets. It is advised to use only properly cooked foods, steamed or stewed.
  3. At night, take a relaxing bath, do not bathe and keep the temperature no higher than 37 degrees.
  4. Try as much as possible to walk.

Hypnosis for relieving fear and its effects

This is a treatment that is suitable for the most severe manifestation of the disorder. The specialist plunges the child into hypnosis and gives him recommendations on how to manage his fear. In no case should such a thing be done with a small child who has not yet fully developed psyche.

Older children may be subject to hypnosis. But in this case, it is necessary to correctly select a specialist who will help to correct the behavior of your son or daughter.

Homeopathy to cure fright

Medications are prescribed only after consulting with a specialist. There is a certain list of drugs that is widely used to treat fear.

They all aim to balance the psyche of the child, to show him that everything is calm and he has nothing to worry about. However, in spite of their being so widely known, it is worth refraining from using them until you realize that this method of treatment is really necessary for the child.

Igroterapiya, fairy tales and creativity

One of the safest ways for a child. During the game, the baby is not only entertaining, but also developing. He learns to communicate, to behave in society, to solve certain life difficulties. The task of parents is to more carefully select games, fairy tales and other types of creativity.

They are necessary, first of all, not to entertain, but rather to solve the problem. The fairy tale therapy method is one of the most popular. His idea is that the kid plunges into the world of fairy tales, where the same kid has difficulties in life circumstances.

The plot should be developed in such a way that in the end the child must cope with their problems. Thereby, he will not even notice how he will cease to be afraid and wary of what he shuddered a few weeks ago.

Communication with a child psychologist

During this method, the psychologist conducts corrective conversations. The specialist, before proceeding with the adjustment, initially examines the infant. For this, surveys and testing are conducted, its psycho-type is studied, and parents are interviewed.

Of course, this method is considered one of the most effective. But in fact, it can only be used for school-age children. With a one-year-old baby, this will not be successful, since preschoolers find it harder to contact.

Fright treatment with folk remedies at home

There are several opinions regarding the effectiveness of traditional medicine. Dr. Komarovsky is sure that this is not the place to be in the modern world. In addition to the calmness of the mother and the rest of the family members, this technique does not carry anything positive. However, there is nothing negative in it either.

But still, even a well-known doctor finds advantages in her, arguing that in the treatment of mental disorders in a child, a balanced and calm mother is necessary. If she calms down after the use of traditional medicine, then rather this treatment will be effective for her, which later will have a positive effect on the baby.

In the second method, folk remedies are valid, because they have been used for more than one generation, which means their good practice.

Washing with holy water at home

Holy water is ordinary water, which was consecrated by representatives of the church. This is one of the most popular ways of traditional medicine. In addition, it is also recommended by the ministers of the church.

A restless child should wash the holy water and at this time read the prayer "Our Father". According to the second method, mothers give to drink holy water during the day. Definitely, one cannot talk about the effectiveness of this method.

How to remove fright by pouring on wax at home?

This is a real ancient rite, which was held in the villages of grandmothers. The baby lay at the head of the bed and must be mobile during the whole procedure. Very young children may hold this during sleep.

To carry out the pouring of wax, you need to take 10 church candles and melt them on the fire in an iron jug. At the head of the child put a metal bowl with cold water.

A performing rite must slowly pour melted candles into a bowl of cool water, saying prayers. Rite of passage can only closest relatives.

Fright plot with thread

Mom will need to take a spool of thread and measure her child. To do this, unwind the tangle and measure the height. Then measure the thickness of the arms and legs. Break the thread each time.

The obtained segments must be taken and kneaded into a cake made of melted wax. All this is located in the lower left corner of the door. It is useful to read and prayer known to you.

How mom can speak water

Maternal love has, perhaps, a large amount of energy and life-giving force. Mom is able to speak water herself and save her baby from nervous disorders. To do this, she needs to pour cool water into the bowl.

In a closed room above the water, read the prayer three times and cross over. Now the mother sprays the resulting water in the corners of the room, while condemning our Father.

The rite of rolling out a fright and evil eye egg

An egg is rolled over the head of the child, pronouncing prayers. Mom can say not only prayers known to her, but also ask the patron saints for the health of her child, happiness and well-being.

