Which birthday scenario is suitable for a boy?

With great excitement and trepidation, the children are waiting for their birthday to come. They want not only to get presents as soon as possible, but also to feel the holiday atmosphere. It can be achieved only with the help of parents who will help to arrange an unforgettable party.

To create a special feeling of celebration and celebration you will need to come up with and carefully plan an evening script. It includes not only an entertainment program, but also decorative design and even a banquet table with food for guests.

Cool birthday scenario at home for a boy of 5 - 10 years

First of all, you have to decide on the subject. Since the birthday is old enough, you should definitely consult with him. Ask him about the desires.

As popular topics used:

  1. Three from Prostokvashino.
  2. Ninja Turtles
  3. Ninjago
  4. Lego
  5. Spiderman
  6. Superheroes
  7. Transformers.

Definitely can not answer which option will be more advantageous for your child. The choice directly depends on what the son is interested in and keen on.

Do not forget about the decoration of the celebration. Make sure that all guests are in thematic costumes. If desired, you can create them yourself. For example, if a party in the style of superheroes, then you can make a mask for each guest, which will denote a particular hero.

How to come up with an original birthday script?

There is an exemplary list of general contests, which can easily be changed to a specific style.

  1. Write riddles on a piece of paper.
    The one who succeeds in guessing a greater number of correct answers will be considered the winner.
  2. Guess the opponent.
    One participant is selected who is blindfolded. All the guests come up to him in turn and he must guess them blindfolded. Guests can poke fun by pretending that they are tall or too low.
  3. Everybody gets balloons, colored paper, scissors and glue.
    With the help of balls you need to portray your favorite cartoon character or series. The rest of those present must guess who the child has depicted.
  4. Suitable for a party in the style of superheroes.
    Guests are divided into several teams. Each participant is given the task to go to the chair and go back running as it would have been done by spiderman. Will win not only the fastest, but also the most resourceful team. Be sure to consider the way to find a chair.
  5. Depending on the number of participants, it is necessary to divide into teams.
    Each team is given a tennis racket and a balloon. At arm's length, it is necessary to carry the ball in such a way that it does not fall from the racket. The winner will be the one who will do all the tasks the fastest.
  6. A lightweight paintball ball is placed on the tennis table.
    At the command, each participant in the competition begins to blow hard. The participant who wins the ball to the side of his opponent more times will win.
  7. With the help of balloons swords are made in advance.
    Two competitors are invited. They are placed in a makeshift circle. The winner’s task is to push the loser out of the circle with an air sword. At the same time, it is prohibited to use power and volitional techniques.
  8. Air football - check how you can score more goals in the goal.
    Hands are forbidden to touch the ball, they are only pushed with their feet.

Birthday 12-14 years, simple and fun contests


12 years is the beginning of adolescence. As a rule, at this time it is quite difficult to organize a children's celebration. Parents have to use all their fantasy. The ideal option in this case will be to arrange a quest. This is a new way to entertain a child.

The essence of the quest is that at the beginning the whole team is offered a problem that needs to be solved. For example, Sherlock Holmes sends a letter with a request to help sort out a confusing story. Performing these or other tasks, children will gradually receive the keys to a common puzzle.

In the end, putting them all together, you will be able to understand the answer to the main question of the quest.

  1. Fanta is a popular and uncomplicated game.
    Each participant writes his name on a piece of paper and throws it into a common bag. The presenter first takes out a piece of paper with the name, then asks all the guests to come up with a task. As soon as the assignment is announced, the presenter reveals the sheet and asks him to fulfill the one whose name was written.
  2. The participants of the celebration turn their backs to each other, interlock with their hands.
    They have to crawl sideways to the chairs like a crab, come back. Win the team that will do it first.
  3. For the competition will require large, tight garbage bags.
    Special holes for legs are cut out below. Bags are worn by team members. The rest of the guests should throw the balloons in the bags. The winner will be announced the team that threw the most balloons in a short amount of time.
  4. Not bad to invite for a similar contest animator.
    He will hold a fun dance competition. The animator shows funny movements, and children should repeat them.
  5. Drawn in advance prepared cards with the image of your favorite heroes of fairy tales, cartoons and TV shows.
    It is necessary to select them in such a way that everyone present can guess who it is about.

Birthday boy (10-11 years) at home with competitions - sports script

Not always Birthday at home means a boring and uninteresting event. This is often fun and very energetic. Especially if you hold a sporting celebration.

Without exception, all boys aged 10-11 years are hyperactive. They like to walk a lot, play football and most of all do not like to sit still.

It is from the active birthday that all those present will be delighted.

For him it is worth preparing a special script.

  1. A popular game for boys is darts.
    It can be made independently by marking a kind of polo on a large drawing paper. Please note that the stores have a wide range of darts, which will allow you to buy your favorite game. Be sure to record the points that participants earned. Darts is a game long enough, but you should not tighten it. To do this, even at the beginning is to make a reservation to what account you play.
  2. Football is an indispensable man's game, but it is not possible to hold it in an apartment.
    But you can easily diversify it by making it more fun. It uses faith and light ping-pong balls. With a fan, roll your ball into the hole.
  3. Travelers - on the wall hangs a large map, which shows a small airplane.
    The player remembers the location of objects on the map. Then he moves away for a long distance, he is blindfolded and led to the map. The player must put a point where his airplane lands. If he finds himself in the water, he will suffer a wreck. The winner is the one who can travel the longest.

Do not forget, at the end of the celebration to give all the participants of the holiday medals. It is not necessary to allocate someone in a special way. Indicate that the tasks were not easy. But despite this, everyone did it, which means that they got the opportunity and the right to wear a happy medal.


Writing a script for a boy's birthday is no big deal. It is necessary to decide on the subject and composition of the holiday. If children of different sexes are present, then try to involve them in the script.

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