After the rite is completed, you must break the egg in the bowl and look at the contents. If it is dimmed or has some kind of spots or foreign bodies, then we can assume that the ceremony was carried out successfully.

Prayers and conspiracies from fear and the evil eye of a child


In fact, traditional medicine has nothing to do with the Orthodox ways of getting rid of disorders. The clergymen consider this to be a manifestation of paganism and even a sin, despite the fact that in folk medicine prayers are actively used.

Orthodoxy offers its own effective ways in which God will help in healing.

Orthodox prayers and conspiracies

One of the most powerful is the prayer "Our Father". Mom needs to prepare for reading, calm down and not panic. Her movements should be clear, calm and peaceful.

Mom takes the child in her arms, washes it with holy water and condemns the prayer "Our Father" three times, asking for deliverance from the evil one. At the same time, one time is not enough for the baby to return to its former form. It is worth reading during the week three times a day.

Plot on water for adults and children

Water is considered one of the most powerful energy flows. She has a really vivifying power, especially if she speaks. In addition, the water will be easy to water the child. He does not even understand what he drinks. In order to make a conspiracy, it is worth going to church and buying 13 candles, holy water.

Go home. After the full moon, it is necessary to put two lit candles and a saucer with holy water on the table. During prayer, ask God for the recovery of your child.

After the mother read the prayer, she needs to start talking water. This is done three times. Put out the candles and take them out of the house. At the same time, leave them better at the crossroads. Wash the baby with the water on the next morning.

The strongest conspiracy on wax

A similar ritual with the folk, but it has its somewhat different outlines. Basically, this method is used for infants or infants. At the same time, close relatives spend the ritual. Mom at this time holds the child in her arms. She needs to face the exit from the dwelling.

Behind is a relative who reads a prayer and pronounces the rite. Melted candles are poured into a bowl of cold water, at this time our Father is pronounced. Then observe which figures are depicted with wax. If they are uneven, then this means the success of the method.

Orthodox prayer from fear to stop being afraid

In children, it is not simple nervous disorders, but real tantrums from irritants. At this time, the mother must quickly figure out and decide what to do with the scared baby. She should immediately pick up the baby and read the prayer.

In addition to prayer, it is permissible to say the following:

  1. "I embrace you and take away the fright."
  2. "I covered you with a hem, you forgot about the fright."
  3. "I can protect you, and take away your fear for myself."

Say such words several times and you will not notice how the baby begins to calm down and relax in your hands.

How to read the prayer Matrona of Moscow?

There is nothing difficult to read the prayer to Matron. She is one of the strongest patrons of children. People from all over the world go to pray to her.

It is necessary to light a candle, stand next to the prayer and say: "Blessed Matron of Moscow, I ask you to heal my child, remove fear from him. I ask you for help, for special love, for the mother. Amen."

Muslim conspiracy plot

Not only the Orthodox, but also the Muslim faith requires adherence to certain rules and customs. If you ask Allah, then Muslims will surely pass through nervous experiences. You can ask as follows: "Save us Allah from Satan and another evil eye."

Herbal medicine

Since ancient times, herbs have healing properties. To this day, it is believed that they can help get rid of certain health problems. In the case of fright, we need grass in order to relax the baby, calm him down and prepare him for bed.

It is most effective to carry out herbal therapy while bathing. You can add both self-brewed extracts and the herb that needs to be purchased at the pharmacy in the form of gels or special suspensions.

As herbs used:

  • nettle;
  • Melissa;
  • heather;
  • thyme;
  • conifers;
  • pion;
  • lavender;
  • valerian;
  • motherwort.

The grass is used as an additive in the bathroom, tea decoctions, sleep bags. How to use this method based on the specific situation and the nature of the manifestation of fright in a baby.


The most true and effective way that will help any child to cope with the problems of nervous breakdown is considered to be maternal and paternal love. This is the basis on which the general mental state of a person will be built.

Dr. Komarovsky argues that the manifestation of fear in childhood is promoted by education in an authoritarian family or complete indifference to the child. In the event that a baby experiences comfort in his family, feels boundless love and support, then he is unlikely to experience serious consequences after fright.

In order to prevent acute experiences, the mother, seeing that the baby was frightened, should immediately embrace him, calm him down and explain what caused the fear.


